OSSC Firmware v0.84

It was released the v0.84 version of the firmware OSSC, according to information from its creator, of marqs, on the forum da VGP.

The new features are listed below:

* Added 384×240 optimized mode
* Fixed audio infoframe content to comply with HDMI spec
* Improved 400p support
* Added default HDMI VIC compatibility option
* Remote hotkey and display improvements
** Enabled quick loading of profiles 10+
** Print profile quickload status
** Enabled sampling phase adjustment while in menus
* Added “Panasonic hack” for improving line count tolerance with line2x (certain Panasonic TVs only)
* HDMI AVI Infoframe VIC assigned for passthru modes (improved compatibility with Denon AVRs etc.)
* Added compatibility option for AV3 to use AV1 RGB and audio (enables Taito F3 AV1 connection with a small HW mod)
* Initconfig and profile versions made independent of fw version
* H. samplerate fine-tuning made more intuitive

The download of the new firmware can be done here and the instructions to update it are in wiki.

Also check out the review the OSSC here in Skooter Blog.

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Taking the reason for Framemeister be compatible with most capture cards, you think Framemeister can exceed the OSSC with recurrent updates?

I have a OSSC and I'm considering getting a Framemeister, You think it's madness on my part?

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