SD2SNES-Firmware 1.10.0 is released with support for the S-DD1

Ikari released the firmware yesterday 1.10.0 for the SD2SNES. As grandes novidades são o suporte ao SD2SNES Pro e o suporte ao chip S-DD1, made by the Magnus.

Check out changelog full (English):

  • S-DD1 support by Magno! Big thanks to Magno and RedGuy who helped integrate the core with the main firmware 🙂
  • Support for sd2snes Mk.III (a.k.a. SD2SNES Pro). This works by adding a new set of support files for the new hardware so the firmware package actually contains two firmwares. This also makes it possible to swap the same card between old and new sd2sneses freely.
  • Fixes:
    • Fix memory corruption on BS-X loading. (Hopefully – I could not identify a cause and suspect bitstream file corruption. Please let me know if it works again – it does for me)
    • S-RTC register state is REALLY reset when the console is reset, and also when loading a game.
  • Known issues:
    • Firmware seems to ignore Cx4 speed setting (at least since v1.9.0)
    • sd2snes Pro menu still has the old design
    • Mk.III specific source code changes currently aren’t contained in the GitHub repository. Please bear with me while I figure out a way to integrate them. 😉

O suporte ao chip S-DD1 era bastante esperado, desde que Super FX e SA-1 foram inclusos nas últimas versões.

O chip S-DD1 é um ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) criado pela Nintendo para fazer decompressão de dados em cartuchos do Super Nintendo. Como o custo das ROMs era alto, compensava para a Nintendo usar esse chip nos cartuchos que tinham grandes quantidades de sprites. Thus, the sprites eram armazenados comprimidos, ocupando menos espaço na ROM, and S DD1 tended to decompress them and delivers them to the image processing unit Super Nintendo.

Only two games use the S-DD1: Star Ocean and Street Fighter Alpha 2. The first could already be played with SD2SNES thanks to hacks wherein the sprites have been decompressed and stored without compression. But it is now possible to play with the original ROM.

On the other hand, the Street Fighter Alpha 2 (and the Japanese version Street Fighter Zero 2) They are playable in SD2SNES for the first time.

With this progress, the SD2SNES already runs almost all the official games library Super Nintendo. They were just missing the SPC7110 chips, ST-010 e ST-011. The SPC7110 was used in 3 games: Far East of Eden Zero (Tengai Makyou Zero fighter), Momotaro Dentetsu Happy, and Super Power League 4. The SPC7110 is also a data decompression chip, and should be implemented if necessary.

Os chips ST-010 e ST-011 They were used in games Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shogi and Hayazashi Nidan Morita Shogi 2, respectively. AMBOs are the SETA Corporation, of the same F1 ROC, I quite like.

Shogi It is the Japanese version of chess, so these games do not attract much interest. Furthermore, os chips ST-010 e ST-011 They may be out of reach even the FPGA SD2SNES Pro. But remember that implement the Super FX and SA-1 in SD2SNES It has been considered difficult tasks and highly unlikely, respectively, and yet these implementations are there for us to enjoy. So I do not doubt that one day we will SD2SNES Pro supporting the complete library Super Nintendo.

Long life in Ikari, Redguy, Great and many others who have invested their time and talent to make the firmware 1.10.0 A reality.

The firmware 1.10.0 for SD2SNES and SD2SNES Pro can be downloaded on the official website.

Update (02/03/2019): Still yesterday the Ikari released version 1.10.1 firmware with a bug fix that prevented him from working in SD2SNES Pro. I tested Street Fighter Alpha 2 and the Star Ocean it. Check out the video.

Update (03/03/2019): I had forgotten the SPC7110, as well remembered ErivandoBR in the comments section. This chip has yet to be implemented, and 3 games make use of it. so correcting: are just 5 games that SD2SNES and the SD2SNES Pro not support.

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erivandob is

It was a beautiful launch. And just missed include the SPC7110 on the list of missing chips


Comprei o meu recentemente, funciona tudo legal, mas no Contra 3, in the second phase the display goes dark, only gives to see when break, someone knows something?


I have one like your, but it does not run the Contra3, in the second phase, everything is dark and tested with various ROMs, in their case the same? Mario RPG MSU 1, Super FX, everything perfect wheel. Can you help me?


You know a store or someone reliable to seal this cartridge?

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