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Kenseiden for the Master System was released by Sega in 1988. It is an action game platform, with some elements of adventure and RPG. A unique classic console, He did not come out for any other platform. A cartridge 2 Cloud, very good use, with beautiful graphics and soundtrack.

Kenseiden It was released by Tec Toy in Brazil 1991. It was also available at the video store I frequented, and I rented it some times. Its Brazilian cover can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Tec Toy Case for Kenseiden, the Master System.

Tec Toy Case for Kenseiden, the Master System.

The game's story appears in the rear box, as follows:

This game is set in Japan, Century XVI. Satanic witches have taken over their country. They stole the King's Sword Dragon and the five

Secret manuscripts belonging to his family! It's up to you, a fearless samurai, recover objects that were stolen, overcoming all wizards that await in the Castle of Black Magic!

It is more than a matter of honor. The fate of a nation depends on its success!

This is one of the games Master System that have sound FM, for Japanese consoles that have the Yamaha YM2413 chip to run it. The Western version also came out with the FM audio, despite the chip not be present in our islands.

And now my main contribution to the community: the flyer that Tec Toy sent me with the tips of Kenseiden there in years 90, time of late Master Club.

The booklet follows the traditional format, with three continuous form sheets, with matrix printing. It contains the game's plot, controls and tips. And in this game are many tips, including selection phase, hidden items, how to pass the wizards, rewards, and how to get Continues.

Check out the brochure Tec Toy with the tips of Kenseiden Digitized:

To complete, made two videozinhos demonstrating Kenseiden. The first was done with the original hardware, using PowerBase Mini FM for the FM sound.

In the second video used the Analogue Mega Sg, and I showed both the FM sound as PSG. I also showed the Japanese version of Kenseiden, where we note that the original samurai had blond hair. In the American version, which was also released in Europe and Brazil, They passed a black Wellaton no samurai. Probably they found that Americans estranhariam a blond Japanese.

The equipment used for these catches were:

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Victor Hugo Arruda Sipoli

Mais um jogo incrível e nostálgico!

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