[Review] Joyzz – The Wireless Control for Mega Drive Krikzz

In May of last year I made here in Skooter Blog an article on the Joyzz – The Wireless Control for Mega Drive Krikzz, on the occasion of the release of the same.

The Joyzz is very similar to the Mega Drive Controller with 6 Sega's original buttons. Is available in two versions: with the classic black of the original controller and another in translucent plastic gray.

Motivation and Purchase

A wireless control was something that I would like to have for my Sega Genesis. But the Joyzz was released with a problem on the D-Pad, then I held the purchase until the problem was fixed. After that I was still waiting for some promotion so I can buy it.

In black friday This promotion has finally arrived: 20% off. With this control spent $ 65,00 for $ 52,00, and I used to purchase it. The freight cost more $ 6,00 by Petit Paquet (registered), straight from the Ukraine. The Petit Paquet Unfortunately is in the category that the post office snake R$ 15,00 postal dispatch (tracing starts with the letter R).

Opted for the Joyzz Black in color, as the original Mega Drive control. The translucent also seems to be pretty, but I prefer to keep the original look of the.

Unboxing and Tests

The Joyzz came in a bubble envelope, you just damaged in shipping. There is a warning of the post office that the package was refurbished in CEINT/CTA/PR due to faulty packing friction in traffic.

Fortunately the box inside the envelope is sturdy and not suffer damage. Is a black cardboard box, with the name “JOYZZ” and the URL of the website of Krikzz “www.krikzz.com”.

Inside the box we have the Joyzz your receiver and well packed. There are no cables in the box. The user needs to provide a cable to carry it, but that shouldn't be a problem, because the entry is micro USB, quite common.

The receiver has a sync button and an LED to indicate the status of the control. The Joyzz has the same control design 6 Sega's original buttons, with the directional buttons, START, A, B, C, X, And, Z and MODE.

I never had a 6 Sega's buttons so you can compare, but quite liked directional response and the buttons.

The Joyzz came with a bit of load on battery, so I've been able to test it before you even load. Enough connecting the receiver in Sega Genesis and press a button that he was already synchronized and working. This left me quite satisfied, because 8bitdo Bluetooth controls take a little time to synchronize.

Tested also the mode of 3 buttons and the Master System control mode. Games like Monica in Dragon Castle (or the original Wonder Boy in Monster Land) do not work with Mega Drive controls, and before I needed to connect a Master Control System to play them. But with Joyzz Master System mode these games work perfectly. The only drawback is having to remember the combinations of buttons to change so (MODE + START + B by 3 seconds in the case of Master System).

The same occurs with the 3 buttons. Some games, like Golden Axe II, require turn on the console with the MODE button on the control of Sega, to make it work as a 3 buttons. On Joyzz just press MODE + START + C by 3 seconds. To return to the 6 just push buttons MODE + START + Z.

Note that there is no LED on Joyzz, the status of the control is given by the LED on the receiver. Led on indicates that the control is not connected. Deleted means you're connected. Pulsing slowly indicates that the battery is low.

The Krikzz also offers a ROM that shows detailed information of the status of the control, including load, signal strength, channel being used, lost packets, etc. It also serves to test all buttons and directions. This ROM can be used with the Mega Everdrive or other flash cart.

The Joyzz can also be used on the Master System, like other Mega Drive controls. In this case the buttons B and C are the function of the buttons 1 and 2.

According to the specifications, the Joyzz has low power consumption, and lets you play for up to 150 hours on a single charge of the battery. The battery of 800 mAh is internal, but compatible with Nokia BL-4 c, It's relatively easy to find. This is important, because after a few years, sooner or later, pifam batteries. And who has a console 30 years surely will want to keep it for others 30.

When there is no activity in the control for a few minutes it will automatically enter the standby mode, in which the battery can last more than a year. By pressing the START or the D-Pad, control returns to the active state immediately. It is also possible to force the standby mode holding MODE + A + X and by pressing START.

The response time of the Joyzz is approximately 2,7 ms. This is the advantage of using a proprietary protocol instead of the Bluetooth, which has a higher latency due to the Protocol.

Por fim, the Krikzz also provides a tool for Windows that allows you to update the firmware and adjust some settings, as the time to enter the standby mode.

Check out the photos and video of the unboxing and tests of Joyzz:


These are the package tracking information obtained on the website of Ukraine's National Post:

23.11.2018 20:44:00 40007 SUMY 7 UKRAINE Acceptance
23.11.2018 20:45:51 40007 SUMY 7 UKRAINE Acceptance
24.11.2018 13:26:51 40999 TSEKHOP SUMY UKRAINE Income
25.11.2018 08:17:16 03909 DOPP KYIV UKRAINE Income
25.11.2018 15:22:00 03928 UKRAINE Arrival at outward office of exchange
25.11.2018 20:03:00 03928 UKRAINE Item presented to customs:
26.11.2018 14:05:00 03928 UKRAINE Released from customs for further delivery:
26.11.2018 19:26:00 03928 UKRAINE Item has been processed outward office of exchange and already in transit to destination country
03.12.2018 14:13:00 BRAZIL Arrival at inward office of exchange

And these are the package tracking information obtained on the site of the station:

Delivered to the addressee object
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Paid object.
Awaiting payment
Awaiting payment of postal dispatch.
Released without taxation
Object received by the post Office of Brazil


Product Name: Joyzz
Name Original: Joyzz
Store: Krikzz
Value: US$ 52,00
Current value: US$ 65,00
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Petit Paquet (Registered airmail)
Shipping Fee: US$ 6,00
Package Home Country: Ukraine
Purchase Data: 22/11/2018
Submission Date: 23/11/2018
Data Delivery: 19/12/2018
Time in Transit: 26 days
Declared content: 1 Joyzz /26.55 USD/
Type Marked Content: Sale of Goods
Declared Value: 660 UAH
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

I was quite pleased with the Joyzz. It's very comfortable to use, synchronization is immediate and he does not fail. Still with the load with that came, I didn't have to carry it even playing a few hours.

A single defect is that the START button screen printing and Krikzz brand come out easily. Even though I used little, the START has started to delete.

He could also have some turbo function for the buttons, but this is something that Krikzz can implement with firmware updates.

I liked both of the Joyzz I ended up getting a second recently. I'm going to talk about it in a future article. Definitely recommend the Joyzz for those who have a Mega Drive and you want a wireless control to it.

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