[Review] Irwin Professional Riveter Manual R250

The Irwin Professional Riveter Manual R250 It is a hinged tool which serves mainly for joining two or more materials through rivets fountain safely and effectively, may use steel rivets, aluminum or mixed.

These are the product characteristics, under site da Irwin:

  • Riveter aluminum alloy produced with high performance 3,8 mm and internal nuts in chrome molybdenum steel.
  • Exclusive Cables IRWIN “Protouch Style”: They offer more safety and comfort during use tool
  • lightweight and durable Professional tool for intensive use: light to carry, easy to use and very comfortable.
  • Preferred by professionals who need to constantly fix and repair all types of materials.
  • Application of aluminum and steel rivets.
  • Size: 10"
  • accompanies 4 nozzles for different sizes of rivets and key to change:
    2,4mm – 3/32″
    3,2 mm – 1/8”
    4,0 mm – 5/32”
    4,8 mm – 3/16”

Motivation and Choice

The main motivation for the purchase of Irwin Professional Riveter Manual R250 was the exchange of two car door speakers that I wanted to do (and made!). I will speak of speakers and this work soon in another article.

Original speakers were riveted, and after talking to people installing sound car decided to keep the new prisoners speakers with rivets. But, I did not have a riveter. I could borrow one, but I decided it was time to have one in my toolbox.

The choice of Irwin Professional Riveter Manual R250 It was due to the brand, Irwin, which is considered a good brand. The model chosen is not the cheapest. The R100 is the entry model of Irwin. But, I'd rather pay more but pay once, so I opted for R250, which is a more robust model. Not that the R100, but I have the impression that R250 It will be more durable. Possivelmente vai durar a vida toda, visto que não uso tanto assim.


Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing from the Irwin Professional Riveter Manual R250:


These are the trace information package according to the Post:

Delivered to the addressee object
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution in Unit REMOVED / SP
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in SAO PAULO / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object forwarded
of post office in SAO PAULO / SP for Treatment Unit in SAO PAULO / SP
Object posted


To close, that is the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Irwin Professional Riveter Manual R250
Name Original: Rebitadora Manual Irwin R250 Profissional Rebite Repuxo
Store: Free market | Seller: DESICON.COM.BR
Value: R$ 60,00
Current value: R$ 60,00
Payment Method: Money in the account MercadoPago
Shipping Type: Sedex
Shipping Fee: R$ 22,80 (with another product)
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 14/05/2019
Submission Date: 14/05/2019
Data Delivery: 15/05/2019
Time in Transit: 1 day

Final Considerations

So far I am quite satisfied with the Irwin Professional Riveter Manual R250. No primeiro trabalho com ele não tenho do que reclamar, did very well. E eu nunca tinha usado um rebitador antes. Were 8 rebites aplicados sem qualquer problema. Também fiz a troca da boca para a de 4,8 mm, que foi a que utilizei, no problem.

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