Canister Hurricane Pet Container – Toast of the Ration Balance

The Canister Hurricane Pet Container 12L came as a gift to purchase the package 7,5 Kg da Adults feed Balance Small Breeds.

I had commented in a previous article I had been feeding my dog ​​with PremieR Ration Specific Breeds Dachshund Adult Dogs. But PremieRpet simply discontinued the product without notice and without any consideration for the customers and their dogs.

Because of this I found it better to change logo mark and seek something better for my dog. A Adults feed Balance Small Breeds It is also super premium. It is not specific to dachshunds, but it is a food that has been well recommended by the vet of my dog. It is also the food that the father of my dog ​​eat, according to his owner, which she had made her son's giving it to us.

A PremieRpet often included gifts in their products, as I have shown here in Skooter Blog. On the other hand, since I started buying Adults feed Balance Small Breeds, a Total Food, its manufacturer, I had not included any toast. The Canister Hurricane Pet Container It is the first.

I still continue using the Hermetic Pot Pet Series 5L Lock & Lock it every day. And the rest of the food is in the original package with a locking Pet. The Canister Hurricane Pet Container It takes advantage over the Lock & Lock for not being transparent, but does not seem to be airtight. not yet given a purpose for him.

When I open a new package of feed I realize that grains are lighter and drier. So I have doubts about the efficiency of my current solution. Perhaps the Canister Hurricane Pet Container is better than the Pet closure, for example. But just testing to make sure.

Check out the photos Canister Hurricane Pet Container:

And you, have any solution to keep the feed dog or cat always fresh? Tell in the comments.

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