[Unboxing] Internal DVD writer Lite On iHAS122-14 FU

The Internal DVD writer Lite On iHAS122-14 FU has 22 x recording speed for DVD-R. These are their full specifications:

– Brand: Lite On
– Model: iHAS122-14

– Color: Black
– Interface: SATA
– Buffer: 2MB
– Dimensions: 146 x 41.3 x 170 mm

Write speed:
– DVD R: 22x
– DVD-R: 22x
– Dvd + R9: 8x
– DVD-R9: 8x
– DVD-RAM: 12x
– DVD RW: 8x
– DVD-RW: 6x
– CD-R: 16x
– CD-RW: 32x

Reading speed:
– DVD: 16x
– CD: 48x

The Internal DVD writer Lite On iHAS122-14 FU was purchased for my work, replacing a Blu-ray burner from LG that simply dried out and broke the SATA connector, as can be seen in the photo below.

Blu-ray recorder LG SATA connector broken.

Blu-ray recorder LG SATA connector broken.

The acquisition was made in the local market by R$ 89,00. Check out the photos:

This is just a unboxing same. Not used Internal DVD writer Lite On iHAS122-14 FU enough to be able to issue an opinion. I bought this model because it was basically what was in store and that's what fit in the budget. At home I have a Blu-ray writer BDR-209 DBK Pionner, so if money and supplier were not problem, would have chosen something in this line.

At home I still do backups to Blu-ray, every time along a 20 GB of photos or videos I record a. Are 9 BD-R and 13 BD-R videos. It is a way to have a backup offline and in a non-magnetic media, for any event. I have automatic backups on external HD and in, but I'm afraid delete a file accidentally and only realize when it has already been deleted once incremental backups.

At work the backups turn out to be only in external hard drives and NAS. So optical drive is being less and less used. Because of this I don't have the ability to record Blu-ray should not do it so much.

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The problem of maintaining backup on optical media is that over time (little time) they tend to rot and lose everything.
I don't know if implemented some improvement, but until some 7 years ago it was so