[Review] Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR

The Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR It was purchased with my points Livelo.

This is a description of it according to the site da Pioneer:

Earn a lot of connectivity in your vehicle with the DEH-X500BR.

Listen to your playlists by CD, pendrive or smartphone! This CD player is made to the era of connections, com Bluetooth, USB and CD player! And to turn your car into a true ballad, count on Flashing Light in charge of lights and MIXTRAX DJ effects between songs!

He also has 2 RCA outputs (for front speaker + front or rear speaker + subwoofer) and input for wired remote control.

Furthermore, the DEH-X500BR has the Pioneer Smart Sync application (Available for Android and iPhone) to leave your CD player to your face. You can customize the sound settings for the graphic equalizer 31 bands, adjust the alignment time and the bass booster, use sound simulation effect “Ao Vivo” and also customize the color of your radio lighting, the way that suits you best.

The DEH-X500BR will give a new look to your car's dashboard!


And these are the specifications of the DEH-X500BR:

Display / Screen

  • detachable front
  • RGB lighting: 210.000 color shades
  • color LCD multi-segment
  • Flashing Light
  • Dimmer
  • Brightness adjustment


  • Bluetooth connection (version 4.0)
  • 1 USB port (front; max. 1,5 A) ²
  • 1 entrada TO (front; 3,5 mm stereo; audio)
  • 2 RCA outputs (2 In)
  • Input steering wheel control
  • ISO connector

AM / FM tuner

  • Extended band FM (76 MHz-108 MHz)
  • BSM (search and automatic station tuning)
  • Station memory (6 AM and 18 FM)
  • RDS 9 - provides text information along with FM reception


  • Hands-free calls and audio streaming ¹
  • Voice recognition ⁸
  • phonebook synchronization and alphabetical search
  • automatic connection
  • Answering automatic calls
  • Outgoing Call Log, received and missed
  • connection 2 phones simultaneously
  • To 9 phones registered
  • device control (AVRCP)


  • Continuous Power Output (RMS): 23 W x 4 (10% THD, 4 AZ)
  • Load Impedance: 4 AZ (4 Oh a 8 Ω admissible)
  • Equalizer: 13 bands
  • Equalizações: 8 Preset / 1 customizable
  • Stove advanced sound (USB/Bluetooth)
  • D / A converter of 24 bits
  • Loudness em 3 levels
  • Reinforcer serious (Dynamic Bass Enhancer)
  • Source Level Adjustment (LETTUCE)
  • Filter high-pass / low-pass
  • Karaoke function (Vocal Cancel)

Pioneer Smart Sync

  • Access to navigation applications
  • Access to music applications
  • Reading messages
  • Graphic equalizer 31 bands
  • as Super “Todoroki”
  • easy sound adjustment (Easy Sound Fit)
  • Theme configuration
  • Phonebook and more…

Android / iPhone / Spotify

  • Playback of audio files via CD Player: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV
  • USB audio file playback: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC
  • Interface para Android™ (USB) - suporte of MTP I constellation 2.0 ³˒⁴
  • Interface para iPhone (USB/BT) ⁵
  • Compatible with Spotify ™
  • USB fast charging for Android (CDP)
  • Search by folder / file
  • source compatible: USB e iPhone ⁷
  • Sound effects
  • short play mode
  • lighting synchronized with music

Package Contents

  • Pioneer DEH-X500BR
  • Remote Controle
  • Power Cord with ISO connector
  • Wired microphone
  • Bracket and screws
  • Quick Start Guide in Portuguese
  • service centers list

General / Dimensions

  • Nominal Power Source: 14,4 V DC
  • maximum current: 10 A
  • Chassis: 178 x 50 x 165 mm


  • warranty 1 year
  • demonstration mode
  • Watch the screen


  1. Bluetooth functionality requires compatible phone with this technology. Some features or functions may be limited in certain devices. We should consult the phone manufacturer and / or test the compatibility between the devices prior to purchase.
  2. Pioneer does not guarantee compatibility with all USB storage devices and assumes no responsibility for loss of media players files, smartphones and other devices for use with this model.
  3. A device installed with Android OS 4.0 later or can be connected to the unit via MTP. However, depending on the connected device, the operating system version and the number of files stored on the device, audio / songs can not be played via MTP connection. This connection is not compatible with WAV and FLAC format.
  4. A device with Android OS 4.1 or later to support AOA (Android Open Accessory) 2.0 It can be connected to the unit via AOA.
  5. Operations may vary depending on the generation and / or the software version of iPhone.
  6. The Pioneer Smart Sync is compatible with iOS 10.3 or higher and Android OS 5.0 or higher. Some Android devices connected via AOA 2.0 may not work properly or make sounds because of its own software project, regardless of operating system version.
  7. MIXTRAX works with USB devices and also with iPhone. Not compatible with Android phone using MTP protocol.
  8. This function is only available when an iPhone / Android device equipped with voice recognition is connected to the unit via Bluetooth.
  9. This function requires the transmission of information by radio station. “Listening to music with power up 85 decibels can cause damage to the auditory system” (Federal law 11.291/06). Protect your hearing, listen awareness.


The acquisition of a car, it came with a CD Player Pioneer modelo DEH-6800MP. It's a nice model, known as the “dolphin”, because of an animation that could be shown in display. The display is large, because the CD input is hidden behind the motorized front. The sound is excellent.

But, the DEH-6800MP It came up with a default: CD curls up in time to get out and not out. Needs some repair. Furthermore, It is a model without auxiliary input, sem Bluetooth, and unsupported to stick.

so I opted to remove the DEH-6800MP and install an older model I've ever had, at DEH-3880MP, also excellent sound, but also has a defeitinho: the menu for reinforcement does not come more acute, HE knows-because. But at least the CD Player is 100%. By not having auxiliary input, Bluetooth e USB, CD Player ends up being essential, it supports CDs, and also CD-Rs with MP3 files (among other formats). It is the only way to choose what to listen.

The Prevention because Bluetooth Player Multifuncao, that I showed here in Skooter Blog, circumvents some of these limitations, offering support for Bluetooth, flash drive and SD card. But, It is not the ideal solution, for transmission via FM just introducing some noise and possible interference.

Putting a modern car radio this was something that was on my wish list for a year, but I always postponed. I do not like to invest much in car sound, that is on the street, It can be stolen and is uninsured.

But the opportunity to acquire the Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR with Livelo points came in quite handy.

Choose Model

Chose the Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR By also be Pioneer, the brand that is a leader in this segment, and also be a natural evolution of DEH-3880MP and DEH-6800MP.

First considered buying a model only Media Player, without support optical media, because nowadays only use Bluetooth. But my wife still has several CDs and CD-Rs, so I opted for DEH-X500BR.

The DEH-X500BR It has pretty much everything I sought: Bluetooth, USB, Front Aux, equalizer, RGB display panel to match any, etc.

I noticed that the power 4x 23W is lower than that of DEH-3880MP and DEH-6800MP, that are of 4 x 50W. But researching a bit just concluding that it is the same thing. 4x50W is the maximum output power, while 4x 23W is the continuous output power. They failed to inform the maximum power and started to inform the ongoing, which is the most useful and most honest.

Anyway, even 4x 23W is still a little bar forçação, it considers a distortion of 10% THD, which in practice is a terrible distortion and no one wants to listen to good music as well. Then, in practice, the actual power with acceptable distortion is still less. But for the speakers original kits of most cars the sound of DEH-X500BR is of good size. Who wants to push higher power speakers need to install a separate power module.

Livelo Points

The Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR It costs me 25.900 Livelo points, including the freight. The partner who made the delivery was the Magazine Luiza, shop where I would spend R $ 447,41 to purchase it in cash at the time of writing this article, including freight. In the invoice the amount placed was R $ 503,89.

Considering the value of the note, each point earned R $ 0,019. How do I get a 1,2 points for every dollar spent on the card, and considering a dollar from R $ 3,92, each point comes from R $ 3,27 spending on the card. Therefore, this acquisition is the result of a return 0,5% what was spent on the card.


Magazine Luiza put the box Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR in a plastic bag without any additional protection. Because of this, the box arrived with a small dent in one of the corners, but without any damage to the product.

The sealed box shaft, and highlights the main characteristics of the equipment: compatibility with Bluetooth, iPhone, Android, Spotify, Connection for two cell, Link hands-free and streaming of music, 2 RCA outputs (pre-out), equalizer 13 bands, USB for fast charging, and input to control wheel.

In the back stands out the “effect inspired by DJ”, including Flashing Light, the MIXTRAX and the Dynamic Bass Enhancer. There is also emphasis on the Bluetooth functionality and application Pioneer Smart Sync, allowing easy access to navigation apps, reading messages and equalizer adjustment 31 bands. also highlights included accessories: microphone and remote control.

Inside the box I found the CD Player, case forward, remote control, removing screws and rods, microphone, whip, and instruction manual with warranty certificate. The CD Player with the belt shaft, removable front and coupled frame.

The remote control is compact, but lets you control most functions, including call answering via Bluetooth.

The bolts are used depending on where the CD Player It will be installed. I have not used. The rods serve to remove it easily strap. These rods are different from that came with the rods DEH-3880MP. It is good to guard them well.

The microphone must be connected to the back of the CD Player, and installed in a location that is good to capture the voice of the driver. It comes with a plug-in for sun visor, which ended up being useful to fit in the car's own liner.

The harness noticed some differences from the DEH-3880MP and or DEH-6800MP. I first noticed that the wires are thinner now. Then I noticed that the connector side DEH-X500BR It is different from the other two. The other two are equal. I noticed though now there are separate connectors for speakers and the rest, as in cars. In ancient was a connector where only fit two car connectors.

Por fim, I noticed that the new harness has a wire for post-lighthouse (white and orange), which serves to reduce the brightness of the display when the light is on. This is useful to prevent glare obstruct the driver when it is dark, and run at full power when it is clear. Unfortunately the legislation that requires us to walk with the headlights on in full sun from noon gets in the way this feature.

The red wire, Yellow and Blue continue with plugs among them that enable interrupts them and reverse yellow and red as the car in which the CD Player will be installed.

Check out the video of the unboxing from the Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR:


The installation of the Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR It was quiet. I've had the experience of previous installations and already knew wiring scheme on the car harness. So it was only making connections Lashes, Remote blue wire that has a separate cable, antenna, placing tape, etc.

As always caught the whips with nylon clamps, and I spent tape at all to prevent the wires are accidentally cut.

The most laborious part was installing the microphone. I chose to put it on the roof liner, with the wire through the rubber seal and then under panel, surrounding the steering bar, until you reach the radio bay.

After installation just did the update firmware which is available on the Pioneer website, using a USB stick. The update took a few minutes. After that I did a series of tests, playing music with MP3 CD-R, com Bluetooth, with stick, everything running perfectly. I also made some adjustments to make the audio to my taste, and made connections with the phone using the feature hands free and it also worked perfectly. The display properly showed the metadata of both tags MP3 when sent by mobile phone via Bluetooth, and call information. yet installed application Pioneer Smart Sync in my Android Z Play Bike and tested the most basic features.

I did not do much in-depth testing and there are still many features that not tested or not explored right, but all I could test, the Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR He did not disappoint me at all.

Check out some photos and the video of the Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR operation. I took photos with and without flash to try to show that the display It has a great resolution and is also very bright:


The submission was made by the carrier MAFD transport. The package was sent Count – MG, and even today the trace shows only that:

15/05/2019 03:08 Dispatched
DISPATCHED | The delivery was dispatched Distribution Center. Wait for the other tracking status.
15/05/2019 03:08 Created
CREATED | The delivery was successfully created. Wait for the other tracking status.

Apesar do rastreamentobuguento”, o pacote chegou logo no dia seguinte apesar de ser uma entrega em outro estado.


Check out the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR
Name Original: Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR
Store: Livelo | Magazine Luiza
Value: 25.900 points
Current value: 26.500 points
Payment Method: Livelo Points
Shipping Type: MAFD transport
Shipping Fee: -
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 14/05/2019
Submission Date: 15/05/2019
Data Delivery: 16/05/2019
Time in Transit: 1 day

Final Considerations

The Car Audio Pioneer CD MP3 Player AM / FM – Bluetooth USB Auxiliar DEH-X500BR It is well fulfilling its role, oferecendo muita conectividade e um som bastante agradável.

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