8BitDo M30 – Wireless control for Mega Drive already available for prompt delivery

The wireless control for Mega Drive 8BitDo, the 8BitDo M30, has a release date scheduled for tomorrow (28/02). Are in pre-order on Amazon since October, but we know that import directly from Amazon tends to be expensive because of shipping and taxes.

The good news is that he already is available for prompt delivery and with free shipping on AliExpress, in the 8BitDo official store. Both the version 2.4 G as for Bluetooth version are available.

The free shipping is by ePacket, that it has come quickly, in 2 ~ 3 weeks, normally without taxes and without shipping postal rate.

A version 2.4 G costs $ 24,99 and it comes with the receiver to be plugged into the Mega Drive. It is recommended for those who want an instant connection and without latency, for use only with the Mega Drive. It even works on PCs, but only with adapters for Mega Drive control.

A Bluetooth version costs $ 29,99 and does not come with receiver for the Mega Drive, that will be sold separately. It is recommended for those who also want to use the control in Windows PC, Android, MacOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch and other.

Remember, the 8BitDo M30 It is also the official control Analogue Mega Sg, that's scheduled for release April, and not comes with controls.

A Bluetooth version It is also very nice for emulators. Control of the Mega Drive is one of the few with 6 buttons on face, ideal for games such as Street Fighter II.

I was surprised with the availability so fast 8BitDo M30 on AliExpress. And even more so because he left with the same price of Amazon, but including the free shipping. A version 2.4 G leaves for only R$ 100,31 in today's quotation. It's practically the price that TEC Toy snake in control with only wire 3 buttons. So I would say that compensates for, and very!

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Hello, Skooter! Everything in peace? I'm wondering if I buy this control or the joyzz of krizz…in your opinion, which do you think better?

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