[Review] Analogue Mega Sg – Mega Drive in FPGA c/HDMI Full HD

The Analogue Mega Sg is the newest console with FPGA implementation of Analogue, the same company that released the Analogue Super Nt, the Super Nintendo in FPGA which I mentioned here in Skooter Blog.

The Mega Sg is a Mega Drive/Genesis in FPGA, with HDMI 1080 p (Full HD). But that's not all, He also runs the Master System games, the Game Gear, the SG-1000 and the ColecoVision.

This is, in the best of my knowledge, first review in Brazil and also the first in the Portuguese language Analogue Mega Sg.


In the article on the Analogue Super Nt I've talked a lot about the motivation for having a console of this type. And the motivations of the Analogue Mega SG are basically the same.

Who monitors the Skooter Blog know my appreciation for videogames, as much as modern classics. The Mega Drive is another one of my favorites. My third video game was a Sega Genesis, American model of the Mega Drive, I won there in the early 90. He was eventually sold and then, in 1993, I won a Mega Drive III da Tec Toy, I have today, perfectly preserved, with box and all accessories. In 2014 I ended up buying a Sega Genesis, model identical to my kindergarten.

My classic consoles were in the box for a long time, but since I discovered the world of RGB and Everdrive cartridges in 2013, they returned to active duty, including Mega Drive III.

And why a Analogue Mega Sg If you already have two original Mega Drive consoles? The RGB cables and the OSSC the Mega Drive has a near-perfect image in a modern LCD TV. The “almost” is due to particularities of the world of analog consoles. The different models of Mega Drive has different audio, some best, some worst, as I have shown here in Skooter Blog. The retrogamers most audiophiles live in search of the perfect sound for their Mega Drive, This includes the installation of some mods (internal changes in the hardware of the console), that is something that I don't appreciate much.

Other “defect” present in most Mega Drive is an effect known as jailbar, that shows some vertical lines on the screen, mainly in the Centre, that can be more or less evident depending on the game, the colors used, the scale method, and the actual console model. This problem is caused by the way the RGB signal is produced internally in the Mega Drive, susceptible to interference from other signals present on the Board. The only way to eliminate it altogether is also with the use of mods.

Por fim, There are the inherent noise of digital to analog conversions that take place within the original console and analog to digital that occurs in OSSC or similar.

Emulators do not have this kind of problem, but on the other hand has other, as the lack of faithfulness to the original hardware in some situations, and the latency caused by the operating system of the computer where it is running.

The Analogue Mega Sg

That is the niche market that enters the Analogue Mega Sg, a reimplementation of the original Mega Drive hardware and the rest of the consoles supported on an FPGA.

FPGA is the acronym for Field Programmable Gate Array -something like "Programmable Ports arrangement in field". Is a type of chip reprogramável designed to be configured by a designer, or even a consumer, after manufacture. This programming is done at the level of logic gates, that correspond to the basic unit any digital circuit.

An FPGA implementation by itself does not guarantee quality, but she has some intrinsic benefits. Normal PCs take advantage of clocks far beyond original consoles to stagger between the various chips being emulated, paying attention to one at a time. In many cases make a higher level emulation, without emulating each chip individually, often making use of some hacks. But they suffer from the synchronization between the components and the latency inherent in the operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.) It was not designed for real-time tasks. FPGAs are parallel in nature, and this ensures the Analogue Mega Sg a zero-latency.

But that's not all, in terms of quality the Analogue has Kevin Horton, better known as kevtris, the creator of against Hidef NES, that allows you to add an HDMI output on the Nintendinho of 8 bits. He is the genius behind the implementation of the Analogue Mega Nt, and also of the Analogue Super Nt and the NT mini. The latter is a Nintendo 8 bits in FPGA, It also supports a number of other gaming consoles 8 bits.

The implementation of kevtris is excellent, a near-perfect replica of the original hardware in FPGA, and with zero latency! Except for a few bugs and imperfections which has been corrected, It behaves identically to the original Mega Drive hardware.

As I already know the work of Analogue and kevtris by Analogue Super Nt, I made my bet on Analogue Mega Sg even before the launch, performing the purchase on pre-sale at the beginning of January.

Choice of the model Analogue Mega Sg

The Analogue Mega Sg is available in four models, inspired by the Japanese releases, Americana (Sega Genesis) and the European console, and a white whole.

Opted for the model uses, because my Sega Genesis is the American model, and the Tec Toy also followed the American model in Brazil. That's what made the most sense to me.

The purchase of the Analogue Mega Sg

The Analogue Mega Sg can only be purchased directly from the Analogue. Unfortunately the Analogue does not send to Brazil. They even make international shipments, but just to civilized countries. And how they work with courier, the price for Brazilians would be impractical anyway, as our federal and State Governments earn approximately 100% in this type of import taxes.

Because of this, I had to use a redirection service. To perform this service opted again for Direct Shipments, the one I used with the Analogue Super Nt, and offering similar service to the Shipito, which I have already spoken a lot here in Skooter Blog.

Then did the purchase of Analogue Mega Sg on pre-sale at the beginning of January, more precisely on the day 05/01, postage scheduled for April. The release ended up working and he was sent in March. The cost was $ 189,99 for the console and $ 17,76 shipping to California. Shipping was done on days 22/03, of Texas, by Fedex, and was delivered to the warehouse of Direct Shipments in California on the day 28/03.

The package weighed 3,3 pounds (1,5 Kg) According to Fedex. A Direct Shipments assessed in 3 pounds and 4 oz. Were sent 3 Photos: box sticker, the box in the balance, and the box Analogue Mega Sg sealed.

Opted for the shipping to Brazil via USPS First Class, the total cost of $ 68,25, including the cost of Direct Shipments. The package arrived in my hands 12 days. Was not taxed and had no incidence of postal dispatch rate.


Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and testing of the Analogue Super Nt:

The Analogue Mega Sg comes in a nice sturdy cardboard box black, as to the Analogue Super Nt. It comes with multiple items:

  • Power supply
  • USB out
  • HDMI out
  • Adapter for Master System cartridges
  • Spacer for use with the Sega CD
  • Leaflet

Note that there are no controls in the package. The Analogue Mega Sg can be used with original controls or third parties for the Mega Drive. Two options for wireless controls have already been shown here in Skooter Blog recently: the 8BitDo M30 and the Joyzz of Krikzz.

The power supply plug on the American standard (Type A) and can be used in Brazilian cities with the use of adapter. USB and HDMI cables are not too long, but being sufficient in my case.

The cartridge adapter Master System is included, because Analogue Mega Sg already announced promising to accept the cartridges Mega Drive of all regions and the cartridges Master System using the included adapter. Cartridge adapters Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000 and Mark III also were announced to be sold separately, but have not yet been released.

The Mega Sg has on top a cartridge input that accepts cartridges from all regions, a on/off button and another of reset. The on/off button has an LED RGB, It can be configured to display a single color (configurable) or produce a series of effects.

On the front we have the two joysticks, using the DB-9 connector of the Mega Drive original, In addition to an analogue output P2 for headphones, just like in the Mega Drive original. But, the volume control is done only through the menu of the Mega Sg.

On the left side we have the SD card input, for firmware update and to download ROMs and BIOS using the jailbreak, as I'll explain later.

On the right side we have the cover for access to the Sega CD, as I'll explain later also.

Por fim, on the back we have the USB input and HDMI output.

Sega CD and accessories

The Analogue Mega Sg is compatible with the Sega CD, both the model 1 as the model 2. There is a cover on the side that can be removed to fit it in Sega CD, as it exists in the Mega Drive. The spacer included is a “mat” used for the Analogue Mega Sg don't get suspended for the Sega CD, because he is a little lower than the Mega Drive original. I don't have a Sega CD, therefore not tested this functionality.

Most of the accessories Mega Drive are compatible with the Mega Sg, but a notorious exception is 32 x, on the way he is connected to the Mega Drive original. The audio and video output Mega Drive original (Analog) is connected to 32 x, which in turn is connected to your TV. This makes complicated support analog connection in Analogue Sg, whose output is digital only (HDMI). For now there's no way around it.


Since the announcement of the Analogue Mega Sg expected that a jailbreak firmware would appear after the release, as this also happened with the Nt Mini and using the Super Nt.

In the case of Nt Mini, the jailbreak permite jogar todas as ROMs do Nintendo à partir do cartão SD. Furthermore, He brings a lot of other cores (implemented in FPGA cores) of Islands 8 bits, allowing these games run several other consoles, loading ROMs from SD card on Nt Mini.

On Super Nt the jailbreak It was a little disappointing. Many expected cores other consoles, but in fact the jailbreak allowed only run the ROMs of own Super Nintendo, and still left out all games that use special chips in the cartridge. Therewith, the SD2SNES remained the ideal partner for the Super Nt.

But with Analogue Mega Sg the story was different. Just a week after the official release date, Interestingly the day 01/04, appeared the jailbreak firmware from the Analogue Mega Sg. And it came with a lot more than we expected.

With the jailbreak from the Mega Sg is it possible to run ROMs of Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, and Colecovision. The Colecovision It was a great surprise, Once a cartridge adapter was never announced, probably because your core requires a dump console BIOS to work, e não há uma maneira legal da Analogue inclui-la com o firmware.

É claro que tudo indica que o jailbreak vem da própria Analogue e do kevtris, mas oficialmente ele não é suportado. Nas comunidades dizem que ele é produzido pelafada do FPGA🙂 . Isto dá à Analogue anegação plausívelque ela precisa em caso de processos judiciais.

Notice that, without the jailbreak, os consoles da Analogue são totalmente legais, pois foram feitos para executar cartuchos originais. A patente do hardware desses consoles antigos já expirou, o que permite a re-implementação. Only the games are still protected by intellectual property laws, and the only included game is properly licensed.

The Analogue Mega Sg It was sent with a BIOS quite old and must necessarily be upgraded before use. I have done my update directly to the first version jailbreak. And since then a new update appeared to correcting a few bugs. At the time of writing this article the latest version is the 7.4, both official as jailbreak.


I did live broadcasts of my first tests Analogue Mega Sg on the Skooter Blog channel on Youtube. These transmissions tested various configurations. In the first test to restrict me Mega Everdrive X7, I had not yet prepared an SD card with ROMs for use with jailbreak.

For my second test prepared a SD card with BIOS ROMs and all supported systems.

I also did one playlist with all my videos and live broadcasts with the Analogue Mega Sg. At the time this list is with 13 videos, but that number tends to grow with time, because I'm often doing live broadcasts while game. Check out:

Then, I will speak to some of the main features and devices tested in Analogue Mega Sg.

Ultracore, the unreleased game

As the Super Nt, that came with the unreleased game Super Turrican – Director's Cut, the Mega Sg There is also an unreleased game: Ultracore. It was originally developed in the years 90, and the original name was Hardcore. The name had to be changed for licensing issues.

The game, developed by Digital Illusions CE AB (Ea Dice) was almost ready, but it wasn't finished and it was never released. The game was forgotten for many years, and the public never had access. He was finally finished in 2018 by the German publisher Strictly Limited, Sega using the original development kit. It will also be released for Playstation 4 e para o Playstation Vita. For now it is unique to Mega Sg, and so far no one has found a way to extract his ROM.

Ultracore It is a 2D shooter in the style of Contra and Turrican. It's a good game and certainly a great addition to the Analogue Mega Sg. It was the first game that performed in Mega Sg, as can be seen in the video of the first test.


As in Super Nt, there are settings to let the Video Mega Sg customized for every taste. I like the standard, with the number of rows multiplied by 4,5, Transforming 240p at 1080p, and keeping the aspect 4:3. But those who prefer integer multipliers or fill the entire screen is well served, it gives to configure all, both horizontal as vertical resolution. Even it is possible to make separate settings for each core and for each resolution of the Mega Drive: 320×224 and 256×224.

In the original Mega Drive there is solid in all four corners, to get the background color of the palette being used. By default, on the Mega Sg These borders are masked and are always black. But those who prefer can disable the mask and see the colored edges. In the original Mega Drive also appear some flashing pixels on the bottom edge in some games. That “defect” does not exist in the Mega Sg, and neither can be simulated.

Who likes scanlines It is also well served, You can enable and configure your type and intensity. Remember to use a multiplier of whole lines in this case, as 4 x or 5 x. The scalers Hq2x, Hq3x, HQ4x, Scale2x and Scale3x are also present for those who like.

O modo 480i (interlaced) used in split screen mode Sonic The Hedgehog 2 It is also supported. But the picture is not noninterlaced and appears with artifacts (combing). It seems Globo solves use images when the TV Senate or other of these public broadcasters. Serious, how difficult globe in deinterlace the images before resizing them to 1080i? It is horrible the way they do.

It would be nice if the Mega Sg desentrelaçasse image, but I think the Kevtris preferred to invest your time in more interesting features instead of this resolution which is only used in 2 or 3 games. Furthermore, whereas the Framemeister or support the 480i mode Mega Drive, and that OSSC It supports with some difficulty, the Mega Sg It is already doing a great job.

Another cool option is the filter dithering. This is a feature that the developers used to take advantage of low-quality composite video, mixing a little the neighboring pixels. It is to use pixels of different colors forming a pattern type chessboard, instead of a solid color. Therewith, Composite video blurs the image and can form something similar to a texture, a transparency or a different color. With high-definition RGB and HDMI, today we see each pixel perfectly, and this effect is lost. The Mega Sg this defect can simulate the composite video, only where the dithering is used, recreating the colors, textures and transparencies.

This filter is particularly interesting in the waterfalls Green Hill in Sonic The Hedgehog, for example, where the effect is used to stop letting the clear water. But sometimes ends up blurring algorithm which should not, as scores of texts and other. Because of that this feature is disabled by default, and can be enabled and configured to the user's taste. It is good to use only in specific games.

O mode buffer from the Super Nt It is also present in Mega Sg, because the native refresh rate of the Mega Drive is 59,92275fps. In the mode zero delay, the Mega Sg speeds up the refresh rate 0,13% to product 60 fps, compatible with the HDMI standard, and thus works without latency, but accelerating 1 every second 10 minutes compared to an original Mega Drive.

The difference is noticeable in practice, but who prefer can opt for models fully buffered or single buffer, which keeps the original timing to the cost of a bit of latency or vertical tearing, respectively.


The audio and audio options Mega Sg They are put on a show. The Mega Drive It was one of the last, perhaps the last, game console to feature an audio synthesizer chip, in the case is a Yamaha YM2612 discreet in the first model, and an Yamaha YM3438 integrated into an ASIC in the second model (and model 1 plate with VA7).

Do Super Nintendo on the islands began to focus on the audio samples (samples) to produce audio. So, instead of generating the sound of instruments on-chip, the instrument sounds are recorded and played at different frequencies and speeds to compose songs.

This explains why the Mega Drive we have excellent original soundtracks, as the series Sonic and Strets of Rage. Great musicians of video games, como o Yuzo Koshiro, They were able to extract fantastic songs chipzinho Yamaha. On the other hand, multiple conversions for Mega Drive were poorly with audio not count with audio samples of original instruments.

And as I said there in motivation and other articles, the various models Mega Drive They had different audio, including generated by different chips in two different models. In some cases the composers explored even bugs chips to create different effects. This is the case ladder effect.

So Kevtris had the difficult task of trying to reproduce these different variations and put options to please everyone. And he achieved a lot. You can adjust the audio channels, the balance between the two output channels for each input channel, turn on and off effects, and up play with the generated waveform.

All Mega Drive They have a unique low pass filter, eliminating the high frequencies and generates a sound somewhat “sultry”. These filters were used to mask quantization errors and DAC noise of YM2612. Purists think sound Mega Drive necessarily have this filter to be sound Mega Drive. for these, the Mega Sg It has a low-pass filter, which can be enabled and configured to taste.

I'm team that think that can be improved to be improved, and I prefer the sound of the lens Mega Sg no filters. High frequencies (treble), never heard a Mega Drive real, They are one of the strengths of Mega Sg in my opinion. There is even a high-quality mode for the YM2612, because the original chip works internally with 14 bits, but truncates to 9 bits in the DAC. On Mega Sg It is possible to avoid the truncation and produce a better sound quality.

The audio from other cores It is also reproduced faithfully, including the FM chip Master System, supported by few games. It can also be disabled for those who prefer the PSG sound we heard in our Master System Westerners.

System options

In the options of the system Mega Sg allows you to change the fonts, colors and menu styles. I do not like the default font, then use the alternate source. Also prefer all uppercase than all lowercase, which is the standard.

You can also configure key combinations to reset using the control and to the menu Mega Sg. The standards combinations conflict with the combination of Mega Everdrive, so I chose to change them.

You can also set it to turn on the Mega Sg, we want to see the boot sequence, or go straight to the menu, or directly to the cartridge, or see the boot sequence and then go to the cartridge. The delay the boot sequence is configurable 0 a 10 seconds, very useful to allow time for the handshakes HDMI for those who use splitters and switches on the way, I like.

There are still options to force certain hardware regions, options debug, etc. Want to remember the suffering of renting a cartridge that had regional latch and come across the message that it does not work on your console? Then turn off the automatic detection region. 🙂

Por fim, You can adjust the LED color and effects. By default it uses a solid color (white). But it is possible to change the color or apply effects, How to copy the color of the pixel game central, or make a rainbow with the LED going through all colors.

Mega Drive

All the games Mega Drive can be run from any region cartridges. No need to cut or sand travinhas. 🙂

With the jailbreak You can load almost all games directly from the SD card. An exception is the Virtua Racing, because the cartridge has a helper processor, called Sega Virtua Processor. Note that o Mega Everdrive also does not support this game. The only way to play it is with the original cartridge.

Other games that are not supported are those that include mappers Special (Realtec mapper, Super Fighter Team mapper). These may be performed with modified ROMs (fixed). Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic 2 also needs a modified ROM (fixed), such which Mega Everdrive.

O folders do Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (also used in demo Overdrive 2) it is supported. The Pier Solar It is also supported.

The Mega Drive uses a variety of non-volatile memory types to save games. The jailbreak Apron SRAM (Most games), FeRAM (Sonic the Hedgehog 3) EEPROM paralela (Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2 and Unnecessary Roughness ‘95). Except for EEPROM, all save file 128 KB. As the header does not say how much SRAM is used, developers preferred to use a lot not to have error.

Master System

All games Master System They can be run from the cartridges with included adapter, or other market adapters as PowerBase Mini FM.

You can also load Master System games from Mega Everdrive cartridges or other flash.

Remember that the Pistola Light Phaser only works with CRT TVs, even in the Mega Drive original, and therefore also does not work in Mega Sg. The same goes for 3D Glasses.

The Mega Sg maps the buttons Master System to control Mega Drive, including the pause button that is on the original console. That's great, because in Mega Drive original this button needs to be on adapters, even if the official adapter, because of hardware limitations that do not allow pause the controls. The games that originally did not accept controls Mega Drive They are also no problem with Mega Sg.

The original control Master System It can also be used, if the player chooses. But in this case it is necessary to include a pause button on the included adapter, which requires against, or use another adapter, like PowerBase Mini FM, or one Mega Everdrive, which also has the pause button on the cartridge.

On jailbreak you can load all game Master System. You can also use the dumps the BIOS to see the SEGA logo to load the game, as Master System original, and then load a null ROM to play the games included in each BIOS, which are those that were in the memory of the various models Master System. This way we can, for example, play the Alex Kidd in Miracle World BIOS version, in which the functions of the buttons are reversed and the rice cakes were replaced by burgers.

A weakness of jailbreak is that it does not automatically identifies the mapper We used cartridges Master System where the ROMs were extracted. When the file extension is .SMS, it assumes that the mapper is the Sega. For games with the mapper Codemasters is necessary to change the file extension to .scm. For games that use the mapper Korean, You need to change the file extension to .SKR.

On some systems, as Nintendo 8 bits, the people who make them dumps ROMs includes a header stating what the mapper that should be used, to the dismay of purists, because the header is not part of the original ROM. In the case of the Master System, historically there is no header in the ROMs with this information. For this reason the extension is used to indicate this the mappers different. Note, however, not Mega Everdrive the mapper correct is identified most often, I do not know exactly how. Furthermore, it can be selected in cases where it is not correctly identified. I hope some update jailbreak implement a similar solution.

I had one Master System II in my childhood, and recomprei the same model recently. For me this core it is fundamental.


The Games SG-1000 They can also be run from the Mega Everdrive or the firmware jailbreak. They use the same core from the Master System. An adapter cartridges was also promised, but not released yet.

Just do not run the games that need accessories, such as the keyboard SC-3000, and some who use mappers unusual (ports MSX and other).

Remember, the Master System original play games SG-1000, and the Mega Drive original can reproduce the sound of SG-1000, but not the image, because it does not support video modes SG-1000.

I never had contact with a SG-1000 really, and only learned of the existence of the same when I had contact with the Internet. But I learned to appreciate some console games, as H.E.R.O., which is one of my favorite games on Atari 2600. The version of SG-1000 It has music and more advanced graphics.

Game Gear

The Sega Portable is quite similar to Master System, You are even able to run the games the same, although the opposite is not possible. He has more colors (4096) and a lower resolution, only 160×144, with pixels that are not square, by the way the Game Gear of the LCD screen is made.

The Games Game Gear They can be run directly from the SD card with the use of jailbreak. An adapter cartridges was also promised, but not released yet.

Some game Game Gear using the method Master System to execute. These need to be run with the core Master System, and use the resolution of Master System (256×192) without interpolating for the resolution of Game Gear, how does one Game Gear real. Let us agree that this interpolation is not desirable in this case, because we want the highest possible resolution. These games Game Gear who use the mode Master System They can also be run from the Mega Everdrive.

The drawback here is that you need to know if the game uses the mode Master System or not to decide whether to use the core from the Master System or the Game Gear. I hope that future versions of the jailbreak do this automatically detect.

Another restriction jailbreak is that it also can not automatically identify the mapper cartridges used in, in the same manner as in Master System. For games with the mapper of Codemasters You need to change the file extension to .GCM. And in the case of games that use the mapper Korean, You need to change the file extension to .GKR.

Games saved in EEPROM are not yet supported. Are 5 games in that situation.

The control is simple mapping: A or C for the button 1, B for the button 2, Start para Start.

I never played in a Game Gear really. Many games have official versions Master System. Others came out exclusively for Game Gear, so that core It is also interesting to me.


This is the only core from the jailbreak from the Mega Sg for a console that is not of Sega. But Colecovision It uses the same CPU and the same graphic processor SG-1000, then its implementation should have been relatively easy because the support SG-1000 was ready.

The Colecovision is the only core who needs a dump console BIOS to work. The core It supports the original resolution 256×192 with 16 cores.

The original ColecoVision controls are not supported due to different mapping pins in DB-9 plug.

The control Colecovision uses a joystick 8 positions, two buttons, and 12 keys on a keyboard style phone. The mapping is as follows:

A = Left Button
B = Right Button

The phone screen house keys are obtained with the following key combinations:

And + up = 0
And + right = 1
And + low = 2
And + left = 3
From + up = 4
From + right = 5
From + low = 6
From + left = 7
And + From + up = 8
And + From + low = 9
X = #
C = *
Start = 1

Games that use accessories (steering wheel, trackball) They are not supported. In some cases there hacks that allow using them without the original accessories. These are supported.

two games homebrew They use EEPROM to save and need to have the extensions also renamed. Are the games The Black Onyx and Boxxle. They need to use the extensions .ce0 and .ce1, respectively.

I never had contact with a Colecovision truth and my video testing the system was actually my first contact. I looked for games known names and found some games that I already knew from other systems. Highlighting the Tapper, one of my favorite games on Atari 2600. The Colecovision He won a much more faithful version of the arcades. Gostei quite. And I was far away for a first move, as can be seen in the video.

Mega Everdrive X7

For a lot of people, the Mega Everdrive They are not required in Mega Sg with jailbreak. De fate, almost all the functions of it are present in the jailbreak from the Mega Sg. But there is one notable exception being the possibility of bringing a menu and save / load the game state at any time, even for games that do not support Save states natively.

Furthermore, the Mega Everdrive It can also be used to avoid having to be dealing with the issue of renaming ROMs extensions according to mappers that are used in games Master System.

When using the Mega Everdrive it is important to disable Megakey and adjust the region to WORLD, letting the Mega Sg care of the issue of region.

Master Everdrive X7

The Master Everdrive X7 also has an additional feature to jailbreak from the Mega Sg, which is the ability to use Save states the game Master System and SG-1000.

Note that this feature was exclusive use of Master Everdrive X7 to Master System II. It does not work in Mega Drive original. But not Mega Sg, using the included adapter it works.

The Master Everdrive X7 also avoids terms of rename extensions according to the ROMs mappers the game Master System.

PowerBase Mini FM

There is little reason to use a PowerBase Mini FM in a Mega Sg, instead the adapter included. I can think of only two.

The first is due to the pause button on the adapter, as the included adapter does not have the pause button natively (It can be included with a against). Note that the pause button on the adapter is only required if the player wants to use a Control of Master System, because the controls of Mega Drive START can be used to pause. But note that the Mega Everdrive It could also be used to take advantage of the cartridge button.

Another use for the PowerBase Mini FM would hear the sound of the Yamaha YM2413 discrete chip that is present on the adapter, instead of the implementation in FPGA Mega Sg. In this case it is necessary to enable the cartridge audio passage and download chip audio volume in Mega Sg (but they will get the two playing together). Honestly I do not see to do this: the discrete YM2413 the PowerBase Mini FM It looks good in Ruidoso Mega Sg. Who is purist as to prefer a discrete chip to implement in FPGA will not be using an FPGA console to start conversation. And anyway the YM2413 the PowerBase Mini FM It is just a modern Chinese clone, so bad that the manufacturer PowerBase Mini FM, René, discard about of 15% of buying by failure.

And an important detail about the PowerBase Mini FM. With it can not load the menu save / load games on Master Everdrive X7, as it is possible with the adapter included with the Mega Sg. This is because lack a thread in PowerBase Mini FM. A mod is required for this functionality can be used.

Connections diagram Updated

With the arrival of OSSC and the Analogue Mega Sg, needed update diagram of connections my TV room. Now it so:

Diagram of Connections - Family Room - Version April 2019.

Diagram of Connections – Family Room – Version April 2019.


These are the tracking information from the Texas package to California, According to Fedex:

Thursday , 3/28/201911:48 amRancho Santa Margari, CA
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And these are the tracking information from the California package to me, According to the USPS:

April 10, 2019, 4:55 pm 
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And these are the tracking information from the California package to me, According to the post office:

Delivered to the addressee object
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Treatment Unit in CAJAMAR / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object forwarded
Distribution Unit in CURITIBA / PR for treatment plant in CAJAMAR / SP
Customs supervision terminated
Object received by the post Office of Brazil
Object forwarded
from country to UNITED STATES of AMERICA / countries in International treatment unit / BR
Object posted


This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Analogue Mega Sg USA
Name Original: Analogue Mega Sg USA
Store: Analogue
Value: US$ 189,99
Current value: US$ 189,99
Payment Method: Credit Card Mastercard International
Shipping Type:
  • Fedex (Analogue-> Direct Shipments)
  • USPS First Class (Direct Submissions-> Brazil)
Shipping Fee:
  • US$ 17,76 (Analogue-> Direct Shipments)
  • US$ 68,25 (Direct Submissions-> Brazil) (rate of Direct Shipments included)
Package Home Country: USA
Purchase Data: 05/01/2019 (pre sale)
Submission Date:
  • 22/03/2019 (Analogue-> Direct Shipments)
  • 29/03/2019 (Direct Submissions-> Brazil)
Data Delivery:
  • 28/03/2019 (Analogue-> Direct Shipments)
  • 10/04/2019 (Direct Submissions-> Brazil)
Time in Transit:
  • 6 days (Analogue-> Direct Shipments)
  • 12 days (Direct Submissions-> Brazil)
Declared content: Video Game Accessory
Type Marked Content: Gift
Declared Value: -
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

I am very pleased with the Analogue Mega Sg. His image and sound are superior even considering the best models of Mega Drive, using RGB + OSSC. Although there are a few bugs pending, the Kevtris has been working to eliminate them.

The Analogue Mega Sg It is certainly a much better option than the novo Mega Drive da Tec Toy and other clones little faithful and full of problems, especially with the sound.

Of course it's not a console for everyone, who is content with emulators will see no advantage in it. Its price is not exactly a bargain, and bring it to Brazil seems a daunting task for those who are not familiar with the redirect orders. The Free Market dealers will take advantage of it.

Of course, a clone will never be the original console for purists. Who wishes to see Mega Drive original in front of you while playing will not like Mega Sg. But I surrendered to Analogue Mega And Sg Analogue Super Nt and I do not intend to go back. Despite my Super Nintendo from 25 years of my Sega Genesis still appear in my diagram connections, in fact I've taken them out of the room and installed them on my CRT TV, where I can have the same childhood experience when I want. In the room were only cabos SCART connected to any possible test.

In short: to play on a daily basis I use Analogue Super Nt and the Analogue Mega Sg LCD TV connected to modern, while Super Nintendo, the Sega Genesis, and the Mega Drive III They are in CRT TV for more nostalgic sessions.

The Sega Genesis was for CRT TV, leaving his place for Analogue Mega Sg in the living room TV.

The Sega Genesis was for CRT TV, leaving his place for Analogue Mega Sg in the living room TV.

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Soon buy the Mega Sg! I got a Super NT and enjoyed! I have a Super Famicom, 2 Snes Fat being one 1chip and other 2chip and let them saved after purchase of the Super Nt! Very good indeed!
Hope in the future to get a way to run games from the Mega 32X Sg.

Giovane de Barros Reis

Hey, what's up?
Congratulations on review.
I tried to buy the Mega SG and Super NT, by Shipito, however Analogue canceled the request for suspected fraud, He said the delivery address and payment card are different.
I put the delivery address Shipito and home collection.
As you made this transaction?
I thank!!!

Giovane de Barros Reis

I contacted the Analogue, redid the request, but unfortunately it went wrong again.
Will Power Purchase Shipito would work, I'm not sure how it works.
I thank!!!

Giovane de Barros Reis

Finally I managed to buy Mega SG and Super NT. I did the following, installed an extension in Google Chrome (Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker) releasing blocked sites. Sent to Shipito. I made only one purchase that redirected to Shipito and it's been a long time, you have any tips to put the declared value and puts 2 in the same package? I thank!!!

Giovane de Barros Reis

I do not know if this is where I put my doubt.
Is the following a request made on eBay and tracking came following message: directed object Distribution Unit in SAO PAULO / SP to Country RUSSIA (RUSSIAN FEDERATION), it means that my request was taxed and returned? I did not understand it because I've already made a request that was taxed but I was communicated, I paid and received the request.
I thank!!!

Giovane de Barros Reis

Yes it is in Russia.
The tracking number is RO220718771RU.

22/05/2019 08:53
directed object Distribution Unit in SAO PAULO / SP to Country RUSSIA (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) /

15/05/2019 1 1:09
routed object Integrated Logistics Unit in SAO PAULO / SP for Administrative Unit Customs Enforcement / BR

03/05/2019 15:32
The import of the object / content has not been approved by regulatory agencies in object allocation analysis

24/04/2019 1 1:17
routed object Integrated Logistics Unit in CURITIBA / PR for distribution Unit in CURITIBA / PR

23/04/2019 08:35
Object received by the post Office of Brazil

19/04/2019 02:20
Object routed Country RUSSIA (RUSSIAN FEDERATION) / countries in International treatment unit / BR

18/04/2019 04:01
Object received in export unit

15/04/2019 19:48
Object posted

Giovane de Barros Reis

Not that I know of, It is a Media Player Dune HD Neo 4K T2 Plus

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Rodrigo Malachi

Hello, Skooter! It's all right? I'm a fan of your blog and thanks to him I discovered many things related to the world RGB. A few years ago I bought my framemeister, motivated by vc. With the existence of mega sg, u think it is worth keeping the frame or it would be better to sell it and buy a mega sg? My current setup is a sony pvm 14 inches, one led tv with frame and some old consoles like the first mega drive.

Rodrigo Malachi

Olá Skooter! Everything's good! With framemeister only use the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, so I thought the possibility of undoing the frame and with money buy the analogue. No case, leave the mega drive and the super nintendo sony PVM linked in the 14 inches, although small the image is jaw-dropping. Anyway, maybe u have reason framemeister can further enhance. Did you ever called your retro consoles on a projector? Will is bom..rs?

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[…] being released firmware jailbreak JB7.7 version of Analogue Mega Sg. Check out the […]

[…] one Sega CD in FPGA, in other words, he is able to run all the Sega CD games in a Mega Drive or Mega Analogue Sg starting from a card […]

Nicola Saglioni

Hello, alright? Congratulations on ultra-detailed post! Just stayed with doubt, which was the declared value by Direct Shipping? I need to enter a value? Thank you!

Nicola Saglioni

Cool, thank you! You represent the total value or asks to put down 50.00? The GIFT they put option without asking? Cause I did not find this option there site. thank you again!

[…] to get the best image in that situation: Framemeister, OSSC, Analogue Super Nt, Analogue Mega Sg, and more recently MiSTer […]

[…] I recently purchased the Analogue Mega Sg and started using it to play Mega Drive on the living room LCD TV, since it has better sound and image, […]

[…] I was waiting for the launch of Analogue Mega Sg, I acquired in presale, I already intended to purchase a pair of 8BitDo M30 2.4G to use with it. […]

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