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After Burner for the Master System was released by Sega in 1987. It is a shoot’em up that simulates a three-dimensional effect. After Burner It was ported from the arcade Sega, one of the largest company's successes. It is a cartridge 4 Cloud, with beautiful graphics and soundtrack to a console 8 bits.

After Burner It was released by Tec Toy in Brazil 1991. It was available at the video store I frequented, and I rented it some times. Its Brazilian cover can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Cover Tec Toy for After Burner - Master System.

Cover Tec Toy for After Burner – Master System.

The game's story appears in the rear box, as follows:

You are a captain of the Navy elite troops and have under control the aircraft the most advanced jet to cross the heavens. The F-14 Thunder Cat exceeds the speed of sound reaching Mach 2, power has unlimited fire and is also equipped with a very powerful onboard computer tracking enemy targets allowing you to destroy. Move the F-14 to the right and to the left, shoot missiles and shoot the cannon “Vulcan”, as enemy missiles will be passing beneath their wings. In this battle you will be outnumbered, but this is no problem. After all, you are the one known as “O Az”.

This is one of the games Master System that have sound FM, for Japanese consoles that have the Yamaha YM2413 chip to run it. The Western version also came out with the FM audio, despite the chip not be present in our islands.

And now my main contribution to the community: the flyer that Tec Toy sent me with the tips of After Burner there in years 90, time of late Master Club.

The booklet follows the traditional format, with a single sheet of continuous form, with matrix printing. It contains the game's plot and tips. There are tips for two parts of the game, a tip for CONTINUE, and a tip for endless CONTINUES. The latter involves tightening 100 sometimes the pause button on the display screen. I could never run it. The pause button on my Master System until the time stuck in an attempt to perform this trick and was never the same, although he continued working.

Check out the brochure Tec Toy with the tips of After Burner Digitized:

Tec Toy Tips - After Burner - Master System

Tec Toy Tips – After Burner – Master System

To complete, I did a little video demonstrating the After Burner, all the original hardware and no emulation, as costume. In the video show both the game with PSG as sound with FM sound.

The equipment used for this capture was:

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This game with FM sound is very cool. I intend to do soon FM mod on my Master System 2 to enjoy better the soundtrack of compatible games.

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