[Review] Sweet Taste Set 12 Parts – Top Line

The Sweet Taste Set 12 Top Line Parts is a set with 6 glass jars and dessert 6 stainless steel spoons.

I won one Sweet Taste Set 12 Top Line Parts my marriage. Moreover, I won 4 sets dessert pots as a wedding gift.

But Sweet taste has always been the most used because its pots are small, good for making gelatin and for ice cream. The other sets are bigger, in the shape of a cup, cool to receive visits, but not practical in everyday life.

The other day I accidentally broke one of the Sweet Taste Set. I tried to find another separate pot to replace it, but found. I tried to find another Sweet Taste Set to buy, but I also didn't find. Probably already out of line, because it appears as sold out in the online stores where it was sold. So I ended up giving up.

This week I went to a supermarket I don't usually go to in search of a battery charging cable that a friend recommended. I didn't find the cable, but coincidentally I ended up finding the Sweet Taste Set 12 Top Line Parts. There were still three or four of them on the shelf. Price: R$ 66,00. Not cheap, but it is also not that expensive. I bought it.

Check out the photos and video of the unboxing from the Sweet Taste Set 12 Top Line Parts:

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