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The Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao was acquired on AliExpress, shop VEnTIOn Franchised Store.

Among the various functions of the device, We can highlight:

  • Answering calls speakerphone via Bluetooth and FM transmitter;
  • Bluetooth 4.2 audio playback from mobile phone, Tablet and other devices;
  • MP3/WMA audio playback on cards microSD/TF CARD up to 64 GB;
  • Audio playback MP3 / WMA on USB sticks;
  • Two USB ports to fast charge (2.1A e 1A);
  • Memory to continue playing the last song;
  • car battery voltage monitor;

Motivation and Choice

I was looking for a simple car charger of Vention, as another already evaluated in Skooter Blog and fulfills its role well. I ended up finding the Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao it does not only this, but many other functions.

The cost of the Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao it's bigger, of course. But quite worth it for those who have a good sound in the car, but old, Unsupported Bluetooth, memory cards or flash drives.


The Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao came the envelope of traditional custom Vention. It is a legal envelope to cabos HDMI, but for packaging All-in-one It was not a good idea.

The cardboard box of Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao We arrived safely detonated, but fortunately without damage to the product. Just not realizing that the manual was in before the tests, but the use is fairly intuitive and just do not need it. The manual is in English and Chinese.

The Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao has a good construction. I found no fault in him.

In front of him we have the two USB ports, It is only a fast charge up to 2.1A, and other fast charge up to 1A and reading flash drives. In this way you can charge your phone and listen to music from a USB stick at the same time, for example. Or you charge two devices at once.

Below we have the display that shows the frequency of the FM transmitter, track number, Battery voltage, volume, etc. There is a central button that serves to answer the phone connected via Bluetooth and also to pause music. Around him there is a rotary volume control, which also serves to adjust the frequency (holds up the phone / Pause button for a while to enter the frequency setting mode).

On each side of the center button there is another button that serves to advance or rewind tracks, trigger the battery voltage player, etc. At the bottom there is the card reader TF / microSD.

Check out the photos unboxing and testing of the Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao:


For tests Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao I used a CD Player Pioneer, modelo DEH-3880MP, which already has at least one 15 years. He only plays CDs, AM e FM. No support for Bluetooth, card or stick.

In my connection Z Play Bike to All-in-one Bluetooth was very quiet, no problem. The All-in-one shaft configured in frequency 107,8 MHz, which apparently was free in my region, so I left it and even tuned the radio in the same.

Tested songs through the phone, the flash drive and everything worked perfectly. I also tested handsfree calls and all worked flawlessly. even tested the car battery voltage meter, which also functioned.

Another test was to verify that the All-in-one really delivers enough current for fast charging. For this I used the Voltage Tester, Current, Cargo and USB Data Transmission with LCD display. The All-in-one 1A handed over to my Z Play Bike no major problems. Note that one of the doors is going to 2.1A, but my phone never asks all, so I did not get to test if it really comes in that chain.

Check out the test photos Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao. The video of the previous section also show such tests. Note that I had to leave the background music playing on the test tracks to avoid copyright claims overthrow the video.


These are the package tracking information obtained from the AliExpress website:

2019.02.05 17:32 (GMT-7): Delivery successful
2019.02.01 13:32 (GMT-7): Cleared customs
2019.02.01 09:44 (GMT-7): Started customs clearance process
2019.01.31 09:03 (GMT-7): Accepted by Last Mile Carrier
2019.01.25 07:01 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin
2019.01.22 09:46 (GMT-7): Shipment accepted by airline
2019.01.20 02:57 (GMT-7): Shipment left country of origin warehouse
2019.01.19 16:31 (GMT-7): Shipment at country of origin warehouse
2019.01.19 16:19 (GMT-7): Shipment at country of origin distribution center

Through the code LP + 15 digits, que aparece no sistema da AliExpress, You can get the code from ePacket posted in Sweden (LB + 9 digits + SE), by using the site system Cainiao, that displays the following information:

2019-02-05 17:32:00

Import clearance success
2019-02-01 13:32:00

Import clearance start
2019-02-01 09:44:00

Arrive at destination country
2019-01-31 09:03:00

Depart from transit country or district
2019-01-28 12:05:00

Arrive at transit country or district
2019-01-28 11:33:00

Hand over to airline
2019-01-25 07:01:00

Received by line-haul
2019-01-22 09:46:00

Outbound in sorting center
2019-01-20 02:57:18

Inbound in sorting center
2019-01-19 16:31:59

Accepted by carrier
2019-01-19 16:19:59

And these are the tracking information package, obtained on the site of the station:

Delivered to the addressee object
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution in Unit REMOVED / SP
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in CAJAMAR / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object forwarded
Distribution Unit in CURITIBA / PR for treatment plant in CAJAMAR / SP
Customs supervision terminated
Visit My environment Imports
Object received by the post Office of Brazil


It, Finally, We got the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao
Name Original: Vention Bluetooth 5V 3.1A Car Charger Music Player FM Fast Charge for iPhone 6s 6 plus Android for Samsung Control MP3 Player
Store: AliExpress | Store: VEnTIOn Franchised Store
Value: R$ 48,96
Current value: R$ 71,16 (US$ 17,51)
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Aliexpress Standard Shipping
Shipping Fee: R$ 12,56
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 17/01/2019
Submission Date: 19/01/2019
Data Delivery: 05/02/2019
Time in Transit: 17 days
Declared content: Computer Conn
Type Marked Content: Others
Declared Value: USD 3.00
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

The Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao It is a great option for those who have an old sound system that does not support Bluetooth, memory cards and USB stick. He brings the ability to answer calls Speakerphone, transmitir músicas por Bluetooth, ou executa-las a partir de um cartão microSD or pendrive. Furthermore, ele também serve para carregar o celular ou tablet, e também para indicar a tensão da bateria do carro.

And I'm ending here the article on Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao, with a positive recommendation for the product and for the store VEnTIOn Franchised Store. Share this article with your friends if you liked 😉 . If you also want to shop in AliExpress, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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