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The Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm It was acquired in Submarine. He has 6 shovels and is touted as one of the best market fans in various rankings. Is available in 110V and 220V. There is also a lower model, with propeller of 30 cm, for those who may prefer.

Motivation and Choice

I had ceiling fans and wall fans in some rooms of the house. But I had no mobile fan for use in other rooms, especially in the room where is my corner retrogamer.

In fact I have even had a climate control Consul, acquired a few 10 years or more. But, despite having training wheels ,it is not exactly compact.

Moreover, a curiosity: I even thought about buying a second air conditioner, But as factory-Consul parou the. All of them. And the same seems to have happened with several other brands. That left only a few more dubious.

Back to fans, at first I was going to buy any model of Mondial, that seem to be most. But while searching for information about them saw that Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm It was one of the most recommended in various rankings, so I ended up opting for it.

Unboxing and Tests

The Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm It came packaged only in its retail packaging, where pasted shipping labels. It comes disassembled into two parts, but it is easy to assemble.

In the box there is a date of manufacture: 04/02/2019, very recent. Some of its main features are also highlighted on the packaging:

  • 6 shovels;
  • Easy to Carry;
  • durable engine and 55% more potent (compared to another model of Arno at full speed);
  • additional tilt to the ground;
  • Easy assembly in just one “click”;
  • Door-wires embedded;
  • POWER ZONE: concentrated area of ​​maximum wind;
  • removable grille for washing;
  • aerodynamic and secure railings for children;
  • 3 Wind forces: 3. Turbo Silence, 2. Eco Fresh, 1. Silence / Sleep

In fan base the seal of Procel indicates that he received an A in the three speeds, which means that it is quite efficient. Power consumption is 3,78 kW / month considering that it is connected 1 hour a day at high speed.

The label also indicates a flow 1,23 m³/s, which gives it an energy efficiency 0,0041 ((M³/s)/In)*m. The diameter of the propeller is 40 cm and the grid is 49 cm.

Check out the photos unboxing and photos and video test Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm:

As I was researching Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm I found a complaint that he consumed a lot of energy, spending 120W, which would be to a domestic fan. I do not remember exactly where I found this claim, then I owe a link.

I do not think 120W is so much to a fan, but anyway I decided to do some tests with the help of Kill-a-Watt to find out how the Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm actually consumes. These tests can be seen in the following video:

The test indicated a consumption of about 122W at maximum speed, 106At medium speed W, and 91W at minimum speed. The power factor was measured 0,89 the maximum velocidadde, and 1,00 on average and minimum speeds. The ad Submarine indicates a consumption of 127W. It is worth noting that the tests were made with the Model 127V, and the values ​​may be different on 220V model.


These are the tracking information package, according to Transfolha:

held delivery
20/03/2019 23:00
Delivery place:
Em rota
20/03/2019 15:08
Pedido recebido no centro de distribuição regional
19/03/2019 17:19
Pedido despachado
19/03/2019 00:24
Pedido em separação
18/03/2019 16:15


Product Name: Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm
Name Original: Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm
Store: Submarino | Partner: To live – Home & Gourmet
Value: R$ 135,15
Current value: R$ 164,90
Payment Method: Mastercard Credit Card
Shipping Type: Transfolha Standard
Shipping Fee: R$ 23,32
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 15/03/2019
Submission Date: 18/03/2019
Data Delivery: 20/03/2019
Time in Transit: 2 days

Final Considerations

Quite liked the Arno VF40 Silence Force fan 40 cm. It is windy. It's not as quiet as the name suggests. In fact it's a bit noisy at the highest speed. But the slower it is quiet and still is a very high amount of wind. I recommend.

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Congratulations for review, very detailed.

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