Post destroys the Super Nintendo of my childhood after 27 years

In this article reported how the Post managed to destroy the Super Nintendo I won in 1992/1993, and that took care of with great affection in the past 27 years. As if I did not have many reasons to dislike this damn state, now I have the greatest of all.

Why not like Post?

In these 12 Blog Skooter years I've reported here many bad experiences with Post Office. It is worth remembering some of them.

Delays in packet delivery is probably the most common. You knew I had a package that took 282 days to arrive? Yes, almost 10 months!!!

I have had misplaced package, disappeared in the code stream, etc… Let's face, there is misplaced package, packages not desparecem of nowhere! They are stolen! And often it happens within the same post office.

Want more? Once the Post charged in duplicate a postal order fee on my credit card. I needed to do chargeback to recover my money. For that? Because the post office system simply did not allow register the complaint, falsely claiming that the package had not arrived in Brazil. When they finally they always responded with random answers, unrelated to the complaint. Probably the employee had a goal close all tickets. And so he did not even read the, just pasted there any response. It's easy? And it's still, as will be shown later…

Calm that has more. I have also reported the case here that put “The delivery can not be made - Incorrect address. Object subject to delay in the delivery or return to sender” the same tracking perfectly with the correct address? Yes, the Post Office uses this trick to escape having to repay the delay by posting the value delivery.

Not, not just. I have related here also that once was in the agency to apply for tax review and the employee was doing terrorism saying that would not work, that would tax increase, etc. Everything to do his job, it, moreover, I did not know how… At the end I asked to take a blank form to take already filled the next time he needed and he let out a: “Will have next time?”. It's easy?

I have many other reports of bad personal experiences with the Post Office, but I will stop here but the article will stop there. Remember also that there are some general reasons why everyone should hate the Post Office. see some…

Did you know that the Post Office has a monopoly guaranteed by the constitution? Paper, Postal cards, pouches, stamps. All exclusive of Posts. It has a company wants to compete? Can not! And it's fine and imprisonment for those who try.

But the Post also acts as carrier, and makes unfair competition with private companies, You do not pay a lot of taxes that private companies pay. Furthermore, while private companies need to make profit not to fail, the Post can afford to have billions of injury. Yes, we last 5 years of PT government the Post Office gave several BILLION injury. You know who paid the bill? Eu! Do You! All of us who pay taxes. There were years and years of managers appointed for political reasons and not for competence. God owes…

Moreover, this promiscuous relationship PT Post and allowed the state was even used to EN deliver the political propaganda irregularly. In other words, while we pay exorbitant prices to use a bad service and still see our packages, stolen, and destroyed, the partidão corruption wore Post Office officials to deliver electoral propaganda of Dilma free.

Some argue the Post Office to arrive in places where carriers do not reach. But here we have a classic case of which came first: The egg or the chicken? In many places the carriers do not come because they are drowned in taxes, and invest to get face unfair competition from the Post Office, que não paga imposto e pode dar prejuízo à vontade. Quem arriscaria?

Ah, quem compra no exterior também deve saber que a isenção de impostos da Receita Federal para pacotes enviados por pessoa física de valor até US$ 50,00 só vale para o Correios. Para transportadora os impostos sempre são cobrados. Furthermore, em muitos estados pacotes tributados nos Correios não pagam ICMS, mas nas transportadoras pagam. Por que essas isenções não valem para as transportadoras também? É mais um dos muitos privilégios do Correios.

Então se você ainda gosta do Correios depois de tudo isso, reveja seus conceitos. 🙂 Mas chega de Correios por enquanto, vamos falar do meu Super Nintendo.

O Super Nintendo da minha infância

I do not remember exactly the year I won my Super Nintendo. I know it was at the end of 1992 or early 1993, because in spring 1991 I won my Master System II, and Christmas 1993 I won my Mega Drive III. And between the Master System and Super Nintendo I still had a Sega Genesis, I got in the middle of 1992.

Of all these, only Super Nintendo and the Mega Drive III with me today. The rest were sold to buy Super Nintendo. But recomprei models same as an adult. These stories I've told in other articles here in Skooter Blog.

How do I know some dates and other non? In the case of Mega Drive III It's because I I still have the invoice. In System Master of the case is because of first letter I sent to the Tec Toy, shortly after winning the Master System, the answer came in October 1991.

If you do not remember correctly, my Super Nintendo Paraguay came through one of the many “sacoleiros” the time. I was the first and only owner of it. In the small town where I lived they said it was the fourth Super Nintendo city. But certainly there were some others outside of our circle of acquaintances.

And in these 27 years I always took care very well of my Super Nintendo. I still have the packaging and all accessories. There were two changes, many installs and uninstalls. And he always survived.

The console yellow with time, as with all Super Nintendo older. Who has a Super Nintendo white boy certainly has a newer model or used a technique known as retrobright, involving hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light.

I did not use this technique because it has just further deteriorating the plastic console. My Super Nintendo was yellowish, but spotless, without any scratch or broken corner. Most of the islands of the season has corners or broken parts, scratchs, etc. Mine had nothing. As I said, were 27 years he was very well maintained.

The problem of my Super Nintendo

My Super Nintendo never visited a service. In 27 years he had never even been opened. Received no preventive maintenance, what some may criticize, but the truth is it would be better if he had just continued.

Despite never have needed technical assistance, my Super Nintendo had a defeitinho. In fact he came up with this defect, but I could only detect it one or two years later, out of any collateral that had given Sacoleiro, if he gave some. I'm gonna explain…

When I won the Super Nintendo, TV wearing was a Sharp the years 80, I only had RF input. There was A / V inputs. It was a model same as the photo below, but it was best preserved. In this TV Super Nintendo worked perfectly via RF.

TV Sharp years 70/80

TV Sharp years 70/80

Over time the TV tube was getting tired, and there came a time that she had so many ghosts I do not know how I could still play. One day my father decided to sell it and bought a Peconic TV 14 inches. It was one of those brands that entered through Paraguay, and shifty Paraguayans botavam a sticker written Sony over Peconic to deceive customers.

This new TV had A / V input, and in it I could turn on the Super Nintendo via A / V for the first time. I had to buy a Y-cable, because the TV was single and had only one audio input. In it the Super Nintendo was sometimes discolored. It was somewhat intermittent, after a while the color appeared. Sometimes he disappeared and returned. So I ended up not bothering to fix it. At the time I did not even rented more games and was more interested in PCs. Then I got so…

At the time I did not even know, but almost all Super Nintendo coming to Brazil needed to be transcoded to work with colors in our PAL-M TV, who at the time they were not compatible with NTSC and PAL-N, like today.

For both, crystal oscillators 21,47727 They were replaced MHz crystal oscillator 21,453666 MHz, the crystal oscillator Beast, whose frequency is exactly 6 times the frequency of the subcarrier of the PAL-M: 3,575611 MHz. Some other changes were also made, chip lifting leg and inserting resistors and capacitors in the circuit. Usually all this was done well nastily. I do not know if it was in some Paraguayan and Brazilian dive that made the service, but the fact is that the service was pork! The botched transcoding was probably what caused this problem of colors on my Super Nintendo.

My Super Nintendo ended up without much use of the second half of the 90 until the current decade, after all I only had the cartridge Super Mario World to play. When he wanted to play another game of the Super Nintendo appealed to the emulators. only 2013 It is that I got my first RGB cable to the Super Nintendo and the SD2SNES. And then yes I went back to using it more intensely. The problem of color did not appear in RGB, so once again this problem was ignored for a few more years.

But it was last year that got mine Analogue Super Nt, that ended up taking the top job in TV in my room. The Super Nintendo my childhood was for a CRT TV Philips 20 inch I won a few years ago. It was there that the Super Nintendo problems resurfaced, because this TV I had to turn it on using the composite video. Sometimes the image does not appear, It was sometimes failed in the colors of the first lines, sometimes it was perfect, but with the colors somewhat “wrong”. Check out this erratic behavior in the following video.

Opening the Super Nintendo first

The problem of Super Nintendo It was troubling. So I decided to open it for the first time in these 27 years to diagnose it. E eis o que eu encontrei:

As can be seen in photographs, the plate was very beautiful and well preserved. Confirmed also treat a SHVC-CPU-01, the first Super Nintendo plate, even with the sound plaque off-board. Beautiful thing. Rare thing.

But unfortunately also I found ugly hacks, one of them on the release to run pirated games (the Super Nintendo in Brazil has also came virtually every well) and the other relating to transcoding to PAL-M.

In the case of my console, exchanged oscillator, removed the variable capacitor trimmer, one leg of the stood encoder and welded a pair of resistors and capacitors.

I noticed that the oscillator was soldered on the terminals of an old component. I thought it is-a technical strategy to make faster, without taking the bottom of the card Island, which would make sense, after all it was probably several of these every day.

But then I saw that there was soldering flux marks on the bottom of the console also. In other words, the oscillator seems to have been changed more than once. Some ugly kludge was made there for some obscure reason. And remember that the island had never been opened or had never left my hand after I win. All this was done before he even get my hands, perhaps before coming to Brazil, because I think the Sacoleiro had no transcoding technical and already bought it so. Who knows?

The lack of the variable capacitor trimmer It is also strange. Most of the photos I see consoles transcoded this component is not removed, only weld a fixed capacitor with him. Why is my console was removed? another mystery.

To complete, I noticed that two electrolytic capacitors SMD leaked. I do not know at what time this occurred, since I did not notice side effects. The electrolyte oxidized part of the plate and metal shields. They are the only rust spots all over the island.

What needed to be done in this case was to remove the workaround transcoding, returning the console to NTSC, and replace the leaked capacitors.

Those who live in big cities can probably find someone you trust to do this kind of service. But here the most popular technical assistance consist of plate exchangers. It broke? Exchange plate with problem. You do not have the card or costs too much? Then “unfortunately does not repair”.

It even has specialized technical assistance in video games, but their business is new consoles. They repaired my Playstation 3 quando ele recebeu uma descarga elétrica via antena terrestre, que queimou meu receiver e chegou no console via HDMI. E consertaram trocando a placa. 🙂

Por conta disso eu fui aprendendo a fazer meus próprios reparos, pelo menos os mais simples. Eu já tinha algum interesse em eletrônica desde a infância, por influência de um colega que entendia bem mais que eu e me explicava muita coisa. Na faculdade também tive disciplinas de eletricidade e eletrônica, e meus colegas se surpreendiam quando eu conseguia montar os circuitos na protoboard rapidamente.

Quando queria um Atari 2600 with a MOD 2600RGB também não sabia quem poderia fazer o serviço. Resolvi encara-lo eu mesmo. Estudei os esquemas e então fiz a de-transcodificação (back to NTSC) and depois instalei o kit. Deu tudo certo.

My cellar chocolates, acquired in 2014, He began to fail in 2017 and crashed from time to 2018. If it was local technical assistance it would not have repair. Then I myself decided to try to fix it. I was changing and testing the capacitors and got. It is good today and gave no problems.

Por fim, my Atari 2600 He took issue with the paddles. Again without having to turn to, I studied the case and stared repair. Once again everything worked.

A couple of years now I know that there are technicians who receive the product by Post, They do the repair and send back. But I always feared that something would happen in this traffic. I never trust the Post Office. Already I had a feeling that the day I give a console in their hands, they would break or lose. I should have taken this feeling seriously.

I began to plan the repair. Acquire a kit capacitors, the variable capacitor and the NTSC oscillator.

The Attempted Repair

To repair the Super Nintendo opened the island again, taking care to separate all screws, as a screw gauge or wrong length can easily damage the plastic already weakened by age console.

With the plate removed, I removed the resistors and capacitor that are placed in the chip encoder. I lowered the chip's little leg that was raised and soldered it back on the plate.

Here my first mistake. At that point I should have tested the console. Probably it would be black-and-white, but I know that so far everything was going well. In de-transcoding Atari 2600 I was auditioning every step, even he was in even before I NTSC color remove all gambiarra of Polyvox and reset a resistor removed. A signal should be slightly out of specification, but my TV accepted. But I went to the end, always testing step by step. I should have done the same with the Super Nintendo.

Once removed the fixed capacitor which was in place of the variable capacitor and the oscillator crystal PAL-M. I put the variable capacitor and the oscillator crystal NTSC. Here was my second mistake. When removing the crystal oscillator PAL-M terminal where he was soldier, It should be made as simple and soldier crystal oscillator NTSC right there. But instead I wanted to do the right service and solder the crystal directly on the board, how should be.

It was then that I realized that the islands of the crystal oscillator were not legal. Apparently there was a reason for gambiarra. The coach knew that the islands were already bad and neither wanted to move them again, He advantages that they were still giving a contact dregs and welded straight in the previous crystal terminals. How was flowing at the bottom of the crystal should have been changed more than once, HE knows-because. Perhaps a PAL-M crystal defective, or my Super Nintendo could have been guinea pig transcoding…

The fact is that by the time I was testing the Super Nintendo, it did not work. I tested another crystal and other trimmer, for if they are defective. including checked console schemes to try to connect the oscillator directly on components, giving a bypass the trails. A crystal oscillator terminal TC1 binds (the trimmer) and C2 (in fact absent), and the other binds to C1, R2, R 1 e. But not so worked, the island continued without image and without sound.

Note that I did not test the variable capacitors before installing because the capacitance is so low (20 pF), which is out of my range testator. I could be placed in two parallel, but at the time I did not think.

Check out some photos and video of these modifications:

No longer know what to do, I made my third and biggest mistake: I decided to send the Super Nintendo for some specialized professional video game.

As ia send this Super Nintendo, I could enjoy also send my other Super Nintendo, who was also in trouble, leveraging the same delivery. So before proceeding we talk about this another Super Nintendo.

The other Super Nintendo

My other Super Nintendo I won around the beginning of the decade. A little battered out, I tested it quickly, but I did not give much attention to him. It was there for a drawer and stayed there a long time.

When I met the world's RGB I decided to test this island again and realized he had a clearer picture than my childhood Super Nintendo.

I started researching about it and found that the Super Nintendo newer have this feature. They are known as 1chip, but despite the sharpest feature glitches in some games and other problems. Even did an article about those differences here in Skooter Blog.

But this my Super Nintendo 1chip also had a problem: RESET not working. One day I decided to open it and what I found inside was pretty ugly. The board was all screwed around the RESET. Certainly they tried some kind of repair there. The crystal oscillator hung giving back on board, and bound with electrical tape, HE knows-because.

RESET realized that the islands already existed or more. This explains why lixaram around, They were trying to find paths to weld directly. I started testing continuities to try to find somewhere where I could solder the wires RESET and leaves it active again, but to move to the hanging board oscillator several times ended up dropping a bit and started to go wrong contact. I realized that the oscillator islands also no longer existed more.

The RESET I can understand, button suffers some movement and can break the weld with time, or to drop the islands depending on the level of ogrisse(s) owner(s) previous(is), but why the crystal oscillator? Was there something in the solder used in these transcoding which erodes the islands over time? I always put varnish on my welds to prevent corrosion, just like the manufacturers do with the original welds. But the technical transcoders did not have the same care, perhaps this explains precisely these problems in the islands of the crystal oscillator in two different consoles from different eras.

Check out some photos of the pet unfortunate situation:

At the time until I showed these pictures to a known technical on Facebook to know if it was worth it to send. But he found the well judiada plate and difficult to salvation. So I ended up leaving that aside Super Nintendo.

The sending of the two Super Nintendo for repair

I was determined to then send the two Super Nintendo for some professional expert consoles that could try to fix them. I thought to send to technical I cited earlier, but he had seen the pictures of one of the islands and finding that he had no salvation, I thought best to send to someone else who could take a look at the two.

There are several channels on consoles repairs on Youtube, but has two I follow quite. One of them has already shown various Super Nintendo on your channel, including repair damaged trails and islands, so I thought it would be a good idea to send him.

I took the box that came my DS918 + U.S.. A large box, inteirona and had Styrofoam flakes. Each wrapped in bubble wrap consoles individually and made sure that they stayed separate and right in the middle of the box and without drive. quite shook the box before closing to make sure I would not leave the islands of place in normal conditions of carriage. They were arrested and.

I did by sending on Sedex 18/07 and the next day the box was delivered to the technical mailbox.

The Total Destruction of the Super Nintendo by Post

No give 23/07 the coach sent me these photos, showing the Super Nintendo of my childhood totally destroyed.

The coach blamed me saying you can not use Styrofoam, it has to be newspaper ball, etc. It is understandable to his attitude, after much of his service arrives by mail, he even has a mailbox for it. He would not admit to send something by mail is always playing in a lottery where the chance of being “contemplated” with broken content is great.

But I already know the Post well enough to know that when they want to destroy something they can. I have already received very well wrapped packages in the Post managed to break content. It has many videos on Youtube that show how they act. These are just some of them:

But nothing is as bad it can not get worse, little later the technician reported that the islands had no repair condition. He asked if I wanted them back or could discard. I asked the islands back. On the same day did the TED paying for postage and for his service. I asked him to make a correct packaging, since he says that was not my.

The Return of Dead

No give 24/07 Technical sent the islands back to me. They arrived the day 25/07, in the same box, with the same Styrofoam, the same way that I sent. Eu, I was not so wrong?

Opening the box I noticed that the top of the two islands had been exchanged. Not cool. I know the color of the top of my childhood Nintendo hit with the bottom of the 1chip. But the fact is that the two yellowed and the two most yellowed at the bottom to the top. I can only believe that different components were used in the construction of each of.

I also realized that my childhood island was even worse than in the pictures that the coach let. Note that the latch on the bottom rose and came to the FCC label.

then open the islands to undo the exchange. Por mais que o técnico tenha dito que ambos são sucata, for me are still my consoles and deserve due respect.

Opening my childhood console realize there were a lot of damage, I gathered all the broken pieces. I believe that there is no chance of repair. Not with plastic mass, or resin, nor any material that I know.

To make matters worse, the island came missing screws. I searched all the loose parts inside, I turned the box unlike, separated each styrofoam Snowflake to see if it had not fallen inside. But nothing, some disappeared same screws! who read my article on repairs on a Master System II You know how much I'm boring with these details. Not admit missing screws, screws in the wrong place, who dismantles have to learn to ride. Even when I dismounted the same island I used these pots Tic Tac which identified where each screw came out, and then rides it exactly the same way.

Jars to store the screws of the Super Nintendo and ride it properly at the end.

Jars to store the screws of the Super Nintendo and ride it properly at the end.

Scrap or not, I paid the assessment, paid return, and I wanted my full consoles, with all screws, and assembled correctly.

The Post Position

You know what the position of the Post Office in relation to the damage they have done? Yeah, I do not know either. Because until now only wrapped me…

I opened a complaint via website, I selected the specific option BREAKDOWN. You know what they answered? Right:

Dear customer, We reported that the postal object in question was delivered on 19/07/2019 , the address Serra do Japi Street 1308 . If your need is to get the recipient's name, We suggest that in the coming posts is hired the additional service of Notice of Receipt – WITH. Clarify that the maximum period to reactivate this manifestation is 30 (thirty) days.

That's it. They gave a random answer that has nothing to do with my breakdown of complaint. I can not understand this functional illiteracy employee. The guy does not read? Answer anything just to close the ticket and accomplish the goal?

I tried to reopen the claim on the website but was unable. The Post system is full of bugs. many even.

I called in 0800 the Post Office and from there managed to reactivate the complaint, but now came another bizarre response:

Dear customer, Sincerely its manifestation, we have to clarify that so that we can set / complete the object in question as broken or damaged and thus possibly compensate him harm or damage alleged, it is necessary housing tenure and we said demand content, for verification analysis purposes. Therefore, if still have or images (Photos) kindness deliver requested from the Post Office AGF Vila Gomes Cardim . The management of this agency has been oriented forward in the object / imagery, as soon as V. Saddle. Deliver it for analysis and investigation. No aguardo, we reaffirm our position as to remedy possible problems and / or provide the necessary clarifications

They know that I am the sender, but they want me to give the images in the target agency! I called again 0800 asking to make available an e-mail or some other way of sending digital images. The clerk could not even register the new interaction because the system did not accept the “Ticket ID” voucher, and I with proof in hand making sure the number is correct.

In the end she ended up getting, but in 29/07 gets a reply, and once again is a random response unrelated to the complaint:

Dear Customer, in keeping with their demonstration, We reported that the postal object in question had made in its delivery 19/07/2019 It is received by the authorized representative of the informed person in the manifestation, according to data available on the tracking system http objects:// Por fim, if our response has not reached your expectations or has not been enough, We ask reactivate this manifestation within up 30 (thirty) days except for objects posted to 28/02/2018, the deadline to reactivate the expression is up 90 days.

This is the post office. A service which answers any random bullshit regardless of the request does not serve for absolutely nothing. It is unacceptable that this company to continue acting this way with impunity.

To make matters worse, a agência de destino foi questionar o técnico quanto à reclamação. They asked if it was he who complained. See the size of incompetence Post. They do not even know who made the complaint. O técnico veio me questionar achando que eu havia usado o CPF dele para abrir a reclamação ou que havia informado o CPF dele na reclamação. I did not do it! I used it the CPF solely to the TED payment.

In the complaint I informed only my data and code package. They must have pulled the recipient of the data in the system. Not my fault if it has damaged his relationship with the agency or something. He said his agency is not to blame, this happened on the way, it was my packing… In no time I put the blame on his agency, but the Post Office as a whole. I have no way to blame the post office handles complaints.

And so the post office will shirking any responsibility, and there is nothing I can do.

lessons Learned

The situation is bad and definitely do not have anything good. I have a solution. I do not know what to do with broken consoles. For now I'm just saving them, just like some people pay to be frozen after they died (cryogenics) hoping that in the future the medicine go and find a way to “conserta-the” and make them live again.

I still have the packaging and all accessories Super Nintendo and, as these consoles bring no serial number on the box, I could buy another SHVC-CPU-01 (without housing and accessories) to replace my. The commercial value would remain the same. But not sentimental, after all, I know that is not my childhood console. Furthermore, It is very difficult to find a SHVC-CPU-01 in good condition.

But we can always draw some lessons from adversity, and I learned some. Let them.

Never, never, never, never trust the Post Office!

Yes, It has a lot of good people working at the Post Office. But it also has a horde of vagrants, incompetent, and even thieves. They will not think twice before destroying or stealing your valuables.

I know I use the Post Office is inevitable, after all they have a monopoly in the hands. But I do not intend to put another product that is collection or item that has some sentimental value in their hands again.

Não enviar mais nada para esse técnico

Nor is it for not having repaired my Super Nintendo. But the return of the islands with exchanged parts and missing screws, in addition to other “inconvenience” with the claim I made in Post.

specialized technicians not fix everything

Watching videos on Youtube gives the impression that these guys can fix everything. But the reality is not so. In fact only the success stories end up on Youtube and other social networks. The islands do not have repair just not showing up, and this gives the false impression that they fix anything.

In practice they have more experience, best equipment, more pieces to replace and test, while I have to wait another TIA Atari 2600 get the damn post office just to make a test (and the Post Office still invents the address is wrong to justify the delay). But like the rest of mortals they also do miracles.

Always do the simplest repair, yet it gets ugly

This is an important lesson. If I had welded the NTSC crystal oscillator in the terminal remains that were already on the island, as did the technician who installed the PAL-M crystal, My console may still be alive. Would continue gambiarrado, more alive.

Technicians that service need to make a beautiful and durable service so that the customer does not complain, do not give feedback and prejudice. But moving on my own consoles I did not need to make something beautiful. It should instead have changed the crystal but kept the workaround that was already there. And if he failed later, I would be enough to open the console and fix it again.

Never buy a Super Nintendo in Brazil

Two different islands, from different eras, both with problems on the islands and tracks the crystal oscillator. One of them came back into my hand already with a soldier in another terminal, It is still new. The other arrived having already gone through one or more repairs and the hanging oscillator, soldier Wired, bound with insulating tape, and a jumper… Coincidence?

It does not seem to be the case. The fact is that every console that came to Brazil, either via Paraguay, either via Playtronic / Gradient, It went through a transcoding process to work in PAL-M, and this involved exchange of components, especially the crystal oscillator.

It does not know the conditions under which these procedures were performed. People not trained? inadequate equipment? solder alloy slut? Welding unprotected rusting with time and bringing together the islands and trails? The fact is that over time these changes have failed in my consoles.

But it was not only my consoles that suffered such hacks. All Islands in Brazil have gone through similar situations, and can be a time bomb about to fail. Especially if the owner does not settle for bad colors of the PAL-M adjustment and want to return the console to NTSC, having to move these critical points and about to fail.

Therefore, if I buy another Super Nintendo someday, I will look in the US, on the eBay or Amazon, a console that has never been transcoded to PAL-M. In other words, an island without hacks.

Final Considerations

Now my only Super Nintendo is the functional Analogue Super Nt. He was already my main console to play, then in practice will not make much difference.

But I still would like to continue having a Super Nintendo original, and do not discount buy another if an opportunity with a SHVC-CPU-01 in good condition, o que certamente é muito difícil.

Quanto ao meu Super Nintendo de infância, infelizmente não dá para voltar no tempo e não envia-lo pelo Correios. O estrago me parece irreparável. Maldito Correios! 🙁

Update (02/03/2020): Ontem o técnico veio me perturbar pedindo para tirar o nome da empresa dele daqui. Eu não precisaria fazer isso, uma vez que apenas relatei o que realmente ocorreu. But how do not want to hear about this guy did the removal and hopefully so he let me alone.

The Procon sent me the completion of the administrative process, considering that the Post Office did not respond satisfactorily and advising me to join a lawsuit in Small Claims Federal.

In the paperwork that the Post Office presented evident is the inefficiency of the company, with many internal referrals, some clearly wrong, with much delay between them. It was also clear that the coach did his best to disrupt, because he claimed the post office that was all right with the package he received, I broke the console, etc.

I forgot to mention in the initial text, mas a caixa voltou pra mim com volume cúbico consideravelmente menor do que ela saiu daqui, evidenciado pelos próprios comprovante do Correios, que indica as dimensões da caixa. Quando postei aqui, ela tinha um volume maior, quando ele postou de volta lá, ela tinhaencolhidovários centímetros. É um claro sinal de que ela foi amassada. Inclusive tinha marcas desanfonamento” it.

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Chorei, chorei, chorei 🙁 Vou te contar uma coisa, eu a pelo menos 6 anos não contrato mais pedreiros, marceneiros, pintores, eletricistas, encanadores, técnico de eletrônica e etc. Eu faço TUDO. Cansei desse povo.


Você chega lá 🙂


Voce está escrevendo muito bem, fez um texto longo que ficou interessante até o final e com muita emoção. Lamento o ocorrido. Queria saber se faz sentido o que o técnico justificou que o problema foi o isopor que vc embalou.

Eu também tive essa mesma curiosidade 🤔

Com todo o cuidado que você teve com a caixa, applying plastic bubble motion and making sure, I do not believe that a fall on the ground would make this damage. Just imagine a very heavy object fell on his chest and then some officer who stepped on it. Consistent with cracks…

Aldo Cintra

Or the guy who got himself dropped the console and “He gave this Migue”.

After this testimony, I confess I was on the back foot in relation to MRM. Watched several videos of Márcio recovering lost tracks, so it strange when he said he did not repair their consoles. I was planning to send my Super Nintendo for MRM…
But at the end of the reading of this article, I wondered some form of u retrieve your console. Is there on the Internet some Proteus file with the model of SHVC-CPU board-01? Is it possible to order a new card with this file? If this unusual solution possible, you reaproveitaria the original ICs of the defective board. Ultimately, I wondered a happy outcome in this saga…

Gilson Santos

Yourself burned consoles, but it is the fault of the coach. 👌

Bom dia Skooter! It really is very sad that happened to you!
I have a Super Nintendo 1chip 3 I won when I was 7 years, and he is with me to this day, and I was trying to send it to a technical out of my state, because I live in Brasilia and here do not know anyone who mess with SYNC mod for that SNES run RGB scart adapter.

And some of them spoke to me when sending the product, pay that the most secure, which is a fortune! I do not know which mail procedure, but it seems that with insurance, they have a greater care in the shipping box or package.


Sincerely, even with all the posts do, It does not consider the possibility of technical bringing down the consoles on the floor for some reason and have said that the package was? You lá… It's too broken to have occurred within a protected enclosure…


Friend have two super nintendos in my collection using these same cards if you want we can compare some values ​​between them to try to repair their, I have electronic knowledge and will be happy if I can help it.


Ok I get the layout if you need anything, I am now in service as soon as we get home check that you have the C2 on my plate and give you a touch. abrçs

I love your blog, I am captive player and I am sorry for his misfortunes. I was poor in my childhood, playing SNES cousins ​​so returns and as an adult I got this pet peeve in the head and also have old video game craze. I 3 SNES here at home and the icing on the cake one original Mario Paint with mouse and all

Alisson Teles Cavalcanti

Dear friend, whom I follow for many years, knows Alexandre Souza, the Tabajara Labs ( Also accompany for years and would be the person to whom I send any more complicated electronic equipment that needed repair. I'm sorry for what happened, but at the same time I congratulate the published content.

Heartache, sweat straight stubborn fall in the eyes reading this.

About the Post, privatizing only to summarize.

About videogame technicians, the one I recommend is Nando Games. The simple fact of being a guy who loves what he does and is always right, or does not.


Skooter, I am also blog reader for a long time (long boot it, I think a decade on!). Ultimately, that sorrow and agony to see this story. Although I also have many restrictions to the Post, I was suspicious of this whole story, saw. I do not know the technical, but I was very suspicious that it was actually the Post the author of this Presepada, saw… You lá, intuition, “puga behind the ear”, call it what it is… But I did not like the fact that the islands were returned without any care. But what also gave me agony, I did not see you quoting GAMETECZONE, which is in São Paulo! :-The guy… the GAMETECZONE does a fantastic job in recovering consoles, and it is well known for a long time in the collector circuit (there including myself). The store is also well known by those who listen to the podcast “99 VIDAS”, and she's on Youtube, which even contains many videos showing the technical assistance, showing the situation and repair the consoles, long chat about it, etc. It is a store “old” already (from 2004), and that there are 3 he began to specialize in retro-consoles, both repair as the purchase and sale… Read more "

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Putz. Doeu aqui ver a foto!! Tive um dos primeiros snes mas o meu era o control set (um controle sem jogo). Só vendi porque era meu e de dois irmãos e decidiram vender. It was white when I sold it and today I remember the sadness… I bought one of the last fat that came out and I'm happy with it. Wanted to do preventive maintenance but I'm afraid send by mail. technical know Nando Games that has plenty of experience with older games because of technical addition was a great collector. I've seen it fix a Neo Geo Aes condemned by Gameteczone.


I did not understand why he deleted the company's name [REMOVED].

You called or sent a threatening email??

Bruno Larré

Face, I would recommend forwarding your consoles to Neto, do canal “To Neto's World” no YouTube. When and if you can, take a look at the guy's channel. He receives several SNES “scrapped” by “technical assistance” and manages to reverse in most cases. The guy is small but I respect his content a lot and I also follow. I imagine how bad it must be not to have your consoles working because I regret selling my SNES and GameCube. Congratulations on your content! Big hug!

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