Color Scheme yarn of sound – Gol Gol G3 and G5 and Pioneer Car Audio

One of the services that I decided not to pay more for other people to do is to install sound in car. Also because I have seen some installations done in the wrong way. But for this I had to find out what the wire color scheme of the lashes come in cars.

In the case of Volkswagen, this is the scheme that discovered the wires of Gol G3 and G5, according to tests I did with multimeter.

  • 12V constant: Red Blue (Gol G3), or white / red (Gol G5)
  • Earth: Brown
  • 12V post key: Blue / Gray (Gol G3), or black / yellow (Gol G5)
  • 12V post-lighthouse: White green (Gol G3), or gray / white (Gol G5)

In the case of Gol G5, both wires red / blue seem to be constant 12V. One is thick and the other is thin. I do not know because it has two…

The whips that comes with the radios Pioneer, There are connectors that allow reverse the red and yellow wires according to the car which will be installed. In Volkswagen cars it is necessary to make this reversal, as a yellow wire and the post-ignition 12V and 12V red is constant.

For those unaware, post key thread serves to connect the radio only when the key is in contact, and off automatically when the key is removed. This is useful to prevent the radio to be forgotten on and finish the car battery, in addition to saving time. Who does not want to use this feature need to call the thread post key with the wire 12V constant.

The post-lighthouse is used in some radios to reduce the brightness of the display when the headlights are turned on. This also makes good sense, once you turn on the lights when it is dark, and in such cases the display may become weak to not hinder. During the day, without lights, the display is clear to be seen easily. Unfortunately our politicians killed this feature to fool law in which we are forced to walk with the headlights on in the midday sun.

Note that the whips Pioneer has a blue wire that sends 12V only when the radio is on, generally indicated as “Remote”. This wire serves to feed a amplicada antenna and / or indicate a power module that the radio is on, so that it also call. In Volkswagen cars (at least those who had contact) this cable It must be disconnected from the harness Pioneer, otherwise it will be connected to a wire that also sends 12V and can cause problems.

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