[Review] Wireless phone system Panasonic KX-TGF574S – Amazon

The Wireless phone system Panasonic KX-TGF574S was acquired in US Amazon, for use with my landline.


In 2013 purchase a phone of course Fixed (former Embratel Free), that uses the CDMA technology, the same that was used on mobile phones by alive since the 2 g until the middle of the last decade. He only cost R$ 19,88 month, and offering unlimited calls to landlines in all Brazil, of any carrier. It was a much better offer than any single competitor's offer: Vivo, offering landlines with cover, in the good old technology that has existed since the times of Telesp, but cost much more and only gave a small franchise of minutes/wrists fixed locations.

This value of R$ 19,88 passed 4 years without readjustment. It seems that the course you forgot them. But 2017 they remembered, and decided to increase to R$ 29,89, an increase can compensate for inflation of all previous years. And from then on the value has been reset to R$ 31,68. For new subscribers should be more.

The Clear fixed that I use is still the original. With 6 years of use it already presents few problems. The battery has already been replaced in the last year, as I showed here in Skooter Blog. But the device has other problems, sometimes keys fail, sometimes are recorded in duplicity. Connect to any electronic system in which it is necessary to choose options with numbers is a nightmare. The same goes for when you need to enter the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER or credit card number.

The course does not enable more appliances on CDMA technology. To change unit I have to migrate to GSM technology, receive a SIM Card (chip) as cell phones and use on a mobile device. I've been postponing this change because the GSM signal of light in my house used to be poor. However the CDMA also comes getting worse over the years, probably because they're reducing frequencies and are just waiting for the last customers migrate to disables it, How did I live on mobile phones.

But of course no longer my single Fixed landline. In 2015 I signed the Fixed Internet Live, Internet service via ADSL was formerly called Speedy. Vivo makes tying this service, so I was forced to get a landline as well. Both services are delivered via copper cable. The audible frequencies are used for the analog phone, as it always has been since the days of Telesp. And the higher frequencies (inaudible) are used for the digital signal from the Internet (ADSL). Microfilters are used for traditional phones don't take Internet noise.

As I had the phone of course, I chose the cheapest plan Alive, with only a small fixed telephone connections franchise locations. With the time and the trouble of the service negotiated a better plan, that apparently is not available publicly, in which had no franchise, but just paid by phone for the phone calls that do. And I simply had no links with him, so didn't pay anything. Actually used only for links to 0800, where needed to stay by choosing options with the numerical keys, on account of defects in the device of course Fixed.

And so it was until the last month of January, When the fiber optic the Alive came in my region. Then I migrated my internet to Vivo Fiber. The phone also has been migrated, now she is a VoIP in practice. The signal is digital to the ONT of Alive, by a separate VLAN on the Internet. The ONT is the device that receives the optical fiber in my house and do the function of router or bridge to the local Ethernet network. It's just in Vivo the ONT of phone is converted to analog, where can be used with ordinary landlines.

This new fixed phone Alive costs R$ 20,00 in the combo and have unlimited free calls to landlines and cell phones sites of Live sites.

As used very little, Live phone was only a common fixed appliance, Wired, plugged in it. But now I've spent in local connections use it for and mobiles of Alive. Also I plan to cancel the phone of course, and maybe migrate to a plan with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in all Brazil, that would cost me R$ 20,00 the more combo.

With it came the need for a wireless telephone and at least one more point in the House, not to stay stuck to the point that is next to the ONT. I wasn't willing to be passing over the house wiring, then came the idea of buying one of these wireless phone systems come with at least a branch, Wireless also, that can be placed somewhere else in the House. I left so for research on the models.

Choice of Panasonic KX-TGF574S

Most wireless telephone systems with extension in Brazil are sold for basically two brands: Intelbras and Panasonic. I've ruled out some brands such as VTech, Elgin, and Motorola, I don't trust very.

With the Intelbras have mixed experiences. My first phone and caller ID was acquired in years 90 and it worked perfectly for many years. Just blew up when an electric shock via phone line burned. Moreover, the same discharge also walked into my PC via fax modem card. The excellent US Robotics card survived, but the discharge was stop on the motherboard through the slot and parallel port died. I had to change my motherboard. The phone has been repaired, but was never the same.

After that I had a wireless phone 900 MHz intelbras, which is very half-assed, with enough noise and keys that fail. On the other hand, My intercom of Intelbrás, already shown here on Skooter Blog, works perfectly.

I recently had contact with a DVR Intelbrás and was disappointed with some aspects. To access it via browser, I had to use the archaic Internet Explorer and even add some security exceptions. Chrome needed an installed extension, but not with her work. I found it very “late” to be a current device, still in production.

With the Panasonic I do not have much experience, except for TV already shown here in Skooter Blog, that works perfectly, and by Table DVD recorder, having problems in drawer, but bought used and only for use as a TBC (Time Base Corrector), and in that it fulfills its role.

The wireless telephone systems from Panasonic receive more positive reviews than the Intelbras. So I ended up deciding that would be with the Panasonic even.

But in Brazil the models available from Panasonic wireless phone extension are expensive for what they offer. I decided to take a look at US Amazon and I saw that there much more advanced models for lower price. So why not buy direct from the USA?

Then I remembered that the caller could be a problem. The Americans use the FSK standard, while Brazil historically uses the default DTMF. But doing a little research I was surprised to discover that the Alive Fiber actually uses the FSK standard. I had not even noticed the change when moving from copper to fiber because the telephone wire Intelbrás who was logged on the line accepts both standards.

I believe that Vivo is using FSK at Vivo fiber by default account used in ONTs it imports. I saw that other operators are also already using FSK, while others still use DTMF.

It is worth noting that even those who have the line DTMF standard phones can still use the standard FSK, because there are some DTMF FSK converters to the market.

I was determined, I would purchase a telephone system Panasonic cordless in US Amazon. But which? Panasonic does not facilitate: there are many different models, and it is difficult to see what the differences between them or what the newest model.

I discovered that KX-TGFThey are the newest series. The F in the model there is incremental, the previous model was the KX-TGE, and before him the KX-TGD. The two digits after the F indicate the different models of the same period, ranging in terms of resources: 34, 54, 57, possibly other. The 57 It seems to me the most complete.

Por fim, in KX-TGF574S, the 4 It means that there are four phones (the main and three extensions). But there are also models with three headphones and five phones, which are the KX-TGF573S and the KX-TGF575S, respectively.

The price difference is small, then compensates buy the system with five phones, even if the house is not so great, even to leave either reserve. But I opted for the model KX-TGF574S for a simple reason: Weight! I wanted a system that no more than 4 pounds, for that is the weight limit on freight via USPS First Class the redirection. On top of that I would have to use the USPS Priority. Between 3 and 4 pounds or USPS Priority It is even a bit cheaper, but the chances of the package being taxed are larger. So I preferred to stay in the weight limit USPS First Class.

You can not trust a lot in the weights reported by US Amazon. They show a greater weight to the system TGF573S that for the KX-TGF574S. But sought from other sources and it was clear that the KX-TGF575S would be above 4 pounds. I suggested correction for Amazon, but they did. At least they corrected the model KX-TGF574S after I reported. Before the title indicated KX-TGE574S, although the photos show the new model.

Note that this limitation of weight only makes sense for those who will make redirect to avoid tax. Who will buy direct US Amazon, paying taxes early, not have to worry about the weight. Who will use any other freight in the redirector will not.

Purchase of Panasonic KX-TGF574S

I chose to make the purchase of the Wireless phone system Panasonic KX-TGF574S in US Amazon, with redirection through the Direct Shipments. A Direct Shipments offers similar to the Shipito, which I have already spoken a lot here in Skooter Blog.

As both deposits Amazon as the Direct Shipments are in California, the package arrived in one day, even with free shipping.

A Direct Shipments The package weighed and reported weight 4 pounds and 5 oz (4,2 pounds). The packing Amazon I was playing weight to top. They often exaggerate the size of the package and fill the box with bags of air. so I opened a ticket asking to reduce the size of the box:

Good night. I received the package […] with 4,2 pounds. Amazon probably exaggerated the packaging, because the product in the box should not exceed 3,5 pounds. You can delete these 0,2 extra pounds (using a smaller box or reducing) so I can receive the package in First Class mode? Thank you.

And they answered:

Wave […], we have to send only the enveloped product, so the weight will fall but in another box sending the weight does not fall below 4.00 pounds, We can envelop the product ? ( unfortunately will have less protection )

It was not what I wanted, but authorized the enveloping, Panasonic already imagining that the box would come with some damage. But I trusted that the internal protection would be good enough not to damage the product.

Buying dollar

One point worth noting is that this purchase opted for payment in dollars, without conversion to the real Amazon.

From which Amazon He began offering payments on the card currency, I had been paying my requests in real. This option has a certain goodwill, but avoids surprises on the card bill, because the value indicated in the order completion is the amount that is actually paid (over the IOF 6,38%). Pay in dollars with the Bank of Brazil card is a nightmare, because the price is not the best. They charge a premium (spread) in the range of 4%, and the price used is the date of the invoice maturity. As the bill closes a 10 ~ 12 days before the expiration, it also implies to pay or receive the exchange rate difference between the closing and the maturity of the bill the following month. It is hard to know the amount actually paid, it only gives to calculate a 2 ~ 3 months after purchase, and takes work.

But now I have a Mastercard credit card Inter. It has a dollar price much more reasonable, with only spread 1% on the dollar PTAX. And the price used is the 2 days before the closing invoice, then we are subject to far less time to exchange variation, and there are no differences to be agreed next month. The value comes in the invoice is already effective.

To complete, a US Amazon walk exaggerating the goodwill. At the time of purchase they were quoting a dollar for more than R $ 4,00 while PTAX was in the range of R $ 3,70. It is much goodwill! So I decided to risk with the exchange rate and pay in dollars with the Inter Bank card. And do not regret, because the price was R $ 3,78 and saved about R $ 0,25 per dollar.

For comparison, at the time of writing this article we PTAX dollar to R $ 3,86 Amazon dollar and R $ 4,11. Goodwill is in the Amazon 6,5%, greater than 4% Bank of Brazil and much larger than the 1% Inter Bank. So I prefer the risk of exchange rate changes.

Buying with the Inter Bank card instead of Visa Platinum Banco do Brazil I leave to win 1,2 Livelo points per dollar spent. But as I have shown here in Skooter Blog, the return on points not enough to 1%. And the economy spread to the Inter Bank in relation to the Bank of Brazil is 3%.


The package was released without tax and without postal dispatch rate and arrived at my house 24 days after posting US.

As I expected, the package ended up with some dents due to transportation, but nothing too serious. If it were a pack “collectible”, such as video games, I would never choose just envelopes. But in the case of a phone package does not see problems.

Inside the package the products were well individually protected. I found no damage except for a small risquinho the main base, which can be seen on the right side of silver (check out the photo). I do not know if the risquinho was done in transport, but it's likely. Fortunately it's nothing that compromises the operation and is almost imperceptible.

In the box is the following:

  • a main base, which also makes hands-free calls and controls all functions;
  • as 3 additional bases, only to charge the headphones;
  • the 4 headphones, which also control all functions and also have speakerphone;
  • 4 belt clips, one for each handset;
  • 8 AAA rechargeable batteries, because each phone uses two of them;
  • 4 power supplies input 60Hz AC 120V 100mA and 160mA and 4.8V output.

Check out the photos and videos of the unboxing and the phones already installed:

The batteries are Panasonic's own, modelo BK-40AAABU, with minimal 400 mAh. Anyone who wants greater autonomy can choose to batteries with greater capacity.

All bases have holes that allow hanging them on the wall.


The installation of the Wireless phone system Panasonic KX-TGF574S is very quiet. Simply connect the phone line at the main base and connect each base in the making, through the power supplies.

Such as those taken of the sources are the US standard, I needed to use an adapter in each. When I bought two packages 10 2 p 10A adapters 15519 Daneva I thought I had exaggerated, but I have used 14 and there is only more 6 them left.

It should be noted that the power sources indicate 120V input only. I've seen cases like this where the sources were in fact automatic multi-voltage, as most electronic sources are. But as in the US only uses 120V, They do not bother to indicate the possibility of using a tension that no one will use. The same goes for products in Europe, that comes with 220V input indication only, when actually they are bivolt. This is the case of my Playstation 4 For, I brought back. But connect these sources is 220V at the risk of each. I just tested it on 127V, which is the standard voltage my area and do not intend to connect the 220V to just test.

Initially the only adjustments made were the date and time. The hours are the standard 12 hours, with AM and PM indication, they use the Americans. There is no option to watch 24 hours.


In this section we will talk about the main features of Wireless phone system Panasonic KX-TGF574S highlighting the features that I really use. Some features I have not tested it because I do not intend to use. This is the case of the answering machine. It could even be useful, but I know that all answering machines cater collect calls, so I prefer not to use. I do not want to risk having to pay for hazing or kidnapping scams made by inmates.

Link2Cell Bluetooth

You can link up to two smartphones via Bluetooth and make and receive phone calls anywhere in the house, using the headphones KX-TGF574S. Pairing mobile phone can be made with up to two devices, and it is useful for those who do not like to hang around with the phone for the home. You can synchronize the phone and let it anywhere within range of the Bluetooth, and make and receive calls in the system KX-TGF574S.

I liked the feature, I used a few times and heard the phone audio perfectly in the headphones KX-TGF574S. Call announcement is made by voice, as in fixed links.

A drawback of using this feature is that calls are answered in the phone itself are shown as missed calls in KX-TGF574S, for he can not know that the call was answered this way.

The KX-TGF574S It can also be used exclusively with mobile, which is useful for those who have a landline phone that uses the GSM technology, as the course Current Fixed, where you can not spread through the house extensions.

Text Message Alert Sender spoken of

When a call or text message arrives on the mobile phone connected to the system, the headphones will announce the name or sender's phone number, using the function text-to-speech.

Spoken SMS alerts on your phone I found somewhat inconvenient. My phone is in silent morning just so I will not be disturbed with automatic SMS messages, which are often of SPAM, because the Brazilians have left the SMS long been in favor of Whatsapp, because of the greed of the operators from charging per message.

Americans are still SMS fans because the service there is predominantly unlimited, included in the subscription. Then there receive SMS ads may make more sense.

You can disable the alerts in the system KX-TGF574S, as I learned in the manual. You can also take offering access to text messages on Android to have the same effect.

Quality Improved Sound Cordless Phone

Automatic Noise Reduction suppresses background interference and improves voice tones for a clearer conversation, both the central base and the wireless headphones. In all my links I noticed that the sound is really clear and without noise. Note that there is no noise in the wireless transmission system itself, which uses the digital DECT standard 6.0, as we will see later. The noise reduction algorithm operates on the sound coming from the other side of the connection, if the caller is in a noisy place.

Backup Phone Battery Powerful

With a headphone charged and connected to the central base, you can use the base and the other wireless headphones for up to 12 hours talk time and up 7 days standby when there is no electricity.

In this case the phone which is the main base indicates that it can not be removed from the base, for the feature to work. Note that the base has no batteries, then in practice what happens is that one of the phones gives his charge to the main base.

The very basis, on speaker or the other three phones can be used normally in this case. This is a useful feature for me, because my Vivo ONT is connected in a UPS, along with my other network equipment, and run for more than an hour in case of power outage.

Have had to use this feature recently, as heavy rain caused problems in the power grid, I stayed for a few hours with a phase with only 60V. And before you fix the problem the utility turned off both phases for more than half an hour. The system of KX-TGF574S He continued running smoothly.

Of course, the feature is even more useful for those who have phone using the old copper wire technology, that does not need electricity to operate the residence. Who uses fiber, I like, It depends on electricity to power the ONT, then the feature only works while there is load on UPS.

Phone signal Ranged Insurance

Wireless technology DECT 6.0 It provides no long wire phone range, ideal for homes and apartments with wide walls, as it is common in Brazil in the masonry walls predominate.

A DECT 6.0 It works in the range of 1,9 GHz, so that the frequency does not interfere WiFi (2,4 GHz, 5 GHz). The transmission in the DECT 6.0 it is digital, so there is no noise or deterioration in sound as in analog phones, regardless of the distance between the phone and base. Of course, if you are too far from the base phone loses signal and there are cuts, as in mobile phones and digital TV.

Expandable to 6 headphones

The system of KX-TGF574S It is expandable for use with up to 6 headphones. I could buy another two if necessary, and include them easily in the system.

Connection with Siri, Google Now e S Voice

There is an ASSIST button (microphone icon) the base and the headphones to trigger the cell phone voice assistant, is Siri, o Google Now, I is S Voice. So you can send commands to make calls, check messages, check the weather forecast, etc.

I tested the voice assistant with both the base and to the handset to access Google Now sometimes. I asked about the time and heard the forecast loud and clear. I asked the score of the last match of São Paulo and also got the correct answer. It works just like you would on the phone itself.

Call Blocker

There is a call blocker that can be used to lock up 250 different numbers, which can be useful to end the disturbance caused by telemarketings.

You can lock only numbers, track numbers, unknown numbers, etc. The lock is easy and there is a unique button for it on the main base and headphones.

Handle Speaker Calls

Voice Caller ID announces the name (if you are on the agenda) or contact number you are calling, using technology text-to-speech, and works in English and Spanish. The announcement is made at the base and on the headphones.

It's a feature that I find very useful. If I'm sleeping (I have no phone in the room) or playing online game (online game does not break) and I get a call, I can hear the identification as to whether or not I want to meet up and go without looking at the phone.

Note that the numbers are announced in English (or Spanish) and the names are read as if they were in the chosen language. I let configured in English because I have no problems understanding the language. The numbers are spoken clearly and with reasonable spacing between them. The names are announced like a reading American, but understandable in most cases.

Not having Portuguese option is an inconvenience to have a phone purchased in the US. But it is worth remembering that in Brazil the Panasonic or have phones with the technology text-to-speech.

In addition to the intercom

The intercom can be used in several ways. You can make a call to any of the headphones or main base, or all at once. In this case is a call like any other, but internal, without use of the telephone network.

You can also make announcements directly on the headphones or base (or all), as a walkie-talkie so that anyone nearby will hear without picking up the handset. It can be used to type ads: “I need your help in the garage”, “Dinner is ready”, etc.

Por fim, the intercom can also be used as baby monitor, relaying sounds picked up by any specific handset, when they are above a certain threshold, which is configurable.

Large Display with Backlight

Each handset has a 1.8 display″ high contrast backlight that is activated when it is in use. The main base also has a large display and backlight.

Agenda 3.000 numbers

System phonebook holds up 3.000 numbers. A very useful feature is to import the phone book. I imported all my contacts Z Play Bike no difficulty.

Note that in the case of multiple phone numbers for the same contact, each number will be imported into a separate contact on the system KX-TGF574S. Each name can be up 16 characters and each number can have up 24 digits.

Contacts can be separated by up to 9 groups. The groups 1 a 3 have fixed names: “Home”, “Cell 1”, “Cell 2”. Others can be renamed. By default, all contacts I imported my mobile, not connected slot 1, They are the group “Cell 1”, which facilitates the organization of contacts from various people or to separate family, work, etc.

But in my case, import the agenda served basically to be able to have the calls identified by name. And I have to explain the reason.

Before you import contacts, the manual says that must first be configured 3 codes: the prefix to make international calls, country code (55, in the case of Brazil) , and the prefix to make national calls. In my phone book have the phones stored as DDD + Phone, sem prefixes, except for some Canadian numbers, Store it with the country code also.

What the KX-TGF574S do is import the contacts automatically adding the country code for Brazil's phones and the international prefix for the exterior phones.

The idea is good, but by the way that the calls are made in Brazil this does not work. I tried a number of ways and basically there is no way to look good without editing contacts manually, which is not something I go do, except if some number I use very.

Setting the international prefix 00 and the national prefix 0, phones are imported with their prefixes. But for local calls should not put the prefix nor the DDD, then the calls do not work unless you edit the contact just to let the phone number, without the DDD. In long distance calls we need to put the carrier code between the 0 and or DDD, and in international, where the operator code goes between the 00 and or DDD.

Another option is not to set the prefixes, but in this case the schedule is only DDD + Phone, as it is on my phone, but then you can not make local calls because of unnecessary DDD, or long distance or international, by lack of 0 or 00.

My third attempt was to include the carrier code (15, in the case of Vivo) the prefix. Then the phones are imported 015 or 0015 before DDD. Thus the long distance and international calls work, but local still need to be manually deleted from the DDD.

It should be noted that this can be a particular problem fixed Vivo, because cell phones do not complain when DDD is entered redundantly. Moreover, It is highly recommended to put the phones on the agenda with DDD, because otherwise the connections can be made to the wrong number when we are out of the source area.

At least for the purpose of identification of the sender, the KX-TGF574S You can always identify the contact name, be it with prefix or not. Even if the contact is without the DDD he can identify.

Alert Applications (Android)

There is an application for Android, called “Link p/ Cell” (“Link to Cell”). But there is a drawback: it is not available for Brazil in Google Play. I had to download the .apk of a parallel site in order to install it.

With this app you can enable the transmission of mobile application alerts for system KX-TGF574S. Applications / compatible alerts:

  • Google Calendar
  • E-mail
  • Gmail
  • Text messaging
  • Facebook
  • Twitter1
  • Instagram
  • Low battery

You can also adjust some system settings, as:

  • time setting starting cell
  • Only cell mode
  • International code
  • Country code
  • National Access Code

All these items, the only thing that interests me is the ajusar date and time automatically from the cell. The phone receives date and time of operator and always with the correct time. The fixed phone does not have this facility, then I consider this useful option.

The other adjustments can be made on the phone itself and are the type of adjustment that is made only once. The application alerts do not interest me.

Numbers format Agenda

This is an item that I find important to highlight. In Brazil already we separate the digits in many ways, as they were increasing 6 a 9 digits. DDD already represented with 3 digits (incorporating 0) and then 2 digits, when there was the possibility to choose the carrier for long-distance calls.

Currently most people separate phone 8 digits so. Example:

  • 99-1234-5678

where the first two digits (bold) They correspond to the DDD. For phone 9 digits, there is controversy and different people prefer different standards:

  • 99-12345-6789
  • 99-1-2345-6789
  • 99-123-456-789

But remember that the KX-TGF574S it is American, and it is prepared to the standard used by the Americans. So the phone 8 digits appear on the agenda so:

  • 991-234-5678

where the first two digits are the DDD. phones of 9 digits appear so:

  • 9912-345-6789

These formats are valid for both the calendar numbers, and for those that appear on the caller ID for numbers that are on the agenda.

Note that if we put in the connection prefixes schedule the number is over and then the phone chooses not to use dashes, so in practice it ends up not being a problem.

These forms of representation end up getting a bit confused, because sometimes they mix and DDD number.

On caller ID, identified numbers always appear the way they are on the agenda, including prefixes if they are registered. On the other hand, unknown numbers 8 digits appear so:


Yes, there are a number 1 intruso or. But I found that is not the fault of KX-TGF574S. Is Vivo own that sends so, it also appears that way in the old phone Intelbrás. At least KX-TGF574SIt is smart enough to ignore this extra number at the time of identifying registered numbers.

When the number is unknown 9 digits, The format used is that without dashes, but still 1 intruder:



In evaluations KX-TGF574S I noticed that some people complained about the interface. But I found trouble using it, even though I have used the manual to configure some options.

I understand, however, that people today are more accustomed to smartphone interfaces, with touch screens and icons for all. The interface of the KX-TGF574S It is more akin to the old cell phones with keyboard and monochrome screens. The manual indicates numerical shortcuts like MENU + # + 3 or 4 digits for some functions. That might scare some people, but it's perfectly usable.


These are the Amazon tracking information, sending to Direct Shipments:

Monday, February 25
12:50 PM
Rancho Santa Margarita, US
7:38 AM
Out for delivery
Los Angeles, US
Sunday, February 24
8:33 PM
Package arrived at a carrier facility
Los Angeles, US
5:49 PM
Package departed an Amazon facility
San Bernardino, CA US
4:21 PM
Package arrived at an Amazon facility
San Bernardino, CA US
Package has shipped

These are the trace information package Direct Shipments for Brazil according to the USPS system:

March 22, 2019, 1:56 pm 
Your item was delivered in BRAZIL at 1:56 pm on March 22, 2019. 
March 18, 2019, 12:43 pm 
Processed through Facility 
March 11, 2019, 3:22 pm 
Processed Through Facility 
March 2, 2019, 8:45 am 
March 1, 2019, 9:04 pm 
February 28, 2019, 11:00 pm 
February 28, 2019, 5:49 pm 
February 28, 2019, 8:28 am 
Processed Through Regional Facility 
February 28, 2019, 7:57 am 
Arrived at USPS Regional Facility 
February 28, 2019, 7:57 am 
Arrived at Regional Facility 
February 28, 2019, 6:42 am 
Accepted at USPS Origin Facility 
February 26, 2019, 2:09 pm 
Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending 
February 26, 2019, 12:26 pm 
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item 

And these are the trace information package Direct Shipments for Brazil according to the Post:

Delivered to the addressee object
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution in Unit REMOVED / SP
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in CAJAMAR / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object forwarded
Distribution Unit in CURITIBA / PR for treatment plant in CAJAMAR / SP
Customs supervision terminated
Object received by the post Office of Brazil
Object forwarded
from country to UNITED STATES of AMERICA / countries in International treatment unit / BR


This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Wireless phone system Panasonic KX-TGF574S
Name Original: PANASONIC Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System with Voice Assistant, Call Blocking and Answering Machine. DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless System – 4 Handsets – KX-TGE574S (Silver)
Store: Amazon
Value: US$ 119,99 + US$ 9,30 (California tax) = US$ 129,29
Current value: R$ 558,01 (US$ 135,75)
Payment Method: Credit Card Mastercard International
Shipping Type:
  • Free Shipping (Amazon -> Direct Shipments)
  • USPS First Class (Direct Submissions-> Brazil)
Shipping Fee:
  • Free (Amazon -> Direct Shipments)
  • US$ 68,25 (Direct Submissions-> Brazil) (fees Direct Shipments included)
Package Home Country: USA
Purchase Data: 23/02/2019 (Amazon)
Submission Date:
  • 24/02/2019 (Amazon -> Direct Shipments)
  • 26/02/2019 (Direct Submissions-> Brazil)
Data Delivery:
  • 25/02/2019 (Amazon -> Direct Shipments)
  • 22/03/2019 (Direct Submissions-> Brazil)
Time in Transit:
  • 1 day (Amazon -> Direct Shipments)
  • 24 days (Direct Submissions-> Brazil)
Declared content: Cordless Landline Phone
Type Marked Content: Gift
Declared Value: -
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

I am quite satisfied with the Wireless phone system Panasonic KX-TGF574S. It has all the features I wanted, as caller ID, cordless extensions and speakerphone. And yet it goes beyond, bringing other resources that I never knew existed in wired phones, but now I find it quite useful, as the voice announcement, importing contacts, and other.

Have a cordless phone system designed for the US has its drawbacks, as the time format, the standard of caller ID, the interface language and voice announcements, input voltage sources, and mobile app availability. So we need to consider whether these issues are relevant in each case. I would buy again.

Share this article with your friends if you liked ;). If you also want to shop in Amazon, directly from the U.S., click here and good shopping.

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I bought one with the same type of keyboard, and is already putting out, with a month of use.
The foregoing Phillips, it lasted 9 years, and only at the end I was erasing the keys.

Furthermore, is not worried about the radiation emitted?
Hair that li, is very, but much more than a common router.

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Jefferson Soares

Na Envios Diretos é necessário informar que deseja que eles retirem a etiqueta original?
E quanto a embalagem, eles juntam em uma caixa só?

Jefferson Soares

Ah, good to know.

Como faço para que eles registrem na declaração de custos, que se trata de um presente? Devo registrar um valor para cada item mesmo assim?

Jefferson Soares

Qual dos dois você acredita que tem menos chances de ser taxado, informar que é presente ou declarar valores baixos?

Jefferson Soares

Thank you, agora já tenho um norte de como fechar o pedido lá.

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