Cable Battery Charge Transfer 35 mm² 4 meters

This Cable Battery Charge Transfer 35 mm² 4 meters I assembled with alligator clips and flexible cable 35 mm² purchased in local shops.

I took this decision after frustration with the Cable Load Transfer with Claw in Battery 36 a 100 A / h de 3 Meters, modelo KITEC-CTK-03, that I showed here in Skooter Blog, that really did not have the specified gauge and, therefore, I chose to return.

My idea was to make a cable 3,5 meters, that seems like a good length, without much loss due to the extension and without having to do a lot of maneuvering and by a car almost on top of the other to be able to use the cable. The gauge I wanted to 35 mm², which seems to be the guaranteed gauge to start cars of any size immediately and even pickup trucks.

The alligator claws I found at an electronics and automotive sound store. Cost R$ 12,00 each. They also had 35mm² cable in that same store, but it was cable for sound and cost R $ 32,00 or meter.

I then went to an electrical and plumbing supply store, where I found the flexible cable 35 mm² por R $ 17,90 or meter. The salespeople tried to push me a cable ready, made using the same claws that I had acquired, for about R $ 90,00. But when I asked about the gauge they didn't know how to answer, one of them let out a “must be 25” and an “is made for truck”, and then read the chain information on the package, which are obviously exaggerated. I said that these cables usually only have plastic and the copper is really thin. The package was sealed and he didn’t intend to open it to show me the opposite.

I insisted that I wanted the flexible 35 mm² to assemble my own cable. There was no red cable in this gauge, so I had to settle for blue and black cables. They also do not sell a fraction of a meter, so I had to take 4 meters of each color. At least they made a discount for payment on debit, and stayed for R $ 16,75 or meter, R $ 134,00.

In total I spent R $ 182,00 with flexible cable and alligator clips. Not cheap, but at least it's a much better cable than the ones I could buy ready.

For assembly, I stripped the cables and attached them to the inner claws of each alligator claw. I even tried to solder the cables to make sure. But my Soldering Station is geared towards electronics, and doesn't have enough power to heat a cable as thick as the 35 mm².

The result can be seen in the photos and video below:

Ainda não precisei usar o meu Cable Battery Charge Transfer 35 mm² 4 meters, e espero nem precisar usar. Mesmo sem a solda, a área de contato entre o cabo e a garra é grande, então creio que não terei problemas. Com bitola de 35 mm², ainda que a montagem do cabo não seja a ideal, ele ainda deve passar mais corrente que os cabos prontos que mal chegam a 10 mm², e que em alguns casos até funcionam. Mas isso só vou confirmar quando precisar usar o cabo mesmo.

If not work, ainda tenho algumas alternativas, como trocar as garras por outras com parafusos e colocar terminais nos cabos, adaptar parafusos nas garras que já tenho, ou ainda usar um ferro de solda tipo machadinha para soldar os cabos.

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