Retrogamer session Saturday with Cleaning the Cartridge Contacts and Slot

Do housecleaning Friday after work is tiring, but an advantage is releasing Saturday for a session retrogamer, this time was in CRT TV.

I started with the Master System II, and already soon took the bottle of isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab because the last time I played I realized that sometimes put the cartridge, but the island carried the Alex Kidd in Miracle World Memory. I needed to disengage a bit to pick up the cartridge. That's Contact symptom cartridge slot or dirty console.

Passing a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol in the cartridge contacts was easy to solve this problem. Inserting and removing the cartridge with the still wet contacts on the island sometimes also cleared the slot, at least enough to delay a complete opening and cleaning.

After this quick cleaning the Master System II He started to work perfectly with all my few cartridges, taking first and without juggling.

Unfortunately still do not have a way to make transmissions or video captures in CRT TV. So check out some photos:

As labels the cartridges are ruinzinhas, because unfortunately already bought the so. But I will keep them to the labels original, because I see no need to change while they are still readable.

Many of the problems of video games in the years 80/90 They could be resolved with isopropyl alcohol, It is much more effective than blowing cartridges. It is a shame that at the time hardly anyone knew what isopropyl alcohol.

Ainda não perdi a habilidade no Summer Games e consigo superar o conjunto de recordes de cada modalidade que vem no jogo por padrão. Quando era criança fiquei feliz quando consegui colocar meu nome na tabela de recordes pela primeira vez, e me decepcionei quando desliguei o console e os recordes sumiram. 🙁

Depois de passar pelos cartuchos do Master System II, parti para o Atari 2600. Nele joguei uma partida de Condor Attack, jogo que só funcionar nas TVs CRT, pois usa taxas de atualização um tanto bagunçadas e oscilantes que causam instabilidade nas TVs LCD, seja com o Framemeister, seja com o OSSC. Até mesmo na TV CRT ele eventualmente rola a tela ao alterar a taxa de atualização.

E consegui uma pontuação boa (24484 points) para quem não jogava há tanto tempo. Meu pai nunca gostou muito de videogames, but when I was a kid insisted so much to him to play once in a while he agreed. And when asked to choose the game he almost always chose the Condor Attack.

It is a game which is often considered a worsened version Demon Attack or Phoenix, but I like him. I have it from the years 80 today in a cartridge of Dactar, along with Ladies, Star Master, and Frogger.

Cartridge 4 Dactar games with Condor Attack, Ladies, Star Master, and Frogger; and Cartridge Box 4 Games Apple Vision with Smart Bear, Tron, Pinball, and Volleyball

Cartridge 4 Dactar games with Condor Attack, Ladies, Star Master, and Frogger; and Cartridge Box 4 Games Apple Vision with Smart Bear, Tron, Pinball, and Volleyball

And along with the Finally Atari 2600 I bought, also came another cartridge that includes Dactar Condor Attack, but this time with Amidar, Astro Blast, and Bobby is Going Home.

Dactar cartridge with 4 games

Dactar cartridge with 4 games

And Saturday's session ended so. On Sunday I made another sessãozinha, but this time in Analogue Mega Sg, all live broadcast in Skooter Blog channel on Youtube.

The games were once Aztec Adventure, Super Cross, Fantasy Zone II, Monica in Dragon Castle, Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Forgotten Worlds and are now all in my Playlist Master System, currently with 85 videos.

Until next time.

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