[Review] Speaker JBL Portable Bluetooth Charge 3

A Speaker JBL Portable Bluetooth Charge 3 It was acquired using my Livelo points. I already had a JBL Flip 2 I quite like. A JBL Charge 3 is quite similar, providing a sound even better, the cost to be a little more expensive and a little less portable.

A JBL Charge 3 brings serious further strengthened due to the passive radiators. Its minimum frequency response is 65 Hz versus 100 to h JBL Flip 2. The power also went up from 2x6W RMS in JBL Flip 2 2x10W RMS for the JBL Charge 3.

A JBL Charge 3 also has a few more advantages. She works as a power bank, with a load of 6.000 mAh, allowing load smartphone into your USB port while listening music. Full charge takes place in 4,5 hours.

It has water protection IPX7, allowing even submerge it. Weighs 800 grams and measures 21,3 x 8,7 x 8,85 cm. It also has integration with voice assistant, allowing access to Siri or Google Now at the touch of a button.

appeals in JBL Flip 2 also present in JBL Charge 3, as the speakerphone, with noise and echo cancellation.

Unlike JBL Flip 2 that can work lying or standing, a JBL Charge 3 should only lie. This is probably due to passive radiators, the sides which are.

Motivation and Purchase

There are times I paid just about everything on the credit card, including condominium accounts, water, and the Internet, through applications such as RecargaPay. Use cash or checks only in the latter case, when the card is not an option. On the day the card that more use is a Visa Platinum Banco do Brazil, offering me 1,2 points per dollar spent on the card.

Many people use the points to travel, which is usually the option where the points have more value. But my travels are almost all the work and days / inflexible schedules. Just not working out using the points so.

Então eu aproveito meus pontos para comprar produtos. Normalmente espero boas promoções, da própria Livelo ou dos parceiros. Quando um produto abaixa no site do parceiro, normalmente seu custo em pontos também cai.

Também aproveito para comprar itens que normalmente doeriam no bolso. A JBL Charge 3 é uma excelente caixa de som portátil. Mas não dá para deixar de imaginar que existem caixinhas de som sem marca muito mais baratas, ainda que nem de longe tenham a qualidade de uma JBL. Quando a compra é com pontos, a dor é menor. 🙂

Na ocasião da compra a JBL Charge 3 estava custando 34.300 pontos da Livelo, através do parceiro Fast Shop. I ordered the day 21/12/2018, and on day 26/12/2018 o pedido foi cancelado sem qualquer justificativa.

Reclamei com a Livelo e eles me deram um cupom de 35% off so I could buy again. They asked yet for me to choose another partner to avoid new problems. then chose Magazine Luiza, where the JBL Charge 3 cost 47.200 points. With the coupon was for 30.680 points, less than in the first purchase, so I was pleased with the solution given by Livelo.

In the invoice that came with the product, the value contained is $ 895,89. Considering this value, each point came at R $ 0,029 in my purchase.

Considering that each dollar spent on the card 1,2 point and considering the dollar at R $ PTAX 3,78 at the time of writing this article, I come to the conclusion that each point cost approximately R $ 3,15 spending on the card. So, to roughly, pay at gives me one card “cashback” almost 1%. Until it is of good size.

Excluding the discount or considering the value of the product in stores at the time, the rate would drop slightly. But anyway I still think more advantage pay on the card and earn points than paying in other ways and not win anything. Of course it is an exception for traders who somehow discount the fee for card payments on debt, in cash or by check. But few.

Unboxing and Tests

A JBL Charge 3 It comes in a very cool box, of reinforced cardboard and. The box is in multiple languages ​​and have the seal imported and distributed by Harman in Brazil. Harman is the company owner of the brand JBL.

Inside the box we have the JBL Charge 3, USB cable and power supply. The source has retractable plug in the American standard, but is made ingeniously so that the Brazilian standard adapters / European and British, which are included, fit it when the American plug is retracted.

placing JBL Charge 3 to work got a great sound. It does not feel like a portable box. In the video only 30 fps you can not understand, but the passive radiators also vibrate enough.

Check out the photos and video of the unboxing and testing of JBL Charge 3. The video unfortunately has some quiet stretches where needed to remove the post-publishing music because of the copyright on Youtube CLAIMS.


By Livelo system you can track the package. I do not remember have been following the delivery in time, but states that the package was handed in 29/12/2018, just one day after sending. But I just did unboxing not give 03/01/2019 and I do not usually take much to open a package. It's weird, but really I do not know what happened.

29/12/2018 15:44 Delivered
NO SURRENDER DESTINATION | The cargo was delivered to the recipient.
29/12/2018 03:02 Out for delivery
IN delivery route | The carrier is conducting a delivery attempt on the same day.
IN delivery route
29/12/2018 01:28 In transit
SUBSIDIARY DESTINATION ENTRY | The charge came in the final delivery branch. High probablidade delivery the next day.
28/12/2018 22:04 In transit
IN tRANSFER | The charge is in the transfer process between branches.
28/12/2018 21:29 In transit
SUBSIDIARY DESTINATION ENTRY | The charge came in the final delivery branch. High probablidade delivery the next day.
28/12/2018 17:40 In transit
EMISSAO do CT-e / NFS-e | The bill of lading (And CT or equivalent) it was issued.
28/12/2018 13:11 In transit
IN tRANSFER | The charge is in the transfer process between branches.
28/12/2018 12:18 In transit
GATHERING HELD | The pickup truck left the shipper CD
28/12/2018 00:48 Dispatched
DISPATCHED | The delivery was dispatched Distribution Center. Wait for the other tracking status.
28/12/2018 00:48 Created
CREATED | The delivery was successfully created. Wait for the other tracking status.


Check out the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Speaker JBL Portable Bluetooth Charge 3
Name Original: Speaker JBL Portable Bluetooth Charge 3
Store: Livelo | Magazine Luiza
Value: 30.680 points [w / coupon 35%]
Current value: 36.200 points
Payment Method: Livelo Points
Shipping Type: MAF transport
Shipping Fee: -
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 26/12/2018
Submission Date: 28/12/2018
Data Delivery: 29/12/2018
Time in Transit: 1 day

Final Considerations

A JBL Charge 3 It is an excellent portable bluetooth speaker, with sound quality I've ever seen in equipment of this size. Like JBL Flip 2, she became my companion domestic services. Whether it's to do spring cleaning, wash the car or paint the house, it is easy to take everywhere and Bluetooth gives you the flexibility I need to listen to music from Deezer to and not be restricted to the songs I have in cell, on the PC or NAS. I recommend.

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Congratulations on your purchase!
I like that speaker (I have one in blue color), mas algo que me deixou um pouco chateado é que senti falta dos agudos, visto que não é um produto barato. Usando um equalizador acaba sendo outra experiência 🙂

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