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Psycho Fox for the Master System was released by Sega in 1989. It is a platform action game with beautiful graphics for a console 8 bits. The game has 2 Mega and became one of the greatest successes Master System.

Paranormal little fox attacks enemies with fist or jumping on them. She also collects items. One is a bird that is a powerful ally, can attack enemies at a distance. His paranormal is the power to turn into other animals: hippopotamus, monkey, and tiger.

The controls are somewhat “slippery” and frustrating until you get the hang. We must also resist the temptation to rush the scene, for a simple bump into an enemy costs a life. Mastering the controls is part of the challenge of the game.

Warp hidden Zones are also present, but be careful: sometimes they take you forward, and sometimes they take you back!

Psycho Fox is one of my favorite games on the Master System, I rented it several times. He was released in Brazil by Tec Toy, and its cover can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Tec Toy Case for Psycho Fox.

Tec Toy Case for Psycho Fox.

The game's story appears in the rear box, as follows:

Psycho Fox is a fox chosen for a super mission: save the world from the curse of Madfox.

For you will have to enter a strange world, defeat monsters and bizarre creatures. But Psycho Fox is special, It is a powerful technique of strokes and an extraordinary ability to turn into other animals, as hippo, monkey and to tiger, each with supernatural powers.

this mission, our fox has only two allies: its large and strong friend, o Bird Fly, is that you!

Curiously, a few years later Tec Toy modified Psycho Fox, trocando a raposinha pelo Sapo Xulé. Os outros animais agora são amigos: um porco, uma tartaruga e um rato, in other words, o Sapo Xulé não é paranormal, só tem o poder de trocar de lugar no espaço com os amigos 🙂 . O pássaro ajudante deu lugar para otênis bumeranguedo sapo. The sprites e a tela de abertura foram substituídos. As musicas e efeitos sonoros foram mantidos. The “new” jogo recebeu o nome de Sapo Xulé vs Os Invasores do Brejo, e foi lançado em 1995, seis anos após o lançamento do Psycho Fox. Deve ter sido uma tentativa da Tec Toy de dar sobrevida ao Master System, aproveitando a fama do personagem. In 1995 os videogames já estavam na quinta geração e o Master System é um console da terceira geração.

A capa de Sapo Xulé vs Os Invasores do Brejo It can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Cover deSapo Xulé vs The Invaders Heath, da Tec Toy.

Cover deSapo Xulé vs The Invaders Heath, da Tec Toy.

A new story in the box rear was so:

Something stinks in BREJO, beyond the sapo foot odor. The merciless SAPO BOI, with the help of the evil LAGARTÃO and SIBILA, the witch snake, He recruited a terrible army of tadpoles, giant flies and other monsters, with the intention of dominating the pond and enslave its inhabitants.

Not satisfied with his iniquities, the villain decided to abduct razinha, the fragrant girlfriend SAPO XULÉ, to turn it into a princess. This time, the SAPO BOI move even with fire!

To save his beloved and stop the cruel tyrant, the SAPO XULÉ enlisted the help of PORCOPUM, RATOPULGA and TARTAFEDE, inseparable friends who have fantastic abilities. In this battle, the SAPO XULÉ also has an awesome weapon, Tennis boomerang, able to take down any enemy with your foot odor.

Prepare you also to help the SAPO XULÉ this sensational challenge. Cover your nose and dive into this adventure.

And now my main contribution to the community: the flyer that Tec Toy sent me with the tips of Psycho Fox there in years 90, time of late Master Club. The version with Xulé Frog did not exist at the time, but the tips apply to naturally it also.

The booklet follows the traditional format: are two sheets of solid form with dot matrix printing. It contains the plot, game controls and tips to pass by the head of each phase.

Check out the brochure with the tips of Psycho Fox Digitized:

To complete, made two videozinhos, one showing the Psycho Fox, and the other showing the Sapo Xulé vs Os Invasores do Brejo, both made with the original hardware and no emulation, as costume. Check out:

The equipment used for this capture was:

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Face, very good !!! It was one of my favorites too !!!

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