Installing Syncthing not Fedora 29

Install Syncthing on Fedora 29 as daemon It can be made as follows:

sudo dnf install syncthing
sudo dnf install syncthing-gtk

Or to install only syncthing-gtk that lower the syncthing as binary: (Not Recommended)

sudo dnf install syncthing-gtk

in this case the gtk will download a torque:

The torque has the advantage of upgrading to new faster version, but is unique to each user and syncthing-gtk own this option is not recommended.

On first use:

syncthing-gtk -1

By default, the interface can be accessed on the door 8080.

syncthing-gtk -1 you configure via gtk, which by default will do Syncthing use port 8080 to interface

The syncthing-gtk interface does not allow you to change the device name, then this can be done via browser, accessing the URL:

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