[Review] Tire range PVC – Toy for Dogs | 2No. Pote Balance | Condroplex 1000

Na última visita ao pet shop local para comprar ração para o meu cão ganhei mais um pote de brinde da Ração Equilíbrio. I have talked about the first one here in Skooter Blog, It is a Container Canister Hurricane Pet.

As my dog ​​got two, ele gentilmente cedeu esse segundo para eu colocar controles de videogames e alguns outros acessórios. 🙂 Coloquei no pote os menos usados para liberar as gavetas para os que eu uso mais. Normalmente eu uso caixas de papelão, mas elas vão se estragando com o tempo, então é bom ter alternativas melhores.

In fact the primeiro pote ainda não foi usado, pois tenho usado um Pote Hermético Pet Series 5L Lock & Lock to catch the feed portions in day-to-day and Close-pet to keep the rest of the food in the bag itself, closed, opening just to supply the pot. But I have noticed that at the beginning of the feed package is sequinha and light, and at the end of the package it is already more wet and heavy. I'm wondering if it is not better to use Canister Hurricane Pet Container, to be opaque instead of transparent, in place of the Pote Hermético Pet Series 5L Lock & Lock. Or maybe keep the remaining feed him instead of the bag with the Close-pet, as an attempt to make the most chilled feed.

I have purchased from feed bag 7,5 Kg. The options are 500g, 2kg, 7,5kg e 12kg. At worst, if you can not keep fresh food in pots, I will have to start buying packages 2 Kg. My dog ​​has eaten 120 grams of feed per day (You need to control weight). Therefore, a bag of 7,5 Kg two-month, which is considered the maximum time the food can be consumed after the bag is opened. The package of 2 Kg should only last 16 days.

In the same purchase also acquired a new toy for my dog: at Tire range PVC. In the store seemed resistant, but on the first day my dog ​​has started to destroy, biting and taking small pieces. At least he no longer swallow the pieces that can remove, then I did not take his toy, but every time he picks up I need to join the pieces after.

Another item that I purchased this purchase was a Condroplex 1000, my dog ​​takes as a supplement to help preserve the joints, due to a congenital defect in a bone.

The package of Ration Balancing Small Breeds from 7,5 Kg cost $ 116,91. The Tire range PVC cost $ 13,05. The Condroplex 1000 cost $ 58,41.

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