Two Dots with Whistle for my Dog Birthday

My dog ​​did birthday and bought two balls to whistle for it. Balls are one of her favorite toys, and one of the few he can not destroy.

Check out the photos:

Apparently he liked enough, was a good time playing with them. Preferred orange, that mimics a basketball, because it was much longer biting her than the first. He took them both to bed at bedtime.

The red ball with thorns cost R $ 7,56 and the orange ball that imitates a basketball cost R $ 6,48. They were acquired in a pet shop location.

The Canister Hurricane Pet Container is already the third one I get as a free gift when buying the package 7,5 Kg da Adults feed Balance Small Breeds of Total. I have spoken of first and the second aqui no Skooter Blog.

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