[Review] Drain Kitchen Metal Import Monaliza

Sometimes cheaper solutions end up being the best. For quite some time showed here on the Skooter Blog the Lumina Inox Sink Drain and the Serv-Pack Chrome Plated American Drain. Both me disappointed.

The Lumina Inox Sink Drain has very small holes, retaining particles would not hold, clogs easy and sucks to clean. The Serv-Pack Chrome Plated American Drain closes by itself and blocks the passage of water, besides being plastic and also bad to clean.

The other day I was at a local store and I found the Drain Kitchen Metal Import Monaliza. There are two pieces, one 6cm and the other 7.5cm, for only $ 1,99. I bought it and put the biggest one in the sink drain. So far she is fulfilling her role, retaining large particles and letting small ones through. It also proved to be easy to clean, check out the pictures:

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