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The Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version was acquired in AliExpress, shop Xiaomi Online Store.

Reviews from the Xiaomi Mi 9 It has been performed by many specialized sites, so I will not do one here review traditional. I will focus only on the purchase, in my choice, the aspects of my use and my opinion.

Motivation and Choice

Already do direct purchases from China more than 10 years. My first little pig DX came 2008. Nevertheless, mobile is something I had never bought from there. Especially because once the Chinese cell phones were no big deal. But Xiaomi and some other Chinese brands is changing this scenario.

I do not usually change my cell phone often. I was already more than two and a half years with the Motorcycle Z Play that acquired in 2016, of which I spoke here in Skooter Blog. But he was already demonstrating a certain weariness, getting slow with some heavier applications. Furthermore, the battery began to braise and push the screen forward, including leading some sensors, as the proximity sensor and the biometric sensor, to fail.

These problems disappeared after sensors traded cover last, probably because a cover with salient edges and pressing the screen into. And in the last 4 or 5 months the phone again running smoothly. But I think it's a matter of time before my Z Play Bike solve fails once, need at least another battery.

Since the first failures Z Play Bike I was already thinking of what would be his successor. Moto Z3 Play could be a more natural choice, but the fact is that I never used any snap, which is the major draw the line. Furthermore, Lenovo made an unfortunate choice from the Moto Z2 Play, by adopting the hybrid slot SIM Card and microSD, which prevents me from using microSD since I have two lines.

Samsung is a brand that I do not want. I've had problems with display and mobile brand. It's not a brand I trust. Apple I also dismiss, I'm willing to pay for the cost of the brand, and also do not like the lack of freedom of iOS.

Furthermore, with the price of an intermediate cell as Moto Z3 Play no Brasil, I can buy flagship the direct Xiaomi China. Since Dilma increased taxes on Smartphones, prices in Brazil have become even less competitive.

So, I was already eyeing the Chinese mobile for some time. At the beginning of the year, the Oneplus 6T It was my favorite, because Xiaomi Mi 8 You have the band 28 (700 MHz), which in Brazil is used in 4G. This is the frequency that was released with the deactivation of analog UHF TV channels. Not only is the frequency of 4G, but it is precisely the one that has greater range, which comes in handy for me, because I live and work in areas which are in the range limit operators.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite It has the band 28, but their specifications do not make it so superior to Z Play Bike. There would be a upgrade so good, with only 33% more RAM memory (3GB vs 4GB). Leaving a Super AMOLED screen to an IPS screen also was not something that appealed to me.

But with new cover giving a lifeline to Z Play Bike, I could wait patiently for the release of Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9. My hope is that he had the band 28, and would be one of the best Chinese phones.

And indeed it ended up materializing. The Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 It was launched with support band 28 and specifications earned him the best Chinese mobile station. The flagship the Xiaomi has specifications that allow it to compete with the flagships other brands, as Samsung and Apple, even costing less than half the price of them in Brazil.

After the release I kept my eye on prices, invariably start high because of scarcity, but go down to more reasonable platforms over time. I was also an eye on the accounts of those who bought to see how the IRS had been treating these devices.

What I noticed was that most of the stores is declaring content as Smartphone and values ​​close to US $ 100,00, which generates a $ tax 60,00 (60%). Eventually some even pass without taxes. Some people ask for the Chinese declare lower values ​​descriptions and place as “used cellphone”, which minimizes the chances of taxation, but it is risky, because when the IRS give solves, can claim fraud and charge high taxes and fines.

It was determined by Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9. As it has no microSD card slot, I made a point of 128GB version to have the greatest amount of space possible. Anyone who wants to save a little can opt for 64GB version, but would not recommend.

This indeed seems a good upgrade for the Z Play Bike, it has twice the RAM. The screen is bigger (5,5 vs 6,39 inches) without increasing the device size, because the screen Xiaomi Mi 9 occupies almost all the front, while Z Play Bike It has lost espação at the bottom and at the top. The pixel density is about the same, It is at 401ppi Z Play Bike e 403ppi no Xiaomi Mi 9.

The cameras also have a considerable improvement. The Xiaomi Mi 9 It has three cameras on the back, the 48MP, 16MP e 12MP, respectively. Saint-angle cameras, wide angle, telephoto. In front we have more a 20MP camera.

O chipset Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm SDM855 e a GPU Adreno 640 They should also ensure good longevity. O WiFi IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac also ensures that I can enjoy the 200Mbps my connection at home. With the Z Play Bike I was limited in 150 Mbps, because it does not support the standard 802.11ac.


The Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version It is available in some stores AliExpress and some other Chinese stores, as GearBest. Opted for purchase on Xiaomi Online Store which had the lowest price at the time, plus good ratings. There are two colors available: black and blue. I opted for the blue.

I made no special request. I trusted the store experience to declare content and value as they thought best.

The cost was R$ 1.919,41 additional $ 18,12 de frete, R $ 1.924,62. With the appreciation of the real in recent weeks that cost've already used today is $ 1.803,38 at the time of writing this article.

The vast majority of my China packages have arrived in less than 30 days, most of them arrive in 15 ~ 20 days. But Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version exception was, having delayed 40 days. I believe that the delay was due to the taxation, for all my other recent packages were not taxed.

When I noticed that the package was already more than two weeks just as “received by mail from Brazil”, I opened a complaint on the Post Office website. On the same day the complaint updated the status to “Country in International Treatment Unit / BR for Administrative Unit in Customs Inspection / BR” and then they informed me that the package was being inspected. This is the post office, only works in stride…

After that the package has already been taxed quickly and was awaiting payment. I paid and still took more 10 days to finally deliver me the package. Post office…

The IRS has accepted the declared value of US $ 100,00, so that the value of the property in real considered was R $ 383,03. This gave an import tax of R $ 229,81 (60%). Furthermore, I had to pay the tax office code of R $ 15,00.

Considering all amounts paid, the total cost was R $ 2164,22. In Brazil prices beginning in the range of R $ 3000 at the time, and They are now in the range of R $ 2800. All this in marketplaces doubtful and auction site, as the official Store Xiaomi R $ 2799 was only promotional price 50 first units of Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB, which sold out quickly. After that the price is back to normal, that's $ 3999.

So definitely worth buying Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version directly from China. At best the package is not taxed and the economy is great. at worst, the package is taxed by the actual value and out the same price as in Brazilian dubious stores. But the more likely it is to be taxed in the declared value, generating even a good economy.


The Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version It came with the original box sealed, wrapped in a packaging filled with air. The package was not opened in IRS, nor is there a stamp on it, as in the past with the taxed products that needed to be paid at the post office.

How it came well packed, a box of Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version we arrived intact. There is a global version of peck on the side, and a seal with the specifications on the bottom, highlighting the triple camera, with a lens 48 MP, Snapdragon processor Qualcomm 855, the 20W wireless charging technology, the biometric sensor and the screen. On the seal still we have the serial number and IMEI.

Inside the box we have several items:

  • user's Guide;
  • Warranty Card;
  • Power supply;
  • USB out;
  • Adapter for headphones 3.5mm;
  • Tool to remove the drawer SIM cards;
  • Capinha;
  • and the Xiaomi Mi 9, of course.

Note that o Xiaomi Mi 9 It uses a USB plug type C, and has no outlet for 3.5mm headphones, following the current trend of eliminating this port. So it's good to have included an adapter, even though I never use wired headphones. Those who came with my Z Play Bike They were never used. Those who came with my Moto X Play They were also sold unused, with your phone.

The power supply is MDY model-08-NO. The plug is compatible with the sockets of the Brazilian and European standard. It is multi-voltage, receiving 50 100 ~ 240V / 60Hz 0.5A. On output it provides 5V 2.5A, 9V 2A, e 12V 1,5A. I'm kind of out of these fast charging standards, but apparently the tendency is that each manufacturer create your standard, normally incompatible with the other, allowing raising tension load cell and faster, without having to use a very high current, which would require thicker cables. Com e 9V 2A, or 12V and 1.5A have a power of 18W, which goes well beyond the 5V and 900mA (4,5In) a USB port 3.0 standard.

Note that despite the Xiaomi Mi 9 allow refill without 20W wire, it does not brings a wireless charger in the package. It is necessary purchase it separately. By the time the wireless charger Xiaomi seems to be the only 20W there. And it comes with a power 27W to feed it.

The cover that comes with the Xiaomi Mi 9 It seems to be a goodly. Black translucent, she ends up fading a bit with the blue unit, which is not necessarily a problem, as transparent covers tend to become yellow and ugly with time, unfortunately.

The problem that came with the cover Xiaomi Mi 9 It is that it does not cover the lens assembly edges on the back. So, placing the phone on a flat surface, it will invariably be with the whole playing surface, which could cause some risk.

Because of this, I preferred to acquire a Cape and a film the Nillkin for my Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM. They arrived just before the phone, but I left to talk about them in a future article to evaluate them power in use before writing the article.

A cover of Nillkin It has a bordinha to protect the cameras set. Furthermore, it also has enhanced the edges, to better protect the phone should it fall and impact of the corners.

See also the video of unboxing from the Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM:


After entering my two chips (SIM cards) on the Xiaomi Mi 9 I called it the first time and did the setting. Okay quiet and intuitive, I could even make the migration from Z Play Bike, keeping a number of settings, e-mails, access point passwords, and all installed applications via Play Store.

That's the advantage of migrating from one system to another Android. I just needed to manually install two apps I had installed via .apk file, specifically my telephone system Panasonic cordless and my micro system.

With all installed applications, the Xiaomi Mi 9 He showed no sign of sluggishness. He opened and executed all of them quickly. I usually do not play on mobile, but I installed Need For Speed No Limits just to see what it was and he ran without gagging. In fact I do not know if it is a heavy game, but was the only one tested.

Even the majority of the settings of the applications were kept. The only problem I had was with the Do Not Disturb Premium, that stated that I cleaned the data to function properly. It must be because much of its functionality is also supplied by the phone system, except for integration with agendas.


What I did not like the Xiaomi Mi 9 It was miui. I even tried, but the fact that she does not have something as basic as a drawer soon he made me give up on the first day. I even tried to organize all my apps in folders, otherwise it would be very difficult to find them looking at various screens. But I gave up on the way…

Gee Xiaomi, Apple forgets! This scheme of playing anyway applications on the screen and leave the task of organizing for the user is one of the things I do not like iOS. Apple makes which do not need and which should facilitate difficult. What Android has to offer is the ability to use the drawer or shortcuts, or folders, all the user's taste. And MIUI limits it in favor of copying Apple's system. Definitely not like!

But another great advantage of Android is that when we do not like something, we can customize to taste, and that's when they enter the launchers. I ended up installing Nova Launcher, which has all the features of Launcher Original Android and more. With that caught my drawer back. also changed the keyboard of the good old Xiaomi Gboard.

Saving Battery

Another contribution of the Xiaomi My 9 It is a battery saving mode, limiting the activities of background applications, suspending them. Something similar to what makes the application Greenify. The system is smart enough not to bar applications that really need to run in the background, but in some cases you need to give this permission manually.

Resources Moto Z Play I will miss

I missed features Z Play Bike? In fact only two of them: one is the facility to turn on the flashlight just shaking the phone sideways twice, even when he caught. So I decided to setting the Xiaomi Mi 9 to turn on the flashlight when I press the power button twice quickly. This is possible in the system itself.

Another cool feature Z Play Bike was detected when I'm driving and go to read my SMS messages, allowing me to voice could answer them if I wanted. It does not make all that much because nobody (human) more uses SMS, but it was still useful to read the automatic SMS that sends ConectCar saying the value that cost the parking lot when I go shopping. Maybe some other application that does it, but I haven't found.

Biometric sensor

As for the biometric sensor under the screen Xiaomi Mi 9, I think he has worked even better than I expected. Usually pretty fast. Eventually it fails, but this also happened with the common sensor Z Play Bike.

The sensor under the screen initially seems just silly, with more value for the new marketing, than for its actual use. But in fact this sensor under the screen is a bright spot. It is in a very natural position (rather than on the side or back) and does not occupy space in front of unit.


The camera I used little. By default it records the photos in 12 MP, but you can use all the 48MP selecting an option. In the end it ends up being more marketing that something really useful. After all we are talking about small sensors, 48MP and noise tends to be large in any lighting condition not great. But the combination of 4 adjacent pixels to form a single pixel in the 12MP image certainly helps to reduce noise.

The 2X zoom is optical zoom, after all when it selects the My 9 just exchange the main lens (equivalent to 26mm) the telephoto lens (equivalent to 50mm).

There is a portrait mode to apply the effect of depth of field using both cameras at the same time, as is the fashion of the time. There is also a panorama mode and a Pro mode, which lets you select which to use the three lenses, ISO, Shutter time, focal length, and white balance.

A way of artificial intelligence that automatically detects the type of photo is also available. The famous filter beautifying the Xiaomi is available and makes automatic corrections in the face and body of people, configured as. The face is basically that effect “spent base 2Kg” that leaves everyone with ass face baby, without any imperfection, but the level is configurable. You certainly have a friend who just put photos like on Instagram. In the body apparently can change the length of the head, tune to waist, shrug shoulders, stretch legs, etc. But made no further tests… There are still tacky filtrinhos Instagram type for those who like.

The front camera is 20MP and f / 2.0. It does not flash as the Z Play Bike. The Xiaomi Mi 9 uses the screen itself as flash, illuminating it completely in the photo moment. In times to minimize the notch leaving only the camera lens on it, this is a trend.

In terms of video, the Xiaomi Mi 9 shooting in 4K UHD, and may also apply the filter beautification. You can shoot with both angular camera as with the wide angle. No option to track a moving object. There is also option to slow motion, with 120fps, 240fps and even 960fps.

In the little I used the camera results look good. To date I have not found a cell phone camera that has done I leave aside the my supercompact travel, ou a my superzoom home and upcoming events. But the camera My 9 It goes a step further in this direction. A clear lens (f/1.75) Primary camera compensates somewhat for the lack of a decent flash. A super angular (equivalent to 17mm) help in larger frameworks. Finally telephoto (equivalent to 50mm) allows a minimum of optical zoom.

And as much as I do not let go of a separate camera for scheduled photos, the camera phone is the one that is always at hand for any eventuality. I think the camera Xiaomi Mi 9 will fulfill this role very well.

A single negative point in the set of cameras is that it is salient and is in one of the unit's corners. Therewith, when placing the unit on a flat surface and try to type, he stays “needless”, swinging to one side or the other as the point of pressed screen.


A lot of people complain about the battery life of Xiaomi Mi 9. The 3.300 mAh disappointed a lot of people, who expected a higher capacity battery. De fate, this is the only point where I did a downgrade, because the battery Z Play Bike é 3.510 mAh.

For me it is too early to say whether the battery will take care of my use. When shooting the cell laden Dock The estimated 13 hours and minutes. I hardly get more than 13 hours without load cell, because at home I almost always leave it in dock next to the PC or on the dock next to my bed. At work I also have a Dock in my room, then the battery ends up being critical just when I'm traveling or working outside the city.

But 13 hours actually seems little. For those who stay all day outside the home and no nearby outlets, is a factor complicating. I have the my good old powerbank I take on trips, but of course I also preferred a larger battery, although the cell stay a little thicker and heavier.


These are the package tracking information obtained in the AliExpress:

2019.07.08 16:17 (GMT-7): Delivery successful
2019.07.02 09:52 (GMT-7): Cleared customs
2019.06.07 10:44 (GMT-7): Started customs clearance process
2019.06.07 10:44 (GMT-7): Held by customs
2019.06.07 10:43 (GMT-7): Shipment at local distribution center
2019.06.07 10:43 (GMT-7): Accepted by Last Mile Carrier
2019.06.07 10:40 (GMT-7): Arrived at destination country
2019.05.29 23:30 (GMT-7): Departed country of origin
2019.05.29 14:34 (GMT-7): Shipment left country of origin warehouse
2019.05.29 14:34 (GMT-7): Shipment accepted by airline
2019.05.29 14:06 (GMT-7): Shipment at country of origin warehouse
2019.05.29 13:36 (GMT-7): Shipment dispatched

And these are the information obtained on the site of the station:

Delivered to the addressee object
/ SP
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution Unit in [REMOVED] / SP
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in CAJAMAR / SP for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Object forwarded
Distribution Unit in CURITIBA / PR for treatment plant in CAJAMAR / SP
Customs supervision terminated
Paid object
See them by clicking deadlines here.
Awaiting payment
Visit My environment Imports
International Treatment Unit / BR
Object forwarded
Country in International Treatment Unit / BR for Administrative Unit in Customs Inspection / BR
Object forwarded
Integrated logistics unit in CURITIBA / PR for administrative unit in Customs Supervision / BR
Object received by the post Office of Brazil
Object forwarded
de País em CINGAPURA / countries in International treatment unit / BR


This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version
Name Original: Global Version Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Mi9 Smartphone Snapdragon 855 Octa Core 6.39” AMOLED 48MP Rear Camera Mobile Phone
Store: AliExpress | Store: Xiaomi Online Store
Value: R$ 1.919,41
Current value: R$ 1.813,12 (US$ 450,99)
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Aliexpress Standard Shipping
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 27/05/2019
Submission Date: 29/05/2019
Data Delivery: 08/07/2019
Time in Transit: 40 days
Declared content: cellphone
Type Marked Content: Other
Declared Value: S100.0
Taxed: Yes
Taxable Value: R$ 383,03
Tax Value: R$ 229,81

Final Considerations

So far I am quite satisfied with the Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9 6GB RAM 128GB ROM Global Version. I do not adapted to MIUI, but I could easily replace it by Nova Launcher. And the rest of the specs and features I have no complaints. All applications that need to run fast and smoothly on Android My 9.

What hope now is that the hardware is durable, and it can serve me well at least for the next 3 years. Por enquanto eu posso afirmar que certamente compraria o Xiaomi Mi 9 again.

Share this article with your friends if you liked 😉 . If you also want to shop in AliExpress, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

Update (26/07/2019): o mesmo problema que tive com o Do Not Disturb Premium também tive com o Tasker. Precisei limpar os dados, desinstalar e reinstalar para que as configurações de mante-lo ativo (sem ser morto pelo sistema de economia de bareria da Xiaomi) funcionassem. Antes disso as configurações eram aplicadas mas não faziam efeito.

Update (30/07/2019): outro recurso que não mencionei no artigo e que merece uma menção é que o My 9 tem um emissor de infravermelho e um aplicativo (Mi Remote) que permite controlar TVs, receivers, receptors, air conditional, e diversos outros aparelhos que usam controle remoto infravermelho, tornando-se um controle remoto universal. É um recurso bacana, simples de implementar, e barato que todo celular deveria ter.

Update (13/08/2019):

The Do Not Disturb Premium definitivamente não funciona com o Xiaomi Mi 9. The phone comes out of the quiet time alone before. It's a pity, because I paid for the Premium version. I uninstalled it and installed a similar application (Do not disturb – Blocking calls – Free). This indeed is working perfectly.

I also noticed that the remote control Mi Remote for TVs from Sony are even more complete than the controls that come with the TV. For example, TV in my room rather use the sleep function (hours) so turn off the TV if I sleep alone. With control of Sony must navigate menus to find the hidden function. With the Mi Remote there is a SLEEP button that works perfectly to trigger function without resorting to menus.

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One bought the plus 6 in Gearbest and paid half the price charged in Brazil.
zero regrets.

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