[Review] Double long-handled toothbrush for cats and Dogs

A Double long-handled toothbrush for cats and Dogs foi adquirida em um pet shop site by R$ 3,51.

It has been the best way to brush your teeth my dog ​​so far, I had tried with his finger and thumb-stall type brush, but this has been the best.

Não que ele goste da escovação. O que ele realmente aprecia é o sabor da pasta enzimática da Virbac, que uso para escovar seus dentes. Isso acaba facilitando a tarefa.

Brushing your dog's teeth is important, because it prevents tartar. If left untreated, tartar in dogs can cause tooth loss and even kill, due to the entry of bacteria in the blood vessels, that can cause a generalized infection and / or get to vital organs like heart, kidneys, and liver. Periodic brushing of the animal also enhances breath.

After the plate is installed, the only way to remove it is through a scraping procedure performed by veterinarians. It is a relatively quick procedure and the dog is released in a few hours, but it involves sedation, that has its risks. Furthermore, It is an expensive procedure. So prevention is always better.

I do not currently Cat, but I believe that the same care must be applied to them.

Check out the photos of Double long-handled toothbrush for cats and Dogs:

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