4º RMA Corsair e Fonte de alimentação Corsair RMi Series™ RM850i

Recently used the Corsair's warranty for the fourth time. This time it was with my PC power supply: a Corsair RM850, that is out of line. She had 5 year warranty, and malfunction with 4 years and 10 months of use! After the RMA (authorized return merchandise), I received a PSU Corsair RMi Series ™ RM850i, a newer model, which replaced the RM850.

The other three times I had to use the warranty from Corsair have also been reported here in Skooter Blog. Check out the articles:

  1. RMA Corsair: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 GB (4x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory (CMD32GX3M4A1600C9), from 23/03/2016.
  2. RMA Corsair: Liquid CPU cooler Hydro Series ™ H80i GT, from 10/10/2016.
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The Defect

No give 02/01/2019 I found my PC off, which is weird, because I rarely turn it off, always leave only in standby mode. LEDs showing that the motherboard is powered were lit., but by pressing the on / off of the cabinet, nothing happened.

Logo suspected source. I disconnected all nonessential items, leaving only motherboard, memory and processor, to see if anything was causing a short, but the problem persisted.

I then decided to test an ancient source of MTEK, manufactured in 2004, those who have just molex connectors and the motherboard connector with only 20 pins, I have here for such eventualities. With it, usually called PC.

Very gambiarra, pigtails and adapters I put my PC to work with the source MTEK, with all 4 HDDs, 3 optical drives and SSDs. only video card He sat out because of the source does not have connectors for her. Fortunately the motherboard also has onboard video output. Furthermore, the source had to be loose inside the case because the wires of the connector 4 Motherboard pins are short. It's understandable, this source was made at the time that the sources were still at the top of the cabinet.

I even tried to install the Corsair RM850 again to dismiss the harm hypothesis contact. But it did not work again. It was clear that the fault was with herself.

I tried to look for the receipt of Corsair RM850 to see if it was still under warranty. I found it and found that the date of purchase was 17/02/2014. As the guarantee is 5 years, she still had another month and a half warranty. \0/

Or complicated request RMA

It took me a while until you find the Corsair Support site in Brazil. They changed the system and to the site domain, which is now in www.suportecorsair.com.

Arriving at the site see this message that they were in recess of the day 21/12/2018 per day 01/01/2019, and theoretically return to the activities on 02/01/2019:

recess Warning System Corsair.

recess Warning System Corsair.

I found this very bizarre. I understand that people take vacations, some companies make recess on Christmas and New Year period, etc. but systems? That systems need to rest? Why customers can not even create your tickets, even if they are answered only after the recess? Seems a clear attempt to circumvent the consumer rights. By not allowing the creation of the ticket, avoid the term 30 days start counting during recess. slutty…

Apparently I was lucky that my source waited until the day 02/01 to be defective. Or not, because in spite of the day 02/01 be the day back recess, This did not happened. The system simply did not return. Only on 04/01 It is that the system decided to return to work. He must have drunk too much in New Year's Eve.

I created the ticket on 04/01/2019. The ticket already calling the product serial number and access key Electronic Invoice (NFE). Corsair responded on the same day:

Please, We need pictures of the product containing the serial number , seals and warranty seals.

(Serial number, S/N, all sequences of numbers in your product, in mice is found on a label)

And meet all assurance procedures contained in https://suportecorsair.com/warranty

(When naming the photo, Identify with your full name) EXAMPLE:

Thank you for your understanding.

I received yet another message:

You will have a maximum term 72 hours racing to provide the requested data.
If you exceed the time limit lack of communication give rise to the termination of your ticket.

On the same day, I sent the requested photo. Corsair just answered back in the day 06/01:

They will be conducted all analyzes in order to verify that the Corsair product that presented problems is according to the warranty policy (there can be no breach of seal, bad utilization, incorrect installation, physical damage outside the manufacturing).

Remember that the realization warranty policy break cancels any and all claims, featuring the nullity of the exchange process.

To run the assurance procedure, the product must meet the following terms:

Follow them 2 steps to follow carefully.

[…] with the arrival of Christmas and the end of year recess, request that perform sending after day 06/01/2018, so we can achieve the guarantee the best possible way for(as) gentlemen(as).

Send the product by mail via PAC to the following address:
Care of: PLATINUM RMA . (Corsair Brazil).
R. Maria Curupaiti, 441 – ROOM 2022 – GREEN DESIGN.
Vila Ester
Sao Paulo – SP
MOBILE: 02452-001

(This number can be found on the top right on your ticket, above your username.)

Instructions for sending:

  • Sources is necessary to send all cables (modular ends) and preferably in its original packaging box or very well protected to avoid damage during transport.
  • Hydro coolers send all the accessories that comes in the box. (Screws, Fans, brackets, thread)
  • Memoirs: batch codes of each module returned as a kit must be identical. If the lot codes do not match, the modules will be received and we will have to wait for the rest of the combs in order to follow the order.
  • Keyboards send all the accessories that comes in the box (Wrist Support, extra keys)
  • The original packing material should be used to pack the product for return, if the original packaging is not available, you must use packaging materials that provide the same or greater protection to the product. All packets that arrive with any external damage or appear to have been improperly packaged will be rejected and returned to the sender at the expense of the same. Corsair is not responsible for damage during shipping to our RMA receiving location.

Provide the information received in sending.
At the top right of your ticket has released a call button “Notify Shipping” by clicking this button will pop up a form to be filled with real information to help the smooth running of the support.

(If you want to change the address to access your profile and edit your registration information.)


  • The updating of the databases including the address is complete customer responsibility, then if the product is sent to a wrong address corsair not accept responsibility for sending other merchandise.
  • Asim as filling the fomulario “Notify Shipping” is the sole responsibility of the customer and the incorrect filling may cause the delay resolution of your problem.
  • The product will be sent to guarantee, must exactly match the photos attached to this ticket. (PART NUMBER/SERIAL NUMBER/SELOS DE GARANTIA)

You will have a maximum term 30 calendar days to submit your product.
If exeda the deadline lack of communication occasioned the closure of your ticket.

Note that Corsair explicitly called for the submission to be made via PAC. It is assumed, therefore, they would pay for shipping. I would have rather sent by Sedex, because for destination with packages in the same state the difference would be small, perhaps even cheaper, and arrives much faster. But I followed the instruction and paid R $ 45,91 no PAC.

By sending the receipt of PAC for Corsair and collect repayment, responded the following:

Good morning

According to the consumer protection code, shops and manufacturers are responsible within the 3 first months (LEGAL WARRANTY ) to pay the freight.

After this term 3 months, worth to contractual guarantee.


Below we are highlighting a contractual guarantee excerpt sent to product warranty.

For the full responsibility of CORSAIR, the only option you have for any Corsair product that is not working in accordance with the technical specifications published is to request that the CORSAIR, the sole discretion, replace the product. For this, you need to return the hardware to the place of original purchase, or send it to another location indicated by CORSAIR, along with the original invoice attached. It may be required you to pay the shipping and handling costs, and any tariffs, Fees, taxes and other applicable fees. The CORSAIR can, the sole discretion, provide new or refurbished products.

All repaired or replace a defective product products will be covered by the original warranty or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer, or the period established by the local status.

What a farce, Corsair! If they were not going to pay for postage because they chose the shipping method? If I am I going to pay, let me send the way I see fit.

The package arrived there the day 10/01. The following day (11/01) I received this message:

Product received and forwarded for analysis.

A little later I received another message on the ticket:

Your product has already been analyzed, and is covered by contractual guarantee offered by Corsair.

The defective product will be replaced, We will be sending a new product, with a new invoice.

The assurance process (exchange) It occurs in up to 30 days from the time that the product arrives in our office and the defect is detected, can be delivered before.

We recall that under the terms of guarantee an obsolete or discontinued product will be replaced with the same product is available, Corsair is unable to replace by a product like, accomplished exchange for a product that has similar function and capacity.

Once the product is shipped, we will inform the tracking code so you can track the delivery and the status of your ticket changed to “SENT”.

We are disposal to answer any questions you still have.

It took five days and, finally on 16/01, sent new message:

Your product is sent to the address provided at registration.

The product of your tracking code may be located in the upper right corner of your ticket, clicking the link will open a new tab with your product trace data.

All repaired or replace a defective product products will be covered by the original warranty or ninety (90) days (period established by local statute called LEGAL GUARANTEE) whichever is longer.


This ticket will be enclosed within 30 calendar days after sending this message, if your goods have not arrived within that time inform us urgently through this ticket for us to verify WHAT happened to transportation. If there is no manifestation of the ticket will be closed for lack of communication.

At least they did send the new source for Sedex. warned not they had exchanged the latest model. Only I knew when the product arrived. Check out the tracking information package:

Delivered to the addressee object
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in SAO PAULO / SP for distribution in Unit REMOVED / SP
Object forwarded
of post office in SAO PAULO / SP for Treatment Unit in SAO PAULO / SP
Object posted

So, not give 17/02 My new source has finally arrived. Were 15 long days of open PC, no video card and an old source MTEK hanging with a bunch of hacks. I would take a picture of it but I forgot.

Unboxing and installation

A PSU Corsair RMi Series ™ RM850i We came in the original packaging and sealed. The invoice that came in the box indicates a value of R $ 576,50, somewhat below the retail value.

Inside the box we have the power supply, inside a bag with the brand Corsair. The cables come in a separate pocket, with velcro fastener. Okay caprichado.

According to the packaging, the guarantee is 10 years. Note, however, this warranty does not apply to me. by law, Corsair just give me 3 month warranty. In the invoice there is a note that it is an exchange for collateral and that the original warranty is from 17/02/2014. But if you are giving 10 year warranty now, I believe that the product is even more robust than its predecessor.

As the RM850, the source is fully modular. Their cables are detachable. Novelty compared to the previous model have the support Corsair Link, which allows monitoring the source for software. The connection can be made with a cable to USB Header 2.0, even. There is also a mini-USB jack which apparently serves the same purpose.

There is also an LED to indicate that the source is being fed and a button to test the fan, since it is completely stopped when the power is low or moderate, and this may have caused many unnecessary calls for support from Corsair, both coming to a notice pasted stamp at source explaining the silent power supply operation.

In summary of similarities, Both RM850 and RM850i is certified 80 Plus Gold, They are completely modular, not connect the fan up to 40% load, It has 135mm fan, among other.

The differences beyond the folded guarantee are also good: a RM850i has all Japanese capacitors, while the RM850 had only primary. A RM850i can work hotter, offering full load with up to 50º C, while the RM850 was in 40th C .

The fan RM850i It is of type Fluid Dynamic Bearing, quieter and more durable than Rifle Bearing give RM850. A RM850 era single-rail, while RM850i it is single-rail or multi-rail, software configurable, offering greater protection against overload.

Por fim, full digital monitoring powers, efficiency, strains, fan speed and temperature is also a novelty series RMi, that was not present in the RM.

At the top of the unit comes with the seal all technical information. The part number CP-9020083 is / 75-010836. There is also information about load and maximum power in each line of different voltages.

The installation of the RM850i It was quiet, such that the RM850. Only the USB header installation 2.0 Corsair Link found that there is a certain waste. Each header has two ports, the source only uses a, but the connector ends up blocking the two.

Something similar happened on a PC of my work, source and cooler from Corsair, both needing a USB header 2.0 to use a port only. Made a workaround placing wires in a header in the other, to use a header only.

At least there is the alternative to connect the mini-USB port. If the cabinet has drilling watercooler on the back gives to pass a cable and make the connection on a rear USB port on the motherboard. But the cable for this alternative is not included.

Check out the photos unboxing and installation of PSU Corsair RMi Series ™ RM850i:

See also the video of unboxing of PSU Corsair RMi Series ™ RM850i:


After installing my PC source returned to work perfectly, with all equipment. then I installed the software Corsair Link to take advantage of the monitoring function PSU Corsair RMi Series ™ RM850i .

The Corsair Link detected all temperature sensors and rotation of my motherboard, processor, and video card. Also found all parameters RAM memory, who is also from Corsair.

The RM850i the Corsair Link shows input and output power, efficiency, temperature, rotation of the source voltage of 12V and outputs, 5In, e 3.3V.

You can also view a screen with graphs of input powers, output and efficiency, as well as current information and power of each of the voltages (12In, 5In, e 3.3V). You can also configure the source acts as Single-Rail or Multi-Rail. I kept setting in Multi-Rail to maximize the overcurrent protection (OCP).

Por fim, you can view graphs of all the measures which are obtained by Corsair Link. Check out the screenshots:

It should be noted that PSU Corsair RMi Series ™ RM850i It is rather oversized for my system. At the time I bought to ensure some future upgrades that have just not happening. Thus she works quite cold all the time and silent, You never need to switch on the fan.

Final Considerations

I can not say I'm completely satisfied with the RMA Corsair. Leave the recess system at the end of the year was not a legal attitude. I also thought wrong ask shipping the product by PAC being that they would not pay for shipping.

Despite the flaws, the RMA Corsair is still one of the best. Some other manufacturers require sending products abroad, or are slow in replacing. Corsair is reasonably fast. Discounting the slow to authorize the RMA and the delay of the CAP, They took less than a week to analyze the received product and send another.

A PSU Corsair RMi Series ™ RM850i It is a great evolution in relation to RM850, then just “gaining” that upgrade. If the RM850 had waited two months to fault I would have had a beautiful injury.

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It could have been an RMA note 10 if not this pettiness freight. negative for Corsair

What other brands do you know who has good RMA? I had a good experience with Logitech, if a keyboard.

I appreciate the feedback!

Precisa ter a Nota fiscal para fazer o RMA da corsair?

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