Capacitor kit for the Super Nintendo model SHVC

This Capacitors Kit for Super Nintendo model SHVC was purchased at a local electronics store.

Electrolytic capacitors are often the main point of failure in most old electronics and the Super Nintendo is no exception. Eventually capacitors leak their electrolyte and need to be replaced, not only begin to fail, but also because the leaked electrolyte can oxidize and corrode the card and other components.

Most electrolytic capacitors from the Super Nintendo are SMD, but in general the substitution is made by radial capacitors PTH. The reasons are many:

  • They are easier to find on the market;
  • They are easier to install with common soldering iron, SMD capacitors are meant to be installed with proper equipment;
  • They were invented a long time ago, It has more time of evolution;
  • Braise and the electrolyte may leak from the top, away from the plate. SMD capacitors always leak down, increasing the chances of damaging the plate.

Console5 has an A wiki that shows the list of capacitors for each Super Nintendo model. The SHVC-CPU model-01, from 1990, the first one, uses the following capacitors:

C50	47uf	10v
C51	47uf	10v
C57	100uf	6v
C58	100uf	6v
C59	100uf	6v
C60	100uf	6v
C61	10uf	16v
C62	2.2uf	50v
C63	33uf	25v
C64	33uf	25v
C65	10uf	16v
C66	10uf	16v
C67	1000uf	25v

The Console5 sells these capacitors kits, both na PTH version As na SMD version. The cost is US $ 4,95, which is somewhat more expensive than buying them in electronic, but still pays off because they supposedly are quality brands. What makes them prohibitive kits for us Brazilians is the freight, I got that close to US $ 15,00 cheapest mode, the last time I had checked. Now it appeared a version of $ 7,79, but no trace.

But with list in hand you can purchase them in the local electronics stores. Fortunately capacitance values ​​are relatively common. At the very least we need to use the same capacitance and higher voltages because the exact tension are not available.

And so I bought this kitzinho, for under R $ 10,00:

Capacitor kit for the Super Nintendo model SHVC, and two sockets for Atari 2600.

Capacitor kit for the Super Nintendo model SHVC, and two sockets for Atari 2600.

Note that I bought one or two capacitors over each value, in case some come defective, so there are more capacitors than the list.

Also I took the opportunity to buy these two sockets 40 pins, that has nothing to do with with the Super Nintendo. They are for my Atari 2600. In one TIA is not socketado and other socket is a bit battered, então devo troca-los eventualmente.

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O blog traz conteúdo cada vez mais especializado em retrogamer. Conteúdo assim é meio raro nas terras tupiniquins. Parabéns 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎮🔝💯


E agora pra substituir todos os capacitores, como vai fazer? Vc mesmo faz?

The downside of the miniaturization of components is that was really bad and hard work on a board without proper equipment like soldering station, magnifying glass, etc.
I also find better and larger resistors capacitors, still occupying more space.


Eu substitui os capacitores do meu super famicom e super nintendo, mas eu optei por comprar da china, at because I tried to use as many nichion and rubycon capacitors as possible. In the case of super nintendo the exchange was excellent, several bad capacitors and after the service the sound and image quality were so good that I am happy just to remember.


The freight I used from the store directly to Brazil. It's not exactly cheap, the first purchase I made I paid $ 15.82 in shipping for a purchase of $ 21.13 but it arrived in less than 30 days and I didn't pay any fees. The advantage is that there you can choose exactly the capacitor you want, since we have several manufacturers (panasonic, chemi-con, rubycon, nichicon, etc). I haven't found a store in Brazil where I can make this kind of choice, and when you will see are brands of dubious quality. I received the package well packaged, I had no problems with shipping, I bought capacitors to make the recap´s and some others to assemble a sync stripper to use in GBS Control.

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