Earn 12 months free Nintendo Switch Online with Amazon Prime

Amazon has just launched in Brazil the service Amazon Prime, offering unlimited free shipping, access to Prime Video, Prime Reading, Prime Music e Twitch Prime.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

O Twitch Prime, by sua time, It is running a promotion where you can win up to 12 month subscription Nintendo Switch Online, which allows online play, save data in the cloud and play classic NES (NES) and Super Nintendo. The promotion is valid until 24/09.

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

This offer is very worthwhile, because Amazon Prime costs only $ 9,90 month, or R $ 89,00 on an annual subscription. Meanwhile, only the signature of Nintendo Switch Online individual costs $ 14,80 month, or R $ 74,25 for a year.

To take advantage of the promotion is necessary subscribe to Amazon Prime in Brazil. The promotion works even in the tasting period 30 days. after signing, just follow for a página do Twitch Prime and click the link to retrieve the first three months of Nintendo Switch Online.

Even canceling the Amazon Prime After tasting you can still take advantage of three months of Nintendo Switch Online.

Completing at least 60 dias como assinante do Amazon Prime é possível resgatar os outros nove meses voltando na mesma página do Twitch Prime. O resgate dos três primeiros meses é válido até o dia 24 September 2019, e os próximos nove meses devem ser resgatados até o dia 22 January 2020.

Quem já tem assinatura individual do Nintendo Switch Online também pode participar, e acumular mais 12 months, desde que o tempo total não exceda 36 months. A promoção só não vale para as assinaturas familiares, unfortunately.

Eu já assinei a degustação e já garanti os meus três primeiros meses:

Nintendo Switch Online Grátis: Confirmação.

Nintendo Switch Online Grátis: Confirmação.

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Não funciona para mim. Na página do Twitch Prime aparece como resgatado, mas ao direcionar para a Nintendo, após eu me logar com a conta da Nintendo, falls into a page asking you to enter a code 16 characters, and not out of it or the active account.

I managed to make it work.. On página to Twitch (https://twitch.amazon.com/p…, the question 24, It has códio of 16 characters promotion. To copy it and click on the part that says “The signing of the Nintendo Online Switch has not been activated?”, the account was automatically activated. But if it is not, I believe that informing this code should work.

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