[Review] Protective Cover for Back Seat Pet & Car Waterproof Luxcar

A Protective Cover for Back Seat Pet & Car Waterproof Luxcar It is easy to install, if holding the car's rear seat head restraints, drilling and has to hold the seat belt. The material is washable and resistant. Easy to fold and store.

It has dimensions 141 cm x 141 cm, and protects the bank unhadas, and the odor of pets. It can also be used to transport objects that can damage the upholstery, wet children after the beach or pool, and to prevent damage caused by chairs. The material is 69% and polyvinyl 31% polyester.

My purchase was made in a physical store Walmart, which is in Parque D. Pedro Shopping, in Campinas. Cost R$ 59,90.

I will use the Protective Cover for Back Seat Pet & Car Waterproof Luxcar to transport my dog, mainly to take him to the vet. Usually I go carrying it in the back seat, but more than cover the seat with cloth, they end up slipping, slipping away, has pro opening belt, etc. In the end always end up having to vacuuming to take a lot of the dog and they attach to tissue and are difficult to remove.

Check out the photos and the video of unboxing and the test Protective Cover for Back Seat Pet & Car Waterproof Luxcar:

A capa se prende aos apoios de cabeça através de uma faixa com um fecho. As furações permitem passar o cinto de segurança.

Esta é a ficha-técnica do produto, obtida no site da Luxcar:

  • Category: Covers
  • Description: Capa Protetora para Banco Traseiro PetCar Luxcar
  • Código Luxcar: 7247
  • EAN 13: 7896498572470
  • DUN 14: 17896498572477
  • Classificação Fiscal: Consultar
  • Box: 06 Units

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