OSSC (Open Source Scan Converter) on AliExpress

The famous OSSC (Open Source Scan Converter), upscaler for classic video games consoles, appeared last week on AliExpress.

With the OSSC is possible to increase the resolution of old video game consoles, as Sega Master System, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Playstatation 2, Saturn, Dreamcast, and several others, and connects them in modern TVs via HDMI. He is similar to Framemeister, I've shown you here in Skooter Blog.

Until then, you could only acquire the OSSC through the site VideoGamePerfection, It is based in the United Kingdom. The price in pounds including remote control, adhesive for the remote control and freight by Royal Mail International, but without power supply, stay at £ 162,86, which gives about $ 790,00 in today's quotation. This buys some people reported taxation, others do not.

In Chinese store AliExpress the price is $ $159,87, including freight Aliexpress Standard Shipping (ePacket). The Chinese version comes with remote control with promotional stickers and source of power with plugs for most countries. The price of these is real R$ 638,28.

The difference of R$ 150,00 Maybe it's not so considerable, but the packages AliExpress rarely are taxed. In addition a source of quality should cost at least R$ 30,00 no Brasil. So I would say that the Chinese version of the OSSC Okay attractive.

It is worth noting that for being open source, as the name implies, the OSSC has the project open, so it was expected that at some point someone would you do your own version. In this case it's not about piracy of Chinese.

The question is whether the quality of production This Chinese version is the same as that of the VideoGamePerfection. At least in the pictures there is no noticeable difference. The OSSC itself original is naturally made in China, maybe even the same plant.

Check out the photos OSSC of AliExpress:

And aí, someone will take a chance?

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[…] In the last month of February appeared on AliExpress the first units of the OSSC sold diretam…. For me it was a very pleasant surprise. As the OSSC is an open source project, anyone can manufacture it without restrictions of patents or intellectual property. […]

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