Change of door Handles of the Gol G5

A few days ago I showed you the article about buying the Pair of Handles (Frame) for Goal, Voyage, and Sloop G5-Graphite. In this article I will give you some details on how I did the installation.

First credits to who deserves. It was watching a vídeo no Youtube do canal Fly I decided to face the service of changing the Gol G5 handles myself. I basically followed the instructions in the video.

I removed the door frame using the Screwdriver-drill Bosch 12V battery GSR 120-LI, that I showed here in Skooter Blog. It already comes with the right tips for the job.

The frame is secured with several nylon clips. At the driver's door I was able to do the removal without breaking any, so I could reuse them. Only in the upper corner of the passenger door was there a different clamp, with a fit where the frame would have to be slid sideways to not break. This one ended up breaking when I pulled. I still need to change it.

I started with the driver's door which is the most complicated and the one with the broken handle. I carefully disconnected the rear view wiring harnesses, glass control buttons and everything. I also disconnected the lever to open the door, and so I was able to remove the frame.

After removing the frame I cut the melted plastics that make the handle lock on it, and so I was able to remove it. Only one of the melted plastics should be released without cutting, because it is part of the door frame and needs to be used later to attach the new handle.

An obvious difference between the original and the parallel handle is that the original has a metal washer where it will be attached by the screws that hold the frame. In parallel everything is plastic, which perhaps compromises their durability. Only time will tell…

When I put the buttons on the new frame I realized that they were screwing. It was necessary to wear the frames a little using the micro grinding that I also presented here on the Skooter Blog. That part was the one that ended up taking the most time, because I had to test it several times until I managed to make the necessary wear without exaggerating. This is the bad part of using parallel parts…

With the new handle installed, it was time to do the “welding”, in other words, melt the plastics that help lock it, in the way Volkswagen poorly designed. For this I used a soldering iron with an old tip, that no longer serves to weld tin properly. It’s more practical than using a hot iron on the stove or something.

Thereafter, I repeated the whole process with the passenger door, it ended up being easier because I only had one button and I already had the experience of the first.

The complete process, including the two doors, took about 2 hours. It was the time the store asked to do the service, so I think I did well for the first time.

I didn't film the service, but I took a lot of pictures to guide me if I have to do it again. Check out:

In local commerce the cost of parallel handles was approximately R $ 60,00 for parts, and about R$ 90 by the hand labor of installation, totaling R $ 150,00.

Doing the installation myself, and using the Pair of Handles (Frame) of Goal Door I bought for R $ 28,49, saved over R $ 120,00.

Thanks to Canal Fly do Youtube for sharing the knowledge that allowed me to do this job myself.

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Interesting, but I think you must have done it for the fun of DIY, not by the economy of 90 real labor.

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