[Unboxing] Dangerous Minds: The psychopath lives next door (commemorative edition 10th anniversary) – Ana Beatriz Barbosa Silva

In this article I show the unboxing from the book Dangerous Minds: The psychopath lives next door (commemorative edition 10th anniversary) Ana Beatriz Barbosa Silva author.

Following is a description of the book in Amazon Brazil:

They may have many faces. Disguised as good people, author of eager minds hide what they really are: estimators beings, manipulative and insensitive to people's feelings. They are next to us at work, at school, in the neighborhood and in the family circle and, any time, can lead to destruction in our lives. They are psychopaths, a real and silent menace to society. Psychopaths do not feel guilt or compassion. Unrepentant. Do not nourish any sense of empathy or responsibility towards others. Drained of emotion, They are able to go over everything and everyone to meet your goals. In Dangerous Minds, drag. Ana Beatriz Barbosa Silva reveals this dark personality disorder that affects about 4% the world's population and shows the reader how to guard against the evils of a psychopathic mind. Absolute publishing success, this anniversary edition includes two new chapters. A psychopathic about the environment in which we should feel safer - family - in which the author recounts known and appalling cases of psychopathy. And another on the known relationship between psychopathy and power, which deals with great tyrants of history who have used political power to give arterial runoff to its most perverse impulses.

And this is the fact sheet:

  • cover common: 288 pages
  • Publishing house: the; Edition: 1ª (30 October 2018)
  • Language: Português
  • ISBN-10: 8525067326
  • ISBN-13: 978-8525067326
  • Product Dimensions: 22,8 x 15,2 x 2 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 499 g

As the purchase was not for me, I owe an assessment, but I have some pictures and video of the unboxing:

A paper version with single cover expense R$ 31,72. For those who prefer, The book also has version Kindle available for only $ 22,41. I won one Kindle Paperwhite a year ago and really liked it, I started to read more after that.

The author of the book recently in The Night program, Danilo Gentili, check:

The package was sent by Total Express – Tex Courier Ltda, and these are the trace information obtained on Amazon:

Wednesday 21 August
12:15 PM
terça-feira 20 August
6:17 PM
Em trânsito: última etapa da entrega
Piracicaba, SP BR
10:06 AM
Seu pedido chegou nas instalações da transportadora
Piracicaba, SP BR
4:28 AM
O pacote saiu das instalações da transportadora
Barueri, SP BR
segunda-feira 19 August
12:31 PM
Seu pedido chegou nas instalações da transportadora
Barueri, SP BR
domingo 18 agosto
Seu pedido foi encaminhado para a transportadora

To close, the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Dangerous Minds: The psychopath lives next door (commemorative edition 10th anniversary)
Name Original: Dangerous Minds: The psychopath lives next door (commemorative edition 10th anniversary)
Store: Amazon Brazil
Value: R$ 31,72
Current value: R$ 31,72
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Standard Delivery
Shipping Fee: R$ 7,90
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 17/08/2019
Submission Date: 18/08/2019
Data Delivery: 21/08/2019
Time in Transit: 3 days
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