[Unboxing] Multiple Contactless card NuBank #sounu

Unboxing de cartão de crédito é algo que nunca fiz, but NuBank asked to film the opening of the envelope and post with the hashtag #sounu. So come on… 🙂

O novo cartão foi enviado após oferecerem o uso da função débito. Acabei aceitando para ter mais uma opção, apesar de raramente usar cartão de débito.

The Multiple Contactless card NuBank é o primeiro cartão que tenho que não tem os números na frente em auto relevo. O número vem apenas atrás, serigrafado, junto com as datas e código de segurança.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing from the Multiple Contactless card NuBank:

Multiple Contactless card NuBank, and adhesive.

Multiple Contactless card NuBank, and adhesive.

Many people do not know, mas os números em auto relevo existem porque lá nos anos 80 as maquinhas eram manuais, sem conectividade, como essa que encontrei no site Disk-Tem:

Máquina de Cartões Manual

Máquina de Cartões Manual

Neste tipo de máquina, coloca-se o cartão em um compartimento, um papel carbonado em cima e puxa-se a parte de cima que pressiona o papel sobre o cartão, so that the numbers of self-relief card are printed on paper. dealer data is also printed, the values ​​are filled manually and the customer signs a road that is the merchant, to be delivered to the bank and compensated. There were no bounds checking, not even knew if the card was still active. I do not know who was to the prejudice of fraud…

I never use this type of machine in Brazil. When I had my first card machines were already electronic and dial out the center using a conventional telephone line. But when I lived in Canada 2009 taxi drivers were still using this kind of manual machine. Nothing maquinhas 3G. Understandable, there the amount of bums trying to defraud the system should be considerably smaller than in Brazil. Canada also found places where we only met the card data manually in a small form that the customer signed.

The Multiple Contactless card NuBank Do not operate these manual machines, it is that today they are still active somewhere in the world. But in compensation, it makes payments without having to be inserted into the machine, that is the new trend. Just approaching it from the machine to pay. Probably use RFID. The conventional chip and magnetic stripe are also present for use on older systems. The function contactless It is activated when using the card with the chip for the first time.

I have not used the new card, NuBank because the card is not my main. The points system of them still did not convince me. I imagine that for now it is still necessary to ask for traders to use the function contactless, as many or should know that the machine has this function.

In the future the cards contactless should become standard and increase security, since the card will no client hand over even for a second, preventing a dishonest official copy or photograph data, while with the card in hand.

On the other hand, I predict that this will increase paranoia anti-personnel cards and RFID cards wrapped in foil. There is the fear that thieves could go around with RFID readers reading the cards directly from the wallets of the people. In practice this will not happen because the current generation of cards with RFID uses encryption in transactions and can not just extract the card data as well. It is much easier to commit online fraud or simply steal the entire portfolio. Thief's bum, will always choose the easiest method.

And you, You are already using a card ContactLess? Leave your comment…

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use from 2016 with the launch of Samsung Pay. At the time the use was very limited, Few cards accepted, and I had to practically fight with traders' cause most ignorantly thought would defraud the little machine, even in the US. Worth coz Samsung offering good prizes to encourage the use and it was funny to see the faces of traders after the transaction was approved even though he swears that did not work. Currently the use has become popular.

On fraud RFID, clone card is not, but someone approach a little machine of card near your pocket where's the wallet with the card. Technically the coup succeeds, pq for transactions of low values ​​not asked Password payment by approximation.

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