ASUS router “passes away” after firmware update – Problems and Solutions

This is a problem that recently faced, I update a router ASUS RT-AC68U with version 384.13 do firmware Asuswrt-Merlin and after the apparently successful update, it does not work anymore.


The ASUS RT-AC68U I was the version 384.12 from the Asuswrt-Merlin before upgrading. I installed the new version (384.13) using the option to upgrade the firmware itself, as I always do. To complete the installation it appeared the message asking to restart it manually, as often happens.

Follow the instruction, but then on the router crashed. the on and Ethernet LEDs were usually lighting, but no WiFi and no connectivity, no DHCP, nothing…

then downloaded the firmware restoration tool itself ASUS, the ASUS Firmware Restoration version, which is available on Product Support section on the manufacturer's website.

You have to put the router into recovery mode, connecting it while the small RESET button is held down for 5 seconds. The light flashes POWER, indicating that the router is in recovery mode.

Then, you must connect your PC to a LAN port, manually configure the IP to and the subnet mask to Then run up the ASUS recovery program and choose a firmware file to apply the router.

The problem is that at the end of the procedure, despite the message that had been successful, the problem persisted. I tried with the latest version of Asuswrt-Merlin (384.13) and also the latest official firmware (


The solution I found is on SNBForums and it is simple. I installed an old firmware version, if the version 378.55 do Asuswrt-Merlin, usando a ferramenta de recuperação da ASUS. Com isso o roteador voltou a funcionar e pude instalar a versão mais recente novamente, a 384.13. Dessa vez não houve problemas. Recuperei então o último backup das configurações que eu tinha, ainda da versão 384.11 if memory serves me, e tudo voltou ao normal.

Não sei exatamente porque foi necessário colocar a versão antiga primeiro. Um membro do forum mencionou algo sobre o CFE (Common Firmware Environment). Que ele precisaria ser atualizado quanto ao tamanho de partição ou algo parecido e que duas versões poderiam fazer isso, a 378.55 do Asuswrt-Merlin, que foi a que usei, ou a 376.3626 da ASUS. Não entendi muito bem, but the important thing is that it worked. 🙂

Esse é o tipo de informação deveria estar no site da ASUS, na própria ferramenta de recuperação, etc. But unfortunately it is not.

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Flávio Barros

Good morning.
I bought a model that today (18/10/2019).
Does this problem keeps happening ?

Flávio Barros

Thank you very much.

Frederico Bezerra

Funny, I did an update these days and mine went without doing anything. I have EXACTLY the same router and I use Merlin too! Another device. A pity that RoubAnatel does not let you enter the country anymore. I bought mine at an auction on Ebay for 50$. Here it costs 1k… sniff sniff.

larissa oliveira

when doing the hard reset to put back in Mode and install the firmware the router hangs and only keeps the power light flashing! Does anyone know why? broke?

André Gustavo

Good night. Could you please help me: to LAN port 1 the AC68U stopped working, even the blue led is off. Is there a procedure that I can restore or will I have to send it for warranty? The hard part is that 30 days and you can't be without all that time.

Last edited on 11 months ago by André Gustavo
André Gustavo

Putz… It will be hard to be without him all this time. Thank you very much.

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