Sega CD em FPGA! Terraonion announces MegaSD, FPGA cartridge Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, E Mega Sg

The Terraonion today announced the MegaSD cartridge consoles Sega: Mega Drive e Sega Genesis. The MegaSD is an FPGA cartridge all-in-one that doubles the Sega CD Hardware / Mega-CD and allows owners to play those games from that of a microSD card. The MegaSD is also a general purpose rom flashcart that allows the reproduction of the Genesis cartridge games and Master System.

The features and benefits include MegaSD:

  • First optical disk emulator Mega-CD FPGA / Sega World CD.
  • Run both ISOs (bin + cue) as ROMs.
  • Compatible with all Sega Mega CD and CD bios, both original and with the patch to remove the regional locks.
  • Supports Mega Drive games / Genesis, Sega CD / Mega-CD, Master System e 32X (requer o add-on 32X).
  • Fully supports the original hardware Mega Drive and Genesis (Nomad included).
  • Fully compatible with the Analogue Mega Sg!
  • Easy to use interface to browse your collection with screenshots, gender, year and Description.
  • state rescue support for the Sega Genesis cartridge games and Genesis (8 slots).
  • engine cheats Built for Mega Drive and Genesis cartridge games.
  • Emulates all different mappers Genesis cartridge / Mega Drive / Master System / 32X.
  • stores saves different cartridges Genesis / Mega Drive / Master System / 32X microSD card.
  • Backup RAM and Sega CD RAM cartridge / Mega CD stored for each game on the microSD card.
  • Core de FM do Master System.
  • Menu within the game to fast reboot and exchange games (Genesis / Mega Drive e Mega-CD / Sega CD).
  • Game Mega Drive enhanced with audio CD and Mega-CD hardware / Sega CD (as MSU1)
  • ExFAT support microSD cards 400GB.

The MegaSD is available starting today, by 250 euros, including freight, with shipping from early August.

Source: Terraonion

The purchase can now be done in website Terraonion and they send including Brazil. The price is salty, and the freight is only for DHL, which should guarantee other 250 Euros in import taxes, ICMS and DHL rates.

On the other hand, It is the opportunity that many expected to have all the Sega CD library easily accessible on a microSD card. A Sega CD in perfect working is hard to find and is found as easily cost more than the R $ 1.000,00, depending on the state of conservation. The CD player has slow access time and is usually the weak point in such equipment, that sooner or later end up having problems. With MegaSD these problems will last, while the games of the past will come to this.

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Thiago Salles
Thiago Salles

Não tem jeito, vai ser mais barato comprar um SEGA CD original mesmo! o Mega SD quando chegar no Mercado livre deve custar o mesmo preço do SD System 3 de PC Engine (3 thousand dollars)