[Review] Super Nintendo Original NTSC PCB SHVC-CPU-01 CPU/PPU1/PPU2 1/1/1

The Super Nintendo I show in this article is an American model, original NTSC (without transcoding to PAL-M), with PCB SHVC-CPU-01, the first one, which included the discrete audio card, which was integrated into future versions to cut costs. He has early versions (1/1/1) the three main chips: CPU, PPU1 is PPU2. Subsequently the CPU and PPU2 gained new versions, still in PCB SHVC-CPU-01.

This Super Nintendo was acquired in eBay, and came straight from West Palm Beach, which is in the state of Florida, USA, my hands in Brazil.


after the transcoding problems bungled which killed my Super Nintendo childhood and also another Super Nintendo I won a few years ago, and after the destruction of the first substrate by the Postal, I decided to buy a Super Nintendo again would not be in Brazil.

The reason is simple: all Super Nintendo Americans who came to Brazil in the 90, is the gray market that went through Paraguay, is brought by the Playtronic and for Gradient, went through a transcoding process from NTSC to PAL-M. This process was necessary because the Brazilian TV of the time had no support for NTSC, so that an NTSC console was black and white in our TVs.

The problem is that this process of transcoding was done the nut as possible. They exchanged the crystal oscillator with the standard NTSC frequency the other with the frequency of the PAL-M standard, They raised a pin encoder chip, they added some soldiers capacitors and resistors anyway and ready.

This botched transcoding process leads to several problems. Although the process is successful, the colors do not end up getting totally faithful to the colors that the developers chose for games. The palette just getting a little different. In the case of my Super Nintendo childhood, transcoding botched still made the colors fail intermittently the composite video output.

To make matters worse, in both Super Nintendo I had, the islands where the crystal oscillator is soldier were damaged in the process. I do not know if they used inadequate equipment, if welding was bad and corrosive, it lacked any veneer of protection as the original welds, but the fact is that my two islands ended up with the same problem, and yet they are beyond repair and diagnosed as scrap by a technician.

Give way, buy a Super Nintendo in Brazil is to buy problem. Always comes a transcoded console, and almost always unlocked to run pirated games, which involves a few more welds and a cut trail. In many cases these islands are time bombs, which can fail at any time. In some cases the island until it was re-converted to NTSC, as I did with my Atari 2600. Yet the irreversible damage to the PCB may be present.

Because of this I started to keep an eye on eBay, hoping to find some island in good condition, it was the same model that my: the SHVC-CPU-01. Many people prefer 1chip models, latest models that integrate CPU, PPU1, and PPU2 on a single chip to cut costs, and has image a little sharper. But I think the overrated as I wrote in another article here on Skooter Blog, They also bring a good deal of glitches.

Identifying a SHVC-CPU-01

Fortunately identify a Super Nintendo with the PCB SHVC-CPU-01 without opening the console is relatively easy, unlike what happens with 1chip, a lot of people buying not sure.

The Super Nintendo with the PCB SHVC-CPU-01 It has the following characteristics that can be seen on the outside:

  • Button “EJECT” with the printed label blank. Most of the later model was molded in plastic EJECT.
  • Serial number starting with “UN1”.
  • FCC information on a silver sticker on the bottom (there are reports that can be golden too, but I never saw). Later models had such information molded into the plastic itself.
  • Four rubber feet. Later models had only two rubber feet, and the other two molded plastic.

These are easily identifiable features in ads if the seller has at least put a picture of the bottom of the console.

Who can take the console at hand can also check the physical lock that prevents the cartridge is removed with the connected console. It is only present in SHVC-CPU-01, and it was removed in the other versions.

Por fim, the SHVC-CPU-01 It is a little heavier, for having the discrete audio card.

Inside one SHVC-CPU-01 It is clearly fancier, counting on removable slot that facilitates cleaning. Subsequent cost cuts were worsening the console.

Of course, unfortunately, many people do gambiarra, exchanging plates of a housing to another, then you can never be 100% sure that card is inside the console. And most sellers will not have to open the console, or even have the necessary tool. It's a risk to buy online.

Furthermore, It has a subject in the free market does a disservice to any collector or interested in documenting consoles, it sells replacement decals with random numbers, Tools that any attempt to identify internal components from the serial number. Even he sells some bizarre kits with two different serial number labels, and with a greater adhesive that is not the FCC.

Version CPU and PPU

All CPUs and PPUs the Super Nintendo has a version number. The CPU has two versions, the first of which has a bug, known as DMA bug. Because of this bug the games had to be programmed with some care to avoid situations that cause crashes, but I do not know if in practice there is some commercial game suffering with unforeseen crashes. The PPU2 had three versions, but do not know exactly what the difference between them. The PPU1 apparently had only one version.

All changes versions still occurred in SHVC-CPU lifecycle-01, so all versions of combinations are found in this version. They are known as 1/1/1, 2/1/1, 2/1/2, and 2/1/3, referring to the CPU, PPU1, and PPU2, respectively.

In the following the console versions there were no more changes in version numbers. Even 1chip models, who joined the three chips and has notable changes, They did not receive new version numbers, so that a 2/1/3 It can be any model among SHVC-CPU-01 latest until the end of production of the Super Nintendo. While the other combinations are found only in SHVC-CPU-01.

My childhood final Super Nintendo was a rare 2/1/2. Its serial number was UN14260017. With this tip I assume greater serial numbers can be 2/1/3, and smaller serial numbers can be a 1/1/1 or 2/1/1. But do not take it as a rule. There is a database somewhat incomplete and fails which also gives some clues.

The version numbers can be identified in special screens of some games, like Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, The Lion King, Devil’s Course Golf / Wicked 18, and Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story. In such cases the information displayed using button combinations on specific screens, or some complicated steps, Depending on the game. I use the SD2SNES to show me this information, which is easily accessible through the menus.

The serial number of the Super Nintendo I purchased is very low, UN10923935, and I've noticed this logo in the ad. This almost sure that it was giving me a 1/1/1. I would prefer a 2/1/3, to escape any crashes that DMA bug may cause, but the great state of that Super Nintendo in photographs, especially when compared to the vast majority of other Ads, It made me opt for it anyway.

The announcement

The announcement eBay for this console is no longer available, but I saved the pictures so that you could know exactly what I saw in the ad before purchasing. Check out:

As can be seen in the pictures, except for some weird specks and some dirt, the island was in very good condition. The package was complete, with the two original controls, o cartucho Super Mario World, cabo A/V e cabo R.F.

Not everything is perfect, boxes, manuals, Cartridge protection, etc. They were not present. But for me this is no problem because already have it all very well kept from my childhood.

Another notable little problem in the photos is a snap quebradinho in the back, that can only be seen by looking directly at the center of the socket. Unfortunately this is very common, it is the thinnest part of the plastic, which is certainly already brittle after nearly 30 years. Furthermore they wrote “Nintendo” with permanent marker on the switch R.F. Something I knew it could be difficult to remove.

In fact I did not need accessories, it had everything. But anyway, there is no harm in having two unique controls, an extra copy of Super Mario World and A / V cables and R.F. extras.

The Purchase

This Super Nintendo was announced by US $ 99,99, but with an option to receive offers. I ended up making an offer of US $ 85,00, which was accepted. I had a coupon for $ 5,00, then paid $ 80,00. It's a bit expensive for US standards, but the island state thought it was a good size, perhaps I should have done a smaller initial offer. The freight cost $ 65,75 using the method USPS Priority.

Unfortunately you can not use the method USPS First Class in which case, because the weight limit 4 pounds (1,81 Kg), and Super Nintendo with its accessories passes 5 pounds. To be exact, these are weights that I aferi in a recent test:

  • Console (SHVC-CPU-01): 1223 g
  • Source: 427 g
  • Cabo A/V: 124 g
  • Cabo R.F.: 107 g
  • Controller: 148 g

Only then we have more than 2 Kg. used a kitchen scale, then note that these values ​​are not accurate. Also add the weight of the package and it is impossible to stay within the limit USPS First Class with all items, unless divided into two packages.

The problem of USPS Priority It is that the customs clearance is made in Rio de Janeiro. In Curitiba auditors the IRS tax usually only cell phones. At least I do not pay tax of other products out there for a long time. In Rio de Janeiro is different, auditors seem taxing all. The saleswoman said US $ 45,00, but to no avail. The auditor decided that the Super Nintendo cost $ 150,00 (value taken from the butt), who converted to real yield R $ 564,73. also decided that the freight cost $ 199,91. So taxed me in R $ 458,79, above the amount determined by law (60%), even considering the values ​​that actually paid.

then I asked for a tax review, sending vouchers eBay e do PayPal. They led absurd 22 days to review the request, a digital application with two lines of text and two vouchers. But at least it was granted. The value of the rose to US $ 80,00 (R$ 301,19, because they considered the coupon, as ordered. But the freight rose to R $ 247,54, but also showed the proof. With this tax was of R $ 458,79 to £ 329,24.

It is unfortunate that covers tax a console that is not manufactured for two decades. There is no justification for this. But unfortunately we are in Brazil…

Three days after the tax payment opened a claim in the Post Office in order to refer the package. Post only works in stride, it seems that does not claim the package stands there forever. With my Xiaomi Mi 9 It was also well.

Unboxing and Tests

The Super Nintendo came in a small box, with various stamps asking to handle with care, is treated by fragile item, yet it took a beautiful “fanfold”, As can be seen in photos, showing once again that the Post Office does not care with the contents of the boxes.

In the box came a note to the pen, SUB-BQD 150,00. I believe that has been made by the auditors of federal revenue, who used the same code in the statement of taxes and services: “SUB-BQD-150-SUPER NINTENDO”. SUB-BQD should be some sort of internal code, in a table of values ​​or something.

The customs form describes the contents as “Super Nintendo Gaming Console SNS-001 With Super”, value of US $ 45,00 and freight came declared as US $ 53,10. Weight 5 pounds and 5 oz.

Inside the box each item came packaged individually in enough bubble wrap and ribbons with the eBay logo, except R.F cable. I think just because of that is that everything has come full despite the ill-treatment of Post.

The first conferred enjoyed the status of all items. All right inside than I expected. Just a little bit of dirt on the controllers, but the rest okay clean. Console, controls, Cartridges, cables, all seeming to have very little use, for there is nothing of those scratches that are common to find. The cartridge was also labeled (label) perfect.

The island did not have latches that prevent the use of Super Famicom cartridges (the Japanese Super Nintendo) removed, as was common place in Brazil the years 90. He's intact locks, as factory. I prefer that.

With everything unpacked and checked, I tried just turning on the Super Nintendo on TV to test it. I made the connection with the A / V cable for these first tests, in TV LCD Panasonic TC-40DS600B my home office.

I did some testing with ROMs burn-in with the aid of SD2SNES and I found that everything was in order. Later I left the console on all morning running test burn-in to make sure everything was in order even.

With the SD2SNES also confirmed the versions of CPU and PPUs, and actually it is a 1/1/1. even tested some random games to see if there appeared glitches or any console hint of problems.

Pirates also tested two cartridges, one with and one without CIC CIC, and just what has worked CIC, an indication that the console was not unlocked. That's great, because this is another evil of Super Nintendo found in Brazil: cut track, wires soldiers, etc. so that the console run pirated games that do not have the CIC. Furthermore, some Super Nintendo games, like Mario RPG, They do not work on jailbroken consoles.

After various tests console running it was time to open it to see how it was inside. Before a final conferred on the labels, serial number, rubber feet and all the features which indicate that it is a CPU-SHVC-01.

Inside the console unfortunately a problem: one of the poles where the screws to hold was broken. I do not know if he was already well, the transport or broke broke when removing the screw.

Other than that the island was in very good condition inside, without oxidizing the metal shields, no oxidation on the heatsink, no oxidation on the sound card, beautiful main board, squeaky clean and shining slot. All very rare to see.

Taking the metal protection could best see the sign. very good clean, without any sign that has been stirred. Original crystal oscillator, original variable capacitor, everything perfect. In the corner of the plate to SHVC-CPU subscription-01, as expected.

A close look at the main chips show CPU: “Nintendo S-CPU 5A22-01 1HF 7P”. na PPU1: “Nintendo S-PPU1 5C77-01 1GV 7S”, and PPU2: “Nintendo S-PPU2 5C78-01 1GV 40”. The CIC is intact as I suspected.

Some oxidation can be seen from the capacitor terminals 33 μF. Although I have not noticed any side effects, these capacitors appear to have leaked electrolyte and might need to be replaced, as with the capacitor almost all Super Nintendo after all these years. Other capacitors appear to be intact, although it is not possible to say whether they are even running smoothly.

Another detail is that the large capacitor, from 1000 uF is present, as well as in my childhood Super Nintendo. This capacitor was later removed by Nintendo, still in SHVC-CPU model-01, to cut costs. It is not usually necessary provided you use the original source, which has another of these internally for filtering. But some people add this capacitor on their consoles when they are not present, which can help when using third-party sources.

As for the broken pole, nothing a little Araldite not solve. Blended components and glue did. While the cured adhesive, I took to give a good cleaning at source.

With the glue drying and open console running making burn-in, I took to clear all items. Com paciência e álcool isopropílico consegui remover as inscrições de caneta permanente no módulo comutador de R.F.

A parte de cima do console também foi devidamente limpa. Está perfeita e nem mesmo amarelou. Na parte de dentro dela é possível observar a trava mecânica que impede que os cartuchos sejam removidos com o console ligado.

Controladores sempre merecem especial atenção. Não quero milhares de células mortas de estranhos nos meus controles 🙂 . Com Veja e uma escova de dentes velha dá para deixa-los bem limpinhos.

Por fim, fiz uma limpezinha no cartucho do Super Mario World, que está perfeito, tanto o plástico quanto as etiquetas.

And with everything clean, I was just waiting for the curing of the adhesive. I left running console burn-in, still open while the glue cured, And I went to sleep. The next day he was still working perfectly. I passed my test.

With the glue has cured well, it was time to close the console. I then made to clean the bottom, I was the only missing. And so the island was all pretty clean.

And a new little test with LCD TV, just to see if it was all right after closing.

Finally, vamos reunir o Super Nintendo e seus acessórios, agora todos limpinhos, para uma foto digna de enquadramento. 😀

Fiz ainda um teste do Super Nintendo com a Sony XBR 4K TV-55X905E, using the RGB outputs of the console connected to the Framemeister. Tudo funcionou perfeitamente e a imagem ficou muito bonita.

Por fim, levei o console até a TV CRT, that's where it will stay connected. The result was a beautiful image, with much better color than I saw with consoles transcoded to PAL-M.

Unboxing and Testing Video

The unboxing and Super Nintendo tests are also available on video, in the new format I am testing. Comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome.


These are the tracking information package, According to the USPS:

August 30, 2019, 4:48 pm
Your item was delivered in BRAZIL at 4:48 pm on August 30, 2019.
August 27, 2019, 5:39 pm
Processed through Facility
August 27, 2019, 5:38 pm
Customs Clearance Processing Complete
July 29, 2019, 1:46 pm
Processed Through Facility
July 29, 2019, 3:47 am
Customs Clearance
July 28, 2019, 5:10 am
July 27, 2019, 5:40 pm
July 27, 2019, 10:39 am
July 26, 2019, 11:21 pm
Processed Through Regional Facility
July 26, 2019, 11:20 pm
Arrived at Regional Facility
July 26, 2019, 6:57 am
Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
July 25, 2019, 9:02 pm
Departed Post Office
July 25, 2019, 7:07 pm
USPS in possession of item
July 25, 2019, 4:28 pm
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item

And these are the package tracking information in accordance with the post office:

Delivered to the addressee object
/ SP
Object out for delivery to the recipient
Object forwarded
Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP for distribution Unit in [REMOVED] / SP
Object forwarded
Distribution Unit in RIO DE JANEIRO / RJ for Treatment Unit in INDAIATUBA / SP
Customs supervision terminated
Paid object
See them by clicking deadlines here.
Awaiting payment
Visit My environment Imports
Requested review of the established tribute
Awaiting payment
Visit My environment Imports
Awaiting payment
Visit My environment Imports
Object forwarded
Integrated logistics unit in RIO DE JANEIRO / RJ to administrative unit in Customs Supervision / BR
Object forwarded
Integrated logistics unit in RIO DE JANEIRO / RJ to administrative unit in Customs Supervision / BR
Object received by the post Office of Brazil

Visit My environment Imports
Report CPF / CNPJ, as IN RFB Nº 1.737/2017

Object forwarded
from country to UNITED STATES of AMERICA / countries in International treatment unit / BRVisit My environment Imports
Report CPF / CNPJ, as IN RFB Nº 1.737/2017
Object received in export unit

Visit My environment Imports
Report CPF / CNPJ, as IN RFB Nº 1.737/2017

Object posted

Visit My environment Imports
Report CPF / CNPJ, as IN RFB Nº 1.737/2017


Por fim, This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: Super Nintendo Original NTSC PCB SHVC-CPU-01 CPU/PPU1/PPU2 1/1/1
Name Original: Super Nintendo Gaming Console SNS-001 With Super Mario World game Used Good
Store: eBay
Value: US$ 85,00
Current value:
Payment Method: PayPal
Shipping Type: USPS Priority
Shipping Fee: US$ 65,75
Package Home Country: USA (USA)
Purchase Data: 25/07/2019
Submission Date: 25/07/2019
Data Delivery: 30/08/2019
Time in Transit: 36 days
Declared content: Super Nintendo Gaming Console SNS-001 With Super
Type Marked Content: Gift
Declared Value: US$ 45.00
Taxed: Yes
Taxable Value: US$ 80,00 (R$ 301,19) + R$ 247,54 = R$ 548,73
Tax Value: R$ 329,24

Final Considerations

I was quite satisfied with the general state of this Super Nintendo, that is very well maintained. Unfortunately the freight and the tax ended up making it more expensive than I thought. But I can not evaluate exactly how much it should be worth in Brazil.

Compared to the My childhood Super Nintendo before being destroyed by the Post Office, he's conservation status until a little better in some respects, except for the post and the broken abinhas the bottom. The childhood of mine had the locks that prevent the use of Japanese cartridges removed. Furthermore, he was much more yellowish, perhaps because another batch, perhaps because he spent more than half his life installed and ready for use, in other words, taking more lighting, although it was not direct sunlight. The console of my childhood spent little time saved in the box, and very yellow at the bottom and a little on top. This “new” Super Nintendo a little yellow at the bottom, but nothing on top.

Inside there is no comparison, and without unlocking without transcoding, Super Nintendo US is with the perfect board, without hacks, nothing that could damage the PCB. You may need new electrolytic capacitors, but that it was something expected and almost all Super Nintendo needs. That's what my childhood Super Nintendo would have been if I had the misfortune of coming to Brazil and last for transcoding and unlocking, except for the different versions of CPU and PPU.

Overall, I am satisfied. Not my childhood console, it will never be. But it was the best I could find so far, for a reasonable price. Foi uma boa aquisição? Me diga aí nos comentários

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Update (12/09/2019): Forgot to mention that the cartridge Super Mario World He is still saving and came with two saves with all 96 phase open.

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Good night. How do this burn-in test?

More which option I select the Burn-in? And congratulations on the acquisition of this rare jewel Snes SHVC-CPU-01! I'm looking for but also found a Super Famicom in ML that'm thinking a lot about buying it

Congratulations on your purchase. Curiously, I have my Super Nintendo childhood stored somewhere and not know if it still works or his condition.

Who still wonders if it was good acquisition? This console is perfect, I never saw a sign in this condition, sem um ferrugem na placa de som 😲
Nesse estado, eu pagaria até mais por ele hehe
Uma dúvida que eu tive durante muito tempo é se a legislação brasileira permite a importação produtos usados. Aparentemente não há problema 🤔
Parabéns pela aquisição e pelo artigo.

Muito bacana.
I did something like, buying a Super Famicom that came from Japan.
Unfortunately el had two problems, It was first oxidized by well within, I had to clean several times with isoproílico alcohol until a little cleaner. Second, For some reason,le and only works with pirate Everdrive china, not with the original krizz. At the end, I bought a super nintendo secondhand, and I changed plates, snes leaving the board in the super body famicom, I think much more beautiful, and let the snes with his board in the house of my in-laws.
The only problem is that does not fit American cartridge format, so I will have to buy an adapter, but as in 99% cases use Everdrive, this was no problem so far.


Nice acquisition, really it is very beautiful inside. Does she had asked for the seller to send just the console, without the accessories you already had, would be able to send the mode USPS First Class?

Quanto to “impostada” da RFB, unfortunate that thirst for taxing, even older things. enter government, out government and continues all the same, only changes the label / Party.

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Cool your ESNs amigo.longa life to our warrior.
I took a free market and yellowed but intact tnb.
My is 1 / 1/1, snes001, serial un10089039
Mine has difference in the Nintendo.o my phone sticker has the phrase “we are committed to satisfying the nedds our customers” and two mario running? Maybe my seje a little older than your? Kkkk

Very beautiful your ESNs love this review tnb.ate her weight more, pleases me more than the later revision.


Outra pergunta para vc amigo. esse seu aí da até para pentear o cabelo.de tão conservado o cromado dele.o meu ta todo enferrujado😆😭

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