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In this article I talk about the 3number of SNES 8bitdo Receiver Retro, which allows you to use Bluetooth controls Super Nintendo. He was also purchased on AliExpress, this time in the store Home Trends.


In 2017 I spoke here in Skooter Blog about my first Retro Receiver SNES from 8bitdo. A few months later acquired one second Retro Receiver SNES 8bitdo for the second control Super Nintendo.

But my first Retro Receiver SNES It has an intermittent problem. Eventually it has a long latency, so great that it almost always makes me lose the game, but it only lasts a few seconds. How is something very sporadic I have not given due attention and thought it was some interference. Even appeared fixes firmware for this type of problem, but not resolved.

I decided to do some tests reversing the two Retro Receiver SNES and I noticed the second I never had such a problem. It is quite clear that it is really a defect.

I contacted the 8bitdo about the problem. Various interactions were. They asked product photo. Asked to update firmware, but I already had the last. They asked for more information, They asked to do some tests. Asked the sales receipt. Finally asked to contact the seller to exchange it.

Até contatei o vendedor na AliExpress, who asked what the problem was, but then ignored me. I could not even expect much almost two years after purchase, then I left it at.

The way was to buy a third Retro Receiver SNES.


This time the purchase was in store Home Trends da AliExpress. Envio por AliExpress Standard Shipping (ePacket), who arrived in 15 calendar days, without taxes and without shipping postal rate.

Unboxing and Tests

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and first tests of my 3number of SNES 8bitdo Receiver Retro:


These are the tracking information package, obtained on the website of AliExpress:

2018.11.12 17:10 (GMT-7): Delivery successful
2018.11.07 09:50 (GMT-7): Cleared customs
2018.11.06 10:33 (GMT-7): Started customs clearance process
2018.11.04 09:11 (GMT-7): Accepted by Last Mile Carrier
2018.10.31 09:45 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin
2018.10.29 11:42 (GMT-7): Shipment accepted by airline
2018.10.29 06:10 (GMT-7): Shipment left country of origin warehouse
2018.10.28 22:18 (GMT-7): Shipment at country of origin warehouse
2018.10.28 21:48 (GMT-7): Shipment dispatched

With the code LP + 15 I got digit code LB + 9 digits + IF in the Cianiao, moreover full crawl:


2018-11-12 17:10:00

Import clearance success

2018-11-07 09:50:00

Import clearance start

2018-11-06 10:33:00

Arrive at destination country

2018-11-04 09:11:00

Hand over to airline

2018-10-31 09:45:00

Depart from transit country or district

2018-10-30 14:49:00

Arrive at transit country or district

2018-10-30 13:40:00

Received by line-haul

2018-10-29 11:42:00

Outbound in sorting center

2018-10-29 06:10:01

Inbound in sorting center

2018-10-28 22:18:59

Accepted by carrier

2018-10-28 21:48:59

And these are the trace information obtained on the site of the station:

Delivered to the addressee object
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution in Unit REMOVED / SP
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in CAJAMAR / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object forwarded
Distribution Unit in CURITIBA / PR for treatment plant in CAJAMAR / SP
Customs supervision terminated
Visit My environment Imports
Object received by the post Office of Brazil


This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: 3number of SNES 8bitdo Receiver Retro
Name Original: 8Bitdo Bluetooth Retro Receiver Wireless Dongle For SNES SFC Compatible With NES30 SFC30 NES Pro PS3 PS4 Wii U game controllers
Store: AliExpress | Store: Home Trends
Value: R$ 60,31
Current value: R$ 60,34 (US$ 15,11)
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Aliexpress Standard Shipping
Shipping Fee: R$ 1,07
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 23/10/2018
Submission Date: 28/10/2018
Data Delivery: 12/11/2018
Time in Transit: 15 days
Declared content: Retro Receive
Type Marked Content: Others
Declared Value: USD 9.94
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

As my segundo Retro Receiver SNES da 8bitdo, e diferente do first, my 3number of SNES 8bitdo Receiver Retro works perfectly, sem falhas e sem latência. Pelo menos nesses cerca de 3 meses de uso ele nunca falhou.

Compartilhe o artigo com seus amigos se você gostou 😉 . If you also want to shop in AliExpress, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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