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Galaxy Force It was released to the Master System by Sega in 1988. It was originally released in the arcades, and later it was also ported to the Mega Drive and the Saturn.

It's a shooting game with third-person view, using resizing sprites to simulate a three-dimensional effect. Their 4 Mega were well used to bring good graphics and music, although the game is relatively short.

Are 4 levels (planets) that can be played in any order. The objective is to survive the horde of enemies, until you reach the planet, where your skills are tested when guiding the ship through a narrow-walled maze.

Galaxy Force It was released in Brazil by Tec Toy. His Cape can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Galaxy Force canister - Master System.

Galaxy Force canister – Master System.

This is the story of the game, in your box:

The future of the Junos Galaxy is hanging by a thread. The evil 4th Empire is determined to dominate everything, invading and conquering all the planets you find on your way.

You are the last hope left, and as an elite commander you must infiltrate and destroy 4 enemy fortresses scattered across the Galaxy.

The final battle will be against Green Death, the mother ship of the 4th Empire. Enemies will be outnumbered, but you cannot fail. The future is in your hands.

Unfortunately, Galaxy Force it was not available at the rental store I used as a child, so I only had contact with this game after the advent of emulators and I only played it when I was making the video to show here on the Skooter Blog.

I asked Tec Toy's tips probably after seeing it in the catalog that came with my Master System II, in the hope of one day being able to play it.

So here I leave my main contribution to the community: the flyer that Tec Toy sent me with the tips of Galaxy Force there in years 90, time of late Master Club.

The booklet follows the traditional format: nesse caso é uma única folha de formulário contínuo com impressão matricial. It contains the plot of the game, as funções dos botões e uma dica que é um tanto óbvia. Mas é um jogo que não requer mesmo uma grande estratégia, nem tem truques escondidos. Destaque para o erro na grafia do nome do jogo: escreveramGalax Force”.

Check out the brochure with the tips of Galaxy Force Digitized:

Dicas Tec Toy para o Galaxy Force - Master System.

Dicas Tec Toy para o Galaxy Force – Master System.

To complete, I did a little video demonstrating the Galaxy Force, all the original hardware and no emulation, as costume. Este é um dos jogos de Master System que possuem som FM, cujo chip só estava presente originalmente no Master System japonês. No vídeo eu mostro ambos os áudios (PSG e FM). Não julgue minhas habilidades, foi a primeira vez que joguei. 🙂 Confira:

The equipment used for this capture was:

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