Horse of São Paulo F.C.

The Pony of São Paulo F.C. It was purchased with a vendor who occasionally puts a clothesline wheelies on my street. My wife wanted to give me one of those on my birthday, but at the time the seller had no horses of São Paulo.

Some time later this salesman appeared again and this time he had the horses of the Brazilian club that has more world titles and Libertadores in Brazil. It had little horses “first line” e “second line”.

This one we acquired is the first line. Check out the photos:

Also check out the video:

If you have lived outside the country or in a bubble, or don't watch TV, or hate Globo, etc. in the past I don't know how many years, had explico: The little horses are characters that appear in a painting on TV Globo's Fantástico program, where the goals of the football games that took place on Sunday are shown.

As far as I know, there are no official licensed horses, so this repressed demand from the market was obviously filled by horses from the most diverse manufactures, which are certainly not licensed by Globo or by clubs.

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Jose Luiz

How cool this little horse. I always wanted one of those. I'll see if I can find it at Mercado Livre or Elo 7. Thanks for the tip.

Despite being a gift, I think it probably bothers you a little to use an unlicensed product, even more from the heart club

Boa resposta. Concordo com o argumento

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