Super Analogue Nt win support for games with special chips directly from the SD card

A nova versão do jailbreak firmware from the Analogue Super Nt (v6.9) has just been released and behind a bomb: were implements in FPGA some of the special chips used in the Super Nintendo cartridges, specifically are the DSP1 implemented, DSP2, DSP3, DSP4, OBC1, ST010, ST011 e CX4. Com isso é possível executar os jogos que usam esses chips diretamente de um cartão SD.

Ontem anunciei aqui no Skooter Blog que o Analogue Super Nt e o Analogue Mega Sg ganharam novas versões do firmware oficial, com suporte ao DAC que deve ser lançado em breve. E no final do artigo eu mencionei que logo deveriam sair as respectivas versões jailbreak possivelmente trazendo mais novidade. E de fato elas vieram 🙂 . Aparentemente a “fada do FPGAtrabalhou bastante e em segredo nos últimos meses para nos trazer essa nova versão, assim como ocorreu com o suporte ao ColecoVision no Mega Sg.

But calm, não venda seu SD2SNES still, pois para os jogos que usam os chips Super FX, S-RTC, SA-1 e MSU ainda é necessário usar o cartucho. And it is unlikely to support all of them come in new versions, by hardware limitations. On the other hand, support for ST011 is now present in Super Nt and it is not possible in SD2SNES, also by hardware limitation. Only the SD2SNES Pro You have a chance to get it someday.

Here is the complete list of news from jailbreak firmware v6.9 for Analogue Super Nt:

  • includes all fixes from official firmware v4.9:
    • Added user font loading
    • Added RGB sliders for standby colour
    • Added SPC player
    • Fixed top missing scanline
    • Added new scanline system
    • Added DAC
    • Added light gun support with DAC
    • L/R audio input on cartridge was flipped
    • Fixed “you cannot use a mouse with this game” on Panic Bomber World
    • Fixed Star Wars pausing bug
    • Many small fixes and changes
  • plus:
    • Added DSP1,2,3,4 support
    • Added OBC1 support
    • Added ST010, ST011 support
    • Added CX4 support
    • Sped up file loadin

The Mega Sg also won a new firmware version jailbreak, a v7.6. The innovations are as follows:

includes all fixes from official firmware v4.6:

  • Added DAC
  • Added light gun support with DAC
  • Fixed boot audio level
  • Fixed left side green line when HQX scalers active
  • Bubble Bobble SMS fixed
  • Added Genesis and SMS light gun support
  • Fixed CD BIOS replacement again
  • Sped up file loading

New firmware jailbreak Super Nt and the Mega Sg They can be downloaded from GitHub do SmokeMonster.

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Analogue Mega Sg, next to the Analogue Super Nt.

Analogue Mega Sg, next to the Analogue Super Nt.

Update (11/08/2019): Check out the video of the live broadcast of my first tests with the jailbreak firmware v6.9 for Analogue Super Nt:

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Good morning! I also have a sd2snes and when the purchase, I had researched enough about the flashcard, and the main attraction for me was that he would be able to run all special SNES chips because of hardware have already been developed for this!

But giving a researched more thoroughly, I noticed that SPC7110 chip in the game Far East of Eden Zero (Tengai Makyou Zero fighter) You have that battery in real time, and I do not know if sd2snes would be able to run this game perfectly.

And from what I read in your post now, you said you hardly sd2snes could run the ST chips-011 e ST-018, could you explain what are the difficulties of sd2snes run these chips?

Got it! Thanks for the clarification! But Sd2snes Pro is too expensive! And I think it is not worth it to run the ST games-011 e ST-018 (What are board games chess virtually)

If the original Sd2snes run SPC7110 is already perfect!

This Mega SD is also the next Flashcart I will buy! You collect laptops also?

The S-RTC also runs on Sd2snes and he also has real time clock! So the future SPC7110 can run on sd2snes! Will take! hehe

With this update of one hell of a desire to get this baby.

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