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The Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click It was purchased on eBay, seller vgp_videogamesplus the eponymous store, to use in my Super Nintendo and in my Analogue Super Nt.

This mouse is a modern alternative to mouse to the Super Nintendo, since the original mouse is still a mouse “of ball”, which are less accurate and require regular cleaning to work properly.

Motivation and Purchase

In my old days of Super Nintendo, there in pre-adolescence in years 90, the mouse console was a dream consumption. Until then I had never had any contact with computer or mouse. Via the box in stores Mario Paint, that came with the mouse and mousepad and wondered how it would be nice to have a. But that never happened.

I got to rent Mario Painhave at least one double, in a different video store I used to go, in which my parents took me a few times. To this day I can not recall the name of that video store or the neighborhood where she was, or even other games I rented there who did not have the most famous car rental company. Faded from memory. Most likely this rental does not exist.

But Mario Paint I rented there was a pirated version, hackeada to work with normal joystick. So I played a lot with Mario Paint, but only with the joystick. With mouse even I had never played. And to this day I've never had an original mouse Super Nintendo in hand.

In recent years, sometimes I thought of acquiring it, but prices tend to be high when the conservation status is good. At Mario Paint complete with cartridge, mouse, mousepad and packaging usually spends the R $ 400,00.

But some time ago I learned of Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click. It is a modern version of the mouse Nintendo, with the original colors, plug original, compatible with the original console, but using current technology of optical mice. It seemed like a great idea.

Was in my wishlist for a while. Would always putting off the purchase because it bring the Amazon It costs somewhat expensive, because taxes. Redirection does not pay for cheap products, and there was nothing to buy with it.

Until I found the eBay ad, with direct shipping to Brazil and without advance tax collection. For only 22,21 Euros and with free shipping, seemed to me a very nice price. I thought for a few days and decided to purchase it.

I chose not to use conversion to real PayPal, avoiding high premium. In my Inter Mastercard the 22,21 Euros have been converted to US $ 25,23, whose share price closed at $ 3,94. Therefore, the cost in local currency was R $ 99,41, R $ 105,75 with the IOF.

Unboxing and Tests

The seller did not pass the tracking number of the package. I wondered what he would have sent without tracking and, therefore, it would take a few months to get. To my surprise the package arrived in just two weeks, by epacket mail Holland.

Moreover, the packet source is somewhat confusing, since Videogameplus is a Canadian store, but the ad contained an American address, very close to the border with Canada:

Video Games Plus
3909 Whitmere Road
14305 Niagara Falls, NY
United States

But it is common for shops to use the mail from another country to send their packages, as the Chinese.

The original packaging Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click It came well protected inside the other cardboard box. Give way, she arrived in perfect condition.

At the front of the package they are highlighted as the mouse and the SNES is for the cable 1,8 meters. On the back stands the iconic color scheme, it is perfect with Mario Paint and other compatible SNES games, and the optical mouse offers smooth cursor control and responsive. The text is in English, French and Spanish.

At the bottom still appears an item code, which is the M07208. The bar code indicates 13048 01828 and 1086PO8.

Inside the package we have only the mouse with its two buttons at the top, like the original mouse, and a small button at the bottom, that does not exist in the original mouse. There is no manual.

Check out the photos unboxing from the Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click:

See also this video unboxing from the Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click:

As I have no game cartridge compatible with the mouse Super Nintendo, I had to use the SD2SNES the tests.

Here it is an important observation. For select games on SD2SNES you must use a conventional control, then ends up being necessary to remove and place controls on the Super Nintendo on, I do not know if it is recommended.

In the case of Analogue Super Nt, when it crashes Retro Receiver da 8BitDo It is inserted with the connected console. Because of this, when using the mouse I need to also use a wired controller to be able to select games. As my original controls were in my Super Nintendo original in another TV, just testing with Retro-Duo da TX Tech, but it is the plug somewhat difficult to fit in Analogue Super Nt.

As I never had the original mouse Super Nintendo, I can not compare it with the Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click. But in photos we note that the mouse is the most Hyperkin. Until it makes a certain sense. The original mouse was meant to be used mainly by children, with small hands. But today's children, and his hands, increased. The mouse of Hyperkin will be used mainly by adults, since children today are not very interested in Super Nintendo.

Check out the photos Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click operation:

I did some testing with some of the best games of the Super Nintendo with support mouse, as can be seen in the video below:

You can go directly to the start of each game in the video by clicking on the times below:

In my tests quite liked the Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click. As I said, I can not compare, but it sounded all right with him.

The mysterious button at the bottom actually serves to change the mouse speed. The controls that exist within the games for this purpose do not work with the mouse Hyperkin. Apparently the game controls were some kind of interaction with the original mouse hardware, that is not supported by the mouse Hyperkin.

On Mario Paint for example, the game interface allows you to select three different speeds, but nothing changes when you change these settings with the mouse the Hyperkin. The mouse button allows you to select two different speeds.


As I said earlier, the seller did not say the code, so I could only track the package after it had already arrived. These are the trace information package according to the Post:

Delivered to the addressee object
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution in Unit REMOVED / SP
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in CAJAMAR / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object forwarded
Distribution Unit in CURITIBA / PR for treatment plant in CAJAMAR / SP
Customs supervision terminated
Object received by the post Office of Brazil
Object forwarded
Country in NETHERLANDS / countries in International treatment unit / BR
Object posted


This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click
Name Original: Click Hyper Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse for Nintendo SNES Mario Paint Apt
Store: eBay | seller: vgp_videogamesplus | shop: vgp_videogamesplus
Value: EUR 22,21
Current value: EUR 22,21
Payment Method: PayPal
Shipping Type: international economic shipping
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: Holland
Purchase Data: 14/05/2019
Submission Date: 17/05/2019
Data Delivery: 31/05/2019
Time in Transit: 14 days
Declared content: Gift / Comm. Sample
Type Marked Content: OPTICAL MEDIA
Declared Value: € 10.00
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

I was pleased with the Optical Mouse for Super Nintendo Hyperkin Retro Style Mouse Click. For those who never had a mouse Super Nintendo, power was pretty cool finally play Mario Paint the way it was planned, Although 27 years after. It was also nice to know some other games from the Super Nintendo that support mouse.

Now you need a good mousepad hard to use with Hyperkin Click Retro Style Mouse, because in my tests I had to improvise with a mousepad Traditional on a beanbag, which was not very comfortable or very precise. Acquire a mouse metálico de liga de alumínio da Xiaomi para esta finalidade, but I'm still awaiting your arrival.

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