Battery exchange SD2SNES

While I was testing my Super Nintendo Original NTSC PCB SHVC-CPU-01 CPU/PPU1/PPU2 1/1/1, that I showed here in Skooter Blog, realized that my SD2SNES He asked to put date and time in the system, which is a symptom of the internal battery crashed.

The purchase of the SD2SNES It was in February 2013, meaning that it is already more than six years. In all that time I had never opened my SD2SNES. Always assumed it was a Rev. And by the time I bought, whereas Rev. F just came out and after that previous reviews were marketed.

Now at last the time has come to make sure, then open the SD2SNES removing the two screws cartridge, which was very simple. Inside I found the sign on the Rev. E1 as it expected.

The battery is a CR2032. Just remove the old battery and put a new. Interestingly the battery I put was purchased well before the SD2SNES. There 11 years, in 2008, I got a pack of 20 CR2032 batteries in DX. A maioria delas eu já usei, mas ainda tenho algumas. Peguei uma delas e testei antes de colocar no SD2SNES e ela continua indicando tensão acima de 3V, as new. Nada mal para uma bateria “unmarked”.

Outra curiosidade é que a bateria que eu removi do SD2SNES (a que veio com ele) é exatamente igual à essa que eu coloquei.

Confira as fotos da troca da bateria do SD2SNES:

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Vi um sujeito, aqui do brasil, que está convertendo alguns jogos para usar save em rom mesmo, de forma que não precisa bateria, como vários jogos de mega Drive faziam, e colocando em carts retrô.
It would be interesting to think about it Krizz, the last game usually be recorded only in the volatile memory, if the battery is, it has no dump file.

In Super Everdrive it is used for the Save and only when you change the selected game, he writes the SRAM to SD card.

Fui trocar a bateria do meu cartucho de. Super Mario World era tudo soldado. Moral of the story: I blew my cartridge


Friend you could tell me if this wheel sd2snes Original console (unlocked to rotate without being pirated cartridge)?

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