In much of Videogames: Memoirs of a player – Luiz Miguel de Souza Gianeli

In much of Videogames: Memoirs of a player is a book by Luiz Miguel de Souza Gianeli. This is his description on Amazon:

“A collection twenty-four chronic childhood, adolescence and youth related to video games, an article on the relationship between video games, Christian art and faith and a message from the author to readers. Curious stories, funny and exciting, full of friends and family around the old consoles. If you grew up playing Atari, Master System, Nintendinho, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Playstation or Nintendo 64, a lot of time was spent in the old game stores, if you went to the arcades hidden from your mother, played with characters like Pac-Man, Super Mario, Sonic, Crash ou Donkey Kong, and had a lot of fun playing International Superstar Soccer tournaments, Brazilian Championship and Top Gear, this book is for you. This work, with the preface by Ítalo Chianca, the greatest author of gamers chronicles of Brazil, whose works served as inspiration, is a more than special memoir, with pages full of nostalgia and wonderful memories, a true celebration of family and friendship, something that, for sure, like you, soon you can check, will go far beyond video games.”

I acquired the physical version of the book in a negotiation with the author himself, who also sent me the PDF version. But I ended up also acquiring the eBook version for Kindle on Amazon, so I can read on my Kindle. The eBook version costs only R $ 1,99, or free for those who have the Kindle Unlimited.

This is not a review of the book because I haven't finished reading it yet. I'm with 26% completed (9 chapters) at the time of writing this article. But I'm really enjoying it and I can already say that I recommend reading this book for everyone gamers that have grown in the years 80 and 90. These are stories that everyone will certainly identify with, just as I have been identifying myself.

The author, Luiz Miguel de Souza Gianeli, says he was inspired by the books of another author of video game chronicles, Italo Chianca, to decide to record their own stories. And I can already say that Luiz Miguel's book has this same effect. Reading your stories I was reminded of my, and I also felt like telling them.

In a way I have already done this here on the Skooter Blog, many of my video game articles include some stories. On the day that I manage to reset the reviews and material from Tec Toy I want to share, I will dedicate some time to write my chronicles too.

Check out some photos and the video of the unboxing from In much of Videogames: Memoirs of a player:

In much of Videogames: Memoirs of a player it's been a very pleasant read, that reminds me of happy times. The author presents a well-written text and is a great storyteller, managing to bring the emotion of those moments to your texts, making it easy to imagine and identify with those situations.

And the book really goes beyond video games. Do not expect texts about the history of the consoles and description of the games. We have other books and collections for that. In In much of Videogames: Memoirs of a player the video game is actually the motivator for some interesting adventures, funny and exciting, that revolve around our esteemed consoles. They are stories that bring us great memories of our own adventures.

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What a cool analysis my friend. Fiquei muito feliz e emocionado ao ler. É bom demais saber que gostou da obra e está se identificando. Sou grato pela negociação e pela resenha. Um forte abraço e que Deus lhe abençoe. Ah, e quem sabe um dia a gente não negociar o livro amassado do Dreamcast😄😂


Hello everybody! Fiquei interessado no livro. Mas não estou conseguindo achar o livro no app da Amazon Kindle para Android. Tem algum link que direcione para ele?

Good evening friend. Follow the link:

Cresci jogando a terceira e quarta geração dos videogames e me interessei em recordar essas memórias. Como faço para adquirir a cópia física do livro?

[…] The idea of ​​telling these stories here on the blog came after I read the book Muito Além dos Videogames: Memoirs of a player, by Luiz Miguel de Souza Gianeli. In December Luiz Miguel got in touch and asked if I would like to write a chronicle […]

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