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When Tec Toy announced that the re-launching Think About It, many sites have made articles for talking about the toy that was almost a computer. even some reviews the classic version, released in years 80, arose.

But when the launch of the new Think About It finally it happened… silence! No one else talked about him except his own Tec Toy. No one showed the pet running. Not a video, nothing… It was different from what happened with the new Mega Drive, who won many reviews and unboxings.

But, the Skooter Blog is different, and finally shows in this article the new Think About It da Tec Toy. Therefore, This is, in the best of my knowledge, first review New Think Well (the model 2017).


The original Think Well it was a toy I had in my childhood. Moreover, I have today, just do not know exactly where it is stored in the home of my parents.

When I was a child, I was struck by the propaganda of the time Tec Toy (years 80): “Much more than a toy. Almost a computer!”. It was a time when computer was a very distant thing. I even knew someone who had a.

I managed to convince my parents and got a Think Well in a Christmas. I do not remember exactly which, but it must have been 1988 or 1989. It has always been one of my favorite toys.

I had only two activity books for him, the 01, that was with him, and a Formula 1, form of motorsport fan since I was little. Those were the good old days of Ayrton Senna.

At that time also I got to make my own activity books for Think Well, with questions about video games.

I never had the power supply Think Well in my childhood. He came with batteries only. They said the sources could be purchased at electronics stores, but such stores were rare at the time. In my town there were not, in a nearby town my parents sought to, but they found. At least the batteries lasted quite.

By the last decade, I removed one day Think Well the box and decided to turn it to kill the longing. I had no batteries Type C hand. I remembered a source, those with a key to select the voltage and multiple types of plug, I bought in a street vendor in the years 90. I used it. bad decision. The Think Well called and deleted.

After a while I discovered that this source was faulty, releasing more tension than it should. Apparently I Think fried my childhood Well. At the time I had no knowledge to fix it and just kept again. Today, if found, perhaps you could fix it. It remains to find it…

When the new Think About It It was released I was willing to buy a, but I found the very high price and feared he was just a botched clone, just like the new Mega Drive. The guarantee only 3 months also did not inspire confidence. Apparently neither Tec Toy relies on device construction, it offers nothing more than the mandatory legal guarantee.

In September 2018, I came to send a e-mail for Tec Toy asking if the hardware was the same as the original, or whether it was a clone. To my surprise, Tec Toy responded in just over an hour:

Thank you for your email address to inform you that the new Think Well uses a different hardware and firmware.

The technology of the first, used PTH components and uses this new SMDs. The first CPU was a Zilog and today is an Atmel. because we changed? Because the costs of today's technology is more affordable than trying to play 100% the technology of the past. this concept, yes it is a clone, but we aim to keep the functional sense as similar as possible to the original product.

I expected a generic response after a few days, but came quickly and with added expertise response. Excellent, Tec Toy!

But still I was on the back foot. New Mega Drive I no longer expect much and it ended up being worse than I imagined. Would be the new Think About It the same thing?

The push that was missing for risk came with the black friday. Tec Toy made a promotion that left the Think About It by R 99,90, with free shipping in maketplace from the Submarino. Using Love I still had a cashback R $ 5,00. And to help I still had R $ 30,00 cashback credit the purchase of Gamer Mouse G502 Proteus Spectrum. He stood for R $ 70,00. And so I assured purchase.

Unboxing and Tests

The Think About It arrived well packed, with a box inside another Tec Toy cardboard box. In classic toys so it is good to preserve very well the box and Tec Toy must have understood this need, using not only a plastic around the product packaging as is common. Still the carton suffered at the hands of the Post and with it the Think Well box suffered from small dents, but nothing too serious.

Within the Tec Toy cardboard box we have the own cardboard box Think About It. The format is the same as the original and the arts also. The board seems to be a little different, maybe a little less bright, perhaps thinner, but I'm just pulling memory, since I have not found my original Think Well.

Although art is equal, unfortunately the texts changed. Or slogan “Much more than a toy, almost a computer.” the original box gave way to “The toy is an intelligent fun.” Far from this new slogan has the same impact.

But to understand the Tec Toy. In the years 80 computer was an almost unattainable thing for most children, stuff of science fiction. Nowadays the kids grow much more powerful phones that Think Well. Today the slogan would sound like false advertising. It's a pity. I preferred the classic phrase.

The other box texts have also changed slightly. Put aside the “High computer technology”, among other changes.

The new Think About It continues to work with 6 Battery Type C, that chamávamos of “sized batteries”, or with power supply. The difference is that the original came with Think Well 6 Duracell batteries and without power supply. The new comes without batteries and power supply. This is also easy to understand, today 6 Battery Type C They are more expensive than an electronic source.

Inside the box changed. ISPOR gave rise to this new material, Ecologically correct, as they did with the new Mega Drive.

Activity Books

The Activity Book is still the same in content. Just updated spelling to conform with the new orthographic agreement. Changes also occurred in the datasheet, removing all references to the New Cultural Publishing House and the team. In the place were just the very Tec Toy information.

On the back of the back cover also removed the advertisements from other books and placed advertisements new Mega Drive, Master System e Atari Flashback 7. Another understandable changes, since Tec Toy not want to launch new books for Think About It, unfortunately.

I do not know if not launch new books for not financial compensation or some copyright issues. But the fact that some books would need more than a spelling update. In the case of Formula book 1, for example, some questions were no longer correct. Who else won Formula championships 1 It is no longer the Juan Manuel Fangio. Certainly there are other issues that were outdated with time, but I need to find my book to list them.

Some books have been digitized and made available unofficially in PDF on Datassete. But unfortunately not all. And the Formula 1 Outsiders. Definitely need to find it.

Instruction Manual

The manual also appears to be the same the time. Some information was updated, as the issue of supply coming on the packaging. On the other hand some information went unnoticed and were corrected on a sheet of errata, coming loose.

In errata sheet report the power consumption Think About It, which is 1,44W with the source and 0,9W with batteries. It is an average consumption of 100mA, which gives a duration of 60 hours with batteries Type C 6000 mAh.

Another errata relates to the time when the Think About It leads to turn itself off if not used. They were 3 minutes, corrected for 8 minutes. It may be a change only introduced in the new model.

Por fim, the latest errata concerns the availability of activity books. Where they said “They are found separately.”, they exchanged for “They may be released and purchased separately.”

The Think Well

Again, I can not say for sure until I found my old Think Well, but at least from what I remember memory, out the new Think About It It is identical to the old. I could not identify any different point. Even the tactile response of buttons seems to be the same.

Connect the equipment the similarities continued. The sounds, o display, everything is exactly as I remember. Even something I would bet that would not meet the new Think About It is there: the ruidinho he does as the display is showing. The more segments illuminated on the display, the greater the noise. Sounds silly, but this little noise ends up in memory. The flashing display is accompanied by a pulsing synchronously ruidinho. I do not know if it was intentional or not, but the new Think About It also has ruidinho. The noise should be the display itself, which apparently remains the same.

The only thing I could not test is something that happened in the old Think Well when batteries were weak. He was crazy, starting to drop musical notes and sounds that usually do not loose, and showing the display symbols that does not normally. It can stay like this for hours without anyone touch it… auto-off does not work when it gets crazy. Since I have no C batteries, much less weak C batteries, I ended up not taking this test. The manual also warns that this is normal, but perhaps more a stretch that simply forgot to remove this new version.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and new tests Think About It da Tec Toy:


These are the tracking information package, According to the post office:

Delivered to the addressee object
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution in Unit REMOVED / SP
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in SAO PAULO / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object forwarded
of post office in GUARULHOS / SP for Treatment Unit in SAO PAULO / SP
Object posted


Product Name: Think Well C / Activities Book
Name Original: Think Well C / Activities Book
Store: Submarino
Value: R$ 99,90 [R $ 5,00 from cashback]
Current value: R$ 199,00
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Sedex
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 21/11/2018
Submission Date: 27/11/2018
Data Delivery: 28/11/2018
Time in Transit: 1 day

Final Considerations

The new Think About It da Tec Toy (model 2017) It may be totally different inside, but out what it delivers is exactly the same experience of Think Well the years 80 and 90. At least memory I could not notice any difference. But still I intend to find my old Think Well, fix it and do a side by side comparison of the two.

I doubt if Tec Toy reached the amount of sales they wanted with the new Think About It. If the target audience are children today, I think unlikely to succeed, since they now have access to toys with more technology. The appeal of “almost a computer” doesn't work anymore, so they removed this phrase from the box. Even the floppy drive of the drawing next to the display is something not even the first millenials would be able to identify.

An appeal that might work is the “intelligent fun”. Mobile phones and today's toys can be more attractive, but in many cases the child does not learn anything good. The Think About It develops logical reasoning, mathematical and cognitive.

Talvez a Tec Toy tenha mais sucesso vendendo o novo Think About It para a minha geração, que conheceu o brinquedo em sua infância e pode querer compra-lo para seus filhos, para mostrar como eram os brinquedos da nossa época e também ter uma boa desculpa para brincar um pouquinho novamente. 🙂

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