[Review] UPS Smart UPS APC Smart-C, from 1500 VA and 120 In, Brazil – SMC1500-BR

The UPS Smart UPS APC Smart-C, from 1500 VA and 120 In, Brazil – SMC1500-BR It is a pure sine wave UPS, recommended for equipment with fonts that have Active PFC.

It also relies on cold start, LCD status indicator Panel, and battery charging with temperature compensation.

Previously all nobreaks line APC in Brazil were versions of American models, including the cheapest, from “square wave”, or “approximate sine” as maquiam with a good marketing. I have two Back-UPS Pro 1500 e um Back-UPS Pro 1000 home, purchased in 2013. Each underwent a battery replacement, but all still great, except for any failure in self-test taking place since they were new, HE knows-because.

At work I have four more Back-UPS Pro 1500, who has also gone through changing batteries. They are not perfect UPS. As there is bad energy, possibly meeting some whistling with an error code (usually E02) after any power outage of the weirdest, but just restart them so that to normal operation.

These are all the old APC hot-swap, in other words, allow battery replacement without them off. Furthermore, they are really smart. Simply connect the USB cable to a Windows PC 10 he already recognizes the UPS, identifies the battery charge and can hibernate the PC when the load is low.

Connecting one of these APC of the old in a NAS like Synology DS918 +, it also makes the automatic recognition and off the device automatically when the power is low, avoiding data loss.

APC of the old are also compatible with PowerChute Personal Edition, that lets you configure a number of options on these devices.

APC PowerChute Personal Edition.

APC PowerChute Personal Edition.

But unfortunately the American APC bought Brazilian Microsol, and thereafter discontinued all good line UPS of similar square wave to the Americans. In their place, were models of Microsol.

All the old square wave APC had good, the new square wave APC has bad. Unfortunately I also have one in my work. It does not allow replacement of the battery hot. And I do not think it can be called smart.

The manufacturer says it's smart, but nothing happens when you plug it in Windows 10 or a NAS Synology. There is no native drivers for it. The APC PowerChute is not compatible. Instead there is a rough software, made in Java, that does not run as a service and uses 100% processor when active. You simply can not use.

To make matters worse, when batteries of the new APC square wave nobreaks pifam, I can not turn off the alarm and continue using protection to replace the batteries, because there is no way to turn off the damn alarm.

Having said all this, when I needed a new UPS in my work I opted for SMC1500-BR. The idea was to take advantage of the benefits of the sine wave, preserving the power supply, and to use the PCA Powerchute as the square wave once the UPS APC.

The UPS Smart UPS APC Smart-C, from 1500 VA and 120 In, Brazil – SMC1500-BR It was purchased in local shops for R$ 2249,00. Here are pictures of him:

But not everything is perfect in SMC1500-BR. It is not compatible with PowerChute Personal Edition, but with the PowerChute Business Edition. It is expected that the Business version is better than the Personal. But not quite.

The PowerChute Business Edition interface is web. And bizonhamente there is no way to set it to hibernate the PC when the UPS battery is running out. You can only configure the PC to shut down. It is up can do a workaround by renaming some files (specifically hibernate.exe to shutdown.exe) to make it hibernate, but in this case you must restart the web server interface after power is restored, as it hangs. It's a problem that has existed for years and APC does not fix.

Not that the SMC1500-BR seja ruim. Since I installed there 3 months it is working perfectly. There have been some power outages in the period, he held her, hibernando o PC (via gambiarra) as was the case. But the APC left to be desired with PowerChute Business Edition.

In December, APC launched a new version of PowerChute Business Edition, but nothing to settle the issue of hibernation. To make matters worse is yet to manually update the version of Java that runs software for it to continue running in Chrome and Firefox.

Check out some screenshots do PowerChute Business Edition:

Com tantos problemas com a APC, meu próximo nobreak provavelmente será de outra marca. Talvez da SMS, mas aceito outras sugestões.

Já tive um TS-Shara e foi uma imensa porcaria, indo para a assistência técnica durante a garantia e morrendo de vez algum tempo após o término da mesma. SMS tive um usado que também não durou muito e por isso tinha um certo preconceito com a marca, mas tudo isso aconteceu 20 years ago.

Se tiver alguma, leave a comment. Se não tiver, leave a comment also. 🙂

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Por pouco mais (2500 real) I bought a UPS model of Engetron SafeServer of 2KVA that besides being pure sine it's double conversion. It has USB port but never turned on the computer to see if it is much or little smart, but as it is built on demand believe that with a few phone calls at the factory they adjust what you need

Bento Amaral

Really APC screwed up when switched line “cockroach” nobreaks of the Microsol. They are a waste. But I have heard very good nobreaks WEG (known manufacturer of electric motors). Even domestic (700, 1200 VA) they are sine.


Face, I bought an APC looking at this text and come to thank. I had another a strange brand and did not last long for trouble. As soon as my back-up arrived I realized the difference material. And today was no light for the first time since he arrived, He has endured too much with my PC calling, very good indeed.


Olá Friend! Entendi que há alguns problemas mas esse modelo é compatível com os NAS Synology, is not? Thank you.

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