The context menu of Windows 10 closes before an item is selected

This is a problem that usually occurs in Windows 10 (and earlier). By clicking on a file, directory, etc. and open the context menu, not have time to select the desired item and the menu has some.

The problem occurs because many programs install options in the context menu through DLLs, and the guilt of these unwanted early closures is normally one of them.

The solution I found is to disable DLLs that are not being used to find the culprit. This can be done easily with the CCleaner, in Tools -> Startup -> Context Menu.

In my case the culprit was the extent GDContextMenu, installed by Google Drive, that gets in the way “C:\Program FilesGoogleDrivecontextmenu64.dll”. After disables it (cliando the button “Disable”) the problem went away.

CCleaner: disabling items in the popup menu.

CCleaner: disabling items in the popup menu.

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