[Warranty – RMA] HDD Western Digital 3.5″ 4TB WD40EFRX – WD RED NAS Hard Drive

In April 2018 eu shown here in Skooter Blog my review of HDD Western Digital 3.5 "Red WD40EFRX 4TB 5400RPM 64M SATA3 HDD NAS Desktop I had bought the previous month.

It was installed on my Synology 4 Bay on the DiskStation DS918 + Where did fulfilling its role since May 2018. But in October 2018, with 5 months of use, he began to show damaged sectors.

bad sectors

bad sectors are something relatively common in HDDs. They come with some sectors reserves to be used on these occasions. Bad sectors are marked not to be used more, and a spare sector takes its place. Give way, Isolated cases of bad sectors not usually issue.

The problem is when the amount of bad sectors increases with time. This usually indicates that the HDD will goes down. In these cases it is good to make backups and provide a replacement before the worst happens.

Damaged areas can be physical or logical. Physical errors are detected by the internal controller of the HDD itself. They can be caused by any accidental contact of the head read / write to disk, for some poeirinha which entered accidentally, etc. They can not be corrected. They appear in the count of reallocated sectors in S.M.A.R.T attributes.

There is also the logical defects, that are detected by the operating system. In a file reading, the operating system may have difficulty with some industry and need to try again several times. It can also happen that the error correction code (ETC) not beat, suggesting that the data was corrupted. In these cases the operating system itself marks the sector as defective and does not use more. logical errors may eventually be corrected by checking software, or low-level formatting, that can be done with specific tools manufacturers.

The defect of my HDD

In the case of my HDD Western Digital 3.5″ Red WD40EFRX 4TB 5400RPM, the count of bad sectors oscillated, with some sectors being marked and then unmarked, but overall balance the number grew. It began with 3 bad sectors in October 2018 and ended with 20 bad sectors in May 2019, with a peak 23 in April 2019.

bad sectors on the HDD Western Digital 3.5 "Red WD40EFRX problematic 4TB.

bad sectors on the HDD Western Digital 3.5 "Red WD40EFRX problematic 4TB.

Although the Diskstation DS918 + indicate that the attributes S.M.A.R.T. were normal, some values ​​were somewhat higher, as Raw_Read_Error_Rate in 4379, and the Current_Peding_Sector and Offline_Uncorrectable in 10.

Furthermore, from February began to get some input fault warnings and exit Diskstation DS918 +, for the HDD. Each generated a so email:

Dear user,

Error I / O in the drive 1 in ds918, but the drive is working properly now after several attempts. The error may have been caused by bad sectors. We recommend backing up your data immediately to ensure their integrity. Then, go to Storage Manager > HDD / SSD > S.M.A.R.T. to run the extended test and see the test results for the recommended actions.

Synology DiskStation

There were nine posts equal to that between February and May this year.

Contact with Western Digital

No give 24/05/2019 I contacted the Western Digital support and after recording HDD in the system reported the problem:

The HDD is installed on a NAS Synology DS918 +. Currently it is already 20 bad sectors. This number is increasing gradually with time. I can already trigger the guarantee or not until it fails once? Thank you.

In less than an hour I received a reply:

Thank you for contacting Customer Service and Support Western Digital Technical. My name is Luis and I will try to help you in the best possible way.

I realize you have a unit with 20 bad blocks and want to know if you can swap the drive.

Please note that a drive with bad blocks does not necessarily mean that HD is failing or malfunction (Normal health even shows that diagnosis of your NAS). It struck a failure when using this HD? If you received an error, please reply to this email with a screenshot of the error so that we can better assist.

Bad sectors can occur in some situations, such as sudden interruption due to a power outage or a power cord pulled during use. It is possible that HD It takes off in the middle of recording. In some cases, it is also possible that the sectors on the hard drive containing data that does not match your error correction code – that would be marked as a bad sector.

Please, I note that some cases, bad sectors can be recovered. To try this recovery, if you have not done so, We recommend testing your drive with our Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics software and try a low-level format. Please, note that formatting will erase all the data on your drive. If possible, back up your data before proceeding with this formatting process.

Using the low-level format on a hard drive or WD SSHD:


As for the warranty, since your hard drive is in warranty, you can make any change process when you want, even if in this case, I do not advise. For the purpose of creating an RMA, please check the article below:


Or if you prefer, we can do the exchange process also, be provided with the address information for where you want to get your HD.


Western Digital HDDs The Red Line has 3 year warranty. So I could continue to use until he goes down once or until the guarantee is near the end. But my experience with this kind of problem is that the frequency of errors increases and the HDD sooner or later pifa.

The problem of making the RMA would be with a HDD unless the The DiskStation DS918 + during the exchange process. I use the hybrid RAID Synology (SHR), which allows me to remove a HDD without losing data. But I would risk another HDD goes down and then yes I lose data.

But I ended up getting a 4TB HDD borrowed to stay in place HDD Western Digital 3.5″ Red WD40EFRX 4TB 5400RPM during or RMA. He would not be available for long, so I took to the RMA immediately.

So, not give 28/05/2019 I went with the request of RMA on Western Digital site, which was soon authorized. I did send the same week, unfortunately the freight on my own. The system generates labels, but they are not pre-paid. The package was sent to:

Western Digital /SIMM – Intelligent Solutions for Mobile Market Brazil S.A.
Rod. Anhanguera, S/N, km 62, hangar 3
Jundiai - SP - Brazil - CEP 13.213-055
CNPJ: 06.964.587/0006-40
S.I.: 407.270.309.116

Western Digital took a few days to report that he had received the defective HDD. Only on 09/06 They reported that they had processed his entry on 07/06.

Return HDD replacement

No give 11/06 They passed me a Sedex tracking code Post, it was only posted in fact on 14/06. Check out the tracking information package:

Delivered to the addressee object
/ SP
Object available for pickup at Mailbox

AC [REMOVED] – Post Office

Object forwarded
distribution unit [REMOVED] / SP for post office in [Removed] / SP
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution Unit in [REMOVED] / SP
Object forwarded
of the Post Office in JUNDIAI / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object posted

It was a slow process, but it was not the fastest. In total was about 20 days without HDD. Western Digital has missed a week between HDD record the entry and send the defective replacement.

Unboxing and installation

Received new HDD Western Digital 3.5″ 4TB WD40EFRX well packed, inside a cardboard box with plastic holders to keep it away from the edges and soften impacts. Inside the HDD was sealed in anti-static factory housing.

The invoice came to R $ 792,00, just below current values ​​in the Brazilian market by the same HDD.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and the new installation HDD Western Digital 3.5″ 4TB WD40EFRX:

After the rapid unboxing already installed the new HDD Western Digital 3.5″ 4TB WD40EFRX to my The DiskStation DS918 +. I did some tests and all is right with him, without defeitusos sectors.

Final Considerations

Warranty and RMA Western Digital work. The exchange HDD Western Digital 3.5″ 4TB WD40EFRX It was carried out without difficulty, despite it having being acquired abroad.

Of course, that means not say that the Western Digital process is perfect. There is room for improvement. One would be to send the new HDD first, and then the consumer return the faulty HDD, because in some cases it is necessary to buy another HDD to back up and / or continue the operation of the equipment during the exchange process.

US is becoming common this type of procedure, where the manufacturer calls for a number of credit card as a guarantee that the consumer will return the defective HDD. If it does not in the specified period, the manufacturer delivers the product price on the card and does not get into mischief.

But considering that many companies in Brazil deny warranty for products purchased abroad, even in violation of the Consumer Protection Code, não posso deixar de elogiar a Western Digital por honrar a garantia, além de oferecer um prazo decente de 3 years, mesmo se tratando de um HDD voltado para usuários residenciais e pequenas empresas. Para grandes empresas existe o WD Red Pro, with guaranteed 5 years.

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Qual foi o valor que vc arcou com o correios ?
Estou pra enviar 2 hds de 3TB que tenho aqui com defeito, aquele WD Purple, estava achando que o frete seria por conta deles

Ben L.

A garantia de 3 anos do red começa após a garantia de 1 ano dada pela loja?

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