Cartridges revitalization Super Nintendo – Cleaning / Restoration

In this article I show how the revival of two of my Super Nintendo cartridges. I do not know if I can call restoration, pois não refiz os labels, a cleaning but was much more complicated than normal, then revitalization seemed a good term. Actually I “copy a” one of the products used. 🙂

Eu tenho um cartucho do jogo Kawasaki Superbike Challenge, que ganhei junto com o meu finado Super Nintendo 1Chip. É um cartucho pirata, no formato norte-americano. Estava cheio de fita crepe, que a princípio achei que eram para mante-lo fechado. Nunca dei muita atenção para ele desde que o ganhei há uns 10 years. Só usava para um teste ou outro.

Quando estava fazendo os reviews dos Super Nintendo SHVC-CPU-01 1/1/1 and 2/1/3 which recently acquired used this cartridge for testing and realized how much he was ugly, destoando de meus demais itens.

Por mais que ele tenha chegado assim nas minhas mãos, pirata ou não, achei que era hora de dar um pouco de atenção para ele.

As I said, ele estava cheio de fita crepe, e na parte traseira havia uma etiqueta com código de barras e por trás dela havia uma bobina metálica daqueles dispositivos anti-furto. Everything indicates that this was a rental cartridge. In part of the screws had enamel brands, I thought I would be there as “seal” screws, but in reality there was not some bolt.

Removing all the tapes still found a couple of holes, one on each side, across the whole cartridge. I do not know why they did one of those bizarre.

The internal circuit is small plaque, and has only one chip-on-board and CIC chip clone Super Nintendo, which allows the cartridge to function even on consoles that have not unlocked. I already suspected would find this chip, because the cartridge worked on Super Nintendo SHVC-CPU-01 1/1/1 and 2/1/3, that have never been released. On the board there is still room for a second chip-on-board, which is empty.

Time to employ cleaning staff. Look, isopropyl alcohol, petrol, melamine sponge, old toothbrush, microfiber fabric. Thus I managed to get all the glue of masking tape. To finish the work used the Revitalizing Plastics & Rubbers Luxcar, which gave a new luster to the cartridge. Only I did not take all the little holes in the enamel of the screws, I left a nearby cleaning.

The back was much easier. Having no label I could simply let her sauce in a covered ice cream pot with a mixture of View, isopropyl alcohol, benzene and water. I left there for a few hours, horizontally shaking occasionally, and the plastic was pretty clean without even rub. Out all glue.

The plaque I just cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. then I rode the cartridge and he got a new face, as I had never seen him before.

then tested it on my Analogue Super Nt, to make sure I had not damaged anything with cleaning. It was perfect.

Leveraging that was inspired, I also decided to clear another cartridge, the Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. It is also a pirate cartridge, American format, but with the Japanese version of the game. Will understand…

This cartridge is to me a few 25 years, when I loaned a childhood friend to play for a while. When I return, he said he was not using and that I could stay with him, that when he wanted it back me warn. If memory serves me right he had even sold the Super Nintendo. I was in a phase of tinkering with amateur radio and thought only of radios, powers and antenna. Video games were side. He never asked me the cartridge, and I have the impression that never ask.

This cartridge was not as battered as the other, but I was a little dirt 25 years or more accumulated, somewhat dirty. So I decided to clean it too.

Inside the cartridge found a small plaque, similar to the other, with only one chip-on-board. It also has a unused space into a second chip-on-board, and there is still a CIC chip terminals, that is not present. I've suspected it would find that the CIC cartridge, pois ele não funcionou nos Super Nintendo SHVC-CPU-01 1/1/1 and 2/1/3, that have never been released.

E assim ficou o cartucho após a limpeza e sendo testado:

And you, tem algum procedimento diferente para limpar seus cartuchos? Tell in the comments…

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Muito bom o artigo. Entrei um pouco na onda retrogamer e tô dando um trato navelharia de responsacom os mesmos produtos citado acima. O problema é que a mulher reclama que eu devia dar na casa a mesma faxina que dou nos games. Recentemente arrematei um Sega Genesis no ebay que na minha opinião é o console mais bonito que já fabricaram e nunca tive.

Quanto a limpeza da placa, sempre achei que poderia passar borracha nos contatos, even it seems to be a common practice among the technical. But here I find a video condemned this practice and suggesting an alternative. Just have not met the mentioned product.
Video link:

[…] two pirates opened cartridges and won one of them has the CIC. And it is interesting to note that all the components together in a chip-on-board, […]


Muito legal ver que essas fitas comcoco de mosca” still work.
It was show the cleaning congratulations

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